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1 April 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting with guest Secretary
13th May


1 April 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting with guest Secretary

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer and Acting Secretary)
Rick Harrison
Rick Frantz
Greg Krobot
Ro-Z Mendelson
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Beth Vogt
Lyle Saylor

Not present:
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Stan Sells
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Dave Snow

Call to Order

Jason called the meeting to order at 7:06, Andy volunteered to take minutes in Eric’s absence.

Short North Gala

Beth noted that our own Julie Hallan is the recipient of an Unsung Hero Award at this year’s Short North Gala sponsored by the Short North Alliance Sunday evening, April 26. Motion by Beth, seconded by Greg to authorize FGP to purchase a table for 10 for $1000, with attendees to pay $100 each to reimburse FGP and FGP invite volunteers to attend who can be seated with us. Motion passed. Jason will check with Eric, Stan and Dave to see if they want seats at the table, 6 at tonight’s meeting indicated an interest in purchasing $100 tickets. Rick Frantz will ask Julie which volunteers might be invited.

New Board member

Jason asked Lyle to step outside for 3 minutes, then Rick Harrison, seconded by Jason, moved that FGP make Lyle a board member, motion passed unanimously, Lyle was invited back into the room.


Memorandum of Understanding

Jason noted that no one had edited the MOU draft on Google documents, he made some changes earlier in the week to soften the tone, Greg asked if this is necessary to give us legitimacy and can someone enter their own MOU with the city for Goodale Park. Rick Miller indicated competing groups have staked out turf at a city rec center, and that MOU’s must be approved by the city attorney, and are necessary to define responsibility for FGP funded projects, such as the fountain. Maddy made a motion to submit the MOU as recently amended by Jason, Greg seconded, motion passed.


Report Summaries

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)

Columbus Foundation grants for $30,000 received, Stan was made aware of this, and arranged to extend the final report deadlines for both grants to August 2015.


Gate Restoration Project

Greg reported that the northwest gate’s completion date is May 15, and he’s hoping for an April pier replacement, will send emailed pictures of the progress.


Volunteer Coordinator Report

March 21, first work Saturday of the year, had a good turnout, tarping worked well, quick work was made of it and nice weather made it an awesome event.


Recreation & Parks (Rick M.)

Rick Miller reported that $15,000 in UIRF funds will be available this year, either reimbursing us upon presentation of copies of cancelled checks, or up front with documentation due at the end of the year. Funds should be available in July subject to successful capital bond sales making 2015 money available. A formal agreement would be entered at that time. In other news, the softball field backstop should be complete by May 15, and pothole repairs are needed following our rough winter, likely in the late summer-early fall.


Events Committee (Rick Harrison)

3 out of 5 Walk & Talks are confirmed, one date the first Wednesday of August needs to be changed given our board meeting that night. Rick is looking for a sponsor for the series. The Holiday Gala has several locations to consider along with taking a fresh look at the gala, given the downward trend of its revenues the past two years. The next meeting will be scheduled once Rick Harrison herds the cats on the committee.


Operations Committee (Rick Frantz)

The committee met and scheduled its work days for the year. A budget of $1500 for beds, grasses, tools and sharpening was unanimously approved (Motion by Rick F, seconded by Beth). We plan to publicize that the April 18 work day will have tool sharpening by Becky and her “Sharpening on Site” booth, for a nominal charge, thanks to Dave for putting this together. Another midweek workday may be scheduled in July prior to the July 18 scheduled cleanup, if needed. Watering options continue to be explored, Beth agreed to contact Martha Walker Garden Club about their watering equipment, Dave is also exploring other options.


Vision Plan

Jason noted that in 2014 we paid $12,500 for 4 interns to develop a vision plan with FGP and private money, and that we need to focus for 2015 on a goal of substantial deliverables. Having tried unsuccessfully to get the Neighborhood Design Assistance Center to supervise the interns last year, we have the same problem this year. Jason indicated his willingness to supervise, and has 3 graduate students who’d make good candidates, including Stacey from last year. He noted that Schiller Park’s plan would be a good model for our committee to review, and Rick Miller indicated he has a laminated board with highlights of the Schiller plan he can bring to a future meeting. Rick noted that Alan McKnight met with neighbor Rhett Ricart and indicated an interest on Ricart’s part in the park in general and tree pruning, dumpsters and the vision plan in particular. Alan indicated a concern that the honey locust tree be cabled or taken down, and Rick Frantz indicated he had yet to move forward after the board’s motion to approve spending the money last month. Rick Miller also noted that Alan McKnight’s last day is May 31, after 38 years with Rec & Parks, and that 35 applicants responded to a national search conducted by OPERA, including 2 assistant directors at Rec & Parks. The hope is to have a new director in place by June 1.

Greg asked if this was the final year of the vision plan, Jason indicated yes, but that by incorporating it into the GIS as a living document, we could have it continually updated. Greg spoke of the need to have a committee to prioritize our UIRF money, Rick Miller reviewed the plans for UIRF money for lighting, watering, gate repair, and sidewalks. Rick Harrison then made the motion to use up to $15,000 to hire Knowlton School students to be supervised by Jason to complete the Vision plan. Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn, Frantz/Krobot


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