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2014 Volunteer Season Starting Strong
28th Mar


2014 Volunteer Season Starting Strong

The Friends’ 2014 volunteer season is off to a great start!

FGP Happy Hour

FGP Trustees and supporters turned out for a fun kickoff happy hour at Park Street Patio on Tuesday, March 18th. We had a great time catching up after a long winter and making plans for Spring. Many thanks to the folks at Woodlands for hosting our event at Park Street Patio and to Mikey’s Late Night Slice for donating some very tasty pies!

FGP Vols37 volunteers—familiar and new faces—attended our first work day of the year on March 22nd. The weather was chilly, but the rain held off. Tall grasses along the pond, along Buttles & Park, and along Park & Goodale were trimmed, and if you happened to pass by Goodale Park any time Sunday, you may have noticed the MANY lawn bags filled with leaves and debris from all of our garden beds.


The folks from Chase PRIDE & Chase Good Works had a VERY successful day. After years of effort, they are proud to announce that a very stubborn tree root in their adopted bed, just east of the Caretaker’s Residence, has been removed.


Thanks to everyone who came out for our happy hour event and our first work day of the year. Looking forward to having a great year in Goodale Park with all of you!!!


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