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2017 Goodale Park Walks & Talks
8th Jul


2017 Goodale Park Walks & Talks

Goodale Park Walks & Talks 2017

Series Kicks Off July 12th

Friends of Goodale Park Walks & Talks Series

Unless otherwise noted, tours begin at 6:30 pm with a 30-minute walk, followed at 7:00 pm by a 60-minute talk (45-minute presentation followed by questions) in the Caretaker’s Residence. The two tree tours will be all walking tours. Guests are asked to meet at the northwest entrance of the Caretaker’s Residence, in the center of Goodale Park.

JULY 12Plein Air Painting

A description of Plein Air Painting and why some artists prefer working from nature.
Examples of some finished Plein Air Paintings will be presented, and a short demo of how an artists sets up and proceeds with creating a painting from nature.

Central Ohio Plein Air is Ohio’s most active group of plein air painters.  They have over 100 members, and on any Saturday you will find them somewhere in Ohio painting from nature. Additionally, many of the member’s paint during the week as their schedules allow. Examples of their activities can be found at their website:

JULY 19:  
Ohio Wildlife Center Presentation

Ohio Wildlife Center is dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation for Ohio’s native wildlife through rehabilitation, education and wildlife health studies. Our free wildlife hospital admits nearly 5,000 animals, annually!  We provide medical treatment to injured, ill or orphaned wildlife with the goal of returning a healthy individual back to the wild!  We offer a variety of on-site and outreach programs for groups of all ages.  Meet our wild animal ambassadors, explore nature and learn how to coexist with native mammals, reptiles and birds!

Stormy Gibson is our Director of Education.  She is dedicated to educating the public on Ohio’s native wildlife, protecting our natural areas and assisting people on coexisting with their wild neighbors.

Summer Tree Tour

What’s the deal with Goodale’s trees? Why do we post about them so much? It’s because we have a great collection of trees that we’re really proud of! Want to learn more? Join board member and arborist Rick Frantz as he shares interesting facts about some of the park’s trees. Historical notes, medicinal uses and peculiarities will be noted so there’s something for everyone. The only thing you’ll need to know prior is that you have an appreciation for trees!

Rick Frantz, GIS Analyst, City of Dublin, Friends of Goodale Park Trustee and Arborist
Rick Frantz graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Natural Resources, majoring in Urban Forestry. He has worked in Geographical Information Systems for City of Dublin, and has served as part-time City Forester for City of Powell, for the past 10 years. Rick has recently worked with Greenlawn Cemetery to catalog and map over 3,000 trees, creating a user-friendly tree inventory for the organization. Rick has served as a Friends of Goodale Park Trustee and volunteer arborist since 2004. In his spare time, Rick is an avid marathoner, having completed over 14 marathons!

AUGUST 9: Vertical Gardens: A plant craft experience

You will learn Vertical Gardening 101 as well as get your hands dirty with a friend or spouse, while you build your very own vertical garden frame to take home. It’s a 4 hand project, so be sure to not come alone (we’ll pair folks up if you come alone).

Michael Creath owns a landscape design company. But that’s about the end of the similarities between his work and that of your typical gardening team. The designer, who graduated from Columbus State Community College in 2006, launched his own business, Creath Landscape Design, about three years ago after working for a handful of local landscapers. Evident as soon as you enter his studio, succulents are the stars of his show.
“I have a fresh take on the plantscape design industry and a lot of creative ideas that people aren’t really doing,” Creath says. And it’s succulents that give him the creative opportunities he seeks.

OCTOBER 18: Autumn Tree Tour


There’s no better time for trees than the fall!
(OK, maybe when the magnolias are in bloom, that’s better, but autumn is a solid second!)
Board member and arborist Rick Frantz is back with a brand-new tree tour filled with fall and folklore. Join us for a wonderful walk in Goodale Park.


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