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3 June 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting
23rd Aug


3 June 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Rick Frantz
Julie Hallan (Volunteer Coordinator)
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Ro-Z Mendelson
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Lyle Saylor
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt

Not present:
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Stan Sells

Call to Order 

Jason called the meeting to order at 7:04
Motion: Approve Minutes from May meeting (Harrison/Krobot), passed

Loose Ends

Fountain Maintenance (Greg K.)

Greg is concerned about not assigning responsibility for maintaining elephants and the fountain, especially since the MOU has not been completed and signed. Greg suggested earlier that we establish a budget for maintenance, and he was concerned that the Board blew that off. He would like to clarify responsibilities.

[See Greg’s accompanying PDF for related information in section below]

Greg cited the Article VI statement indicating that the artist would provide a list of FGP responsibilities.
Referred to Dec 13, 2007, at the Columbus Arts Commission, which involved the first application for Tete-a-Tete falls, and those minutes included references to Columbus funding maintenance, and an endowment that had been started at the Columbus Foundation for the maintenance.
Stan said the Bixler Fund was being referenced as the endowment.
“The Applicant” seems to be FGP in the document.

Refer to Feb 5, 2010 Alan McKnight letter to Lori Baudro
Maintenance commitment still in place…
(Alan understood that FGP would take care of the maintenance, and so did Lori)

So there was a change from “the city will maintain” to “FGP will maintain”

See Feb 25, 2010 Arts Commission meeting minutes
Pat Lewis and Rick Miller attended.
“Sculpture given to the city with FGP assuming responsibility for maintenance and repair.”
City taking care of mechanicals, FGP maintaining the fountain. (or something like that)

See April 15 2013 letter from Malcolm Cochran

Malcolm sent a letter to the steering committee about maintenance (sales pitch for McKay Lodge), which include a recommendation for twice yearly cleaning. Malcolm starts to complete his contract requirements by listing maintenance for elephants, water, and granite.

Tonight, can we establish the requirements for FGP, and how we fund that, and the city’s responsibilities, and when can we expect those to occur.

Rick Miller shared his recollection of the history behind commitments made for the maintenance of the Goodale Park fountain (both the previous fountain and the current fountain). The city would “try” to power wash the fountain. The city felt that the endowment was supposed to cover costs of maintenance of the pumps, the sculpture, etc.

If we need to wax and power wash on a regular basis, and if we want for the city to do these things, we will need to submit work orders for everything.

Examples, like the Fish Gates and the south gates, are all done by FGP without the city. Why would the fountain be done by the city? If we expect the city to do these things, we’ll be disappointed. (Krobot).

Motion (Krobot/Vogt)
That FGP be responsible for cleaning and waxing the elephants twice each in April and October.
That FGP be responsible for replacing and maintaining light bulbs.
That City of Columbus be responsible for mechanicals, (pumps, mechanical, etc)
And that funding for the FGP responsibilities come from the Bixler Fund, and that the finance committee seek funds to provide for that.

Discussion: The MOU is written in such a way that the city is listed as responsible for doing everything, but Rick made changes stating basically what our motion is stating, and that’s in process (not done yet). There will likely be some push back on issues like pumps, unless we offer to provide some financial assistance. On the other hand, it’s possible that a time clock will not be a big deal for the city to provide.
Were there restrictions to the Bixler Fund? That might affect our ability to use the fund for these needs.
We receive checks once or twice per year from the fund (as our allowance) depending on how well the fund performs. Stan has indicated that this money goes into the general fund. It has ranged from $700 to $1,200 per year.
The company that Greg referenced quoted $1,200 per cleaning/waxing including travel time from Cincinnati. $95/hour.
We’ll be better off getting the city to power wash in the fall rather than the spring (if we’d like for them to do that).

Maybe we don’t need to vote, since the MOU will be reflecting the same language.
But we need to figure out how to fund the responsibilities. Rick Miller provided a worst case scenario: what if FGP ceased to exist? The responsibilities would go to the city, and the fountain would be shut off, and waxing would happen on a schedule similar to that of the Goodale bust.

Water is the responsibility of the city. That’s why it’s important to know when the water is treated, in case it’s affecting the elephants. Rick Miller stated, “the quality of the water is the city’s responsibility, no question.” Then I think he used some expletive for emphasis. But maybe I was just becoming delirious from so much typing.

Jason suggested dovetailing this conversation with similar issues like tree maintenance and clarifying our respective responsibilities.

Rick Miller mentioned something about Westgate pond and some water quality thingy [Secretary’s term] that is affected by fish that are added to the ponds. Greg commented on the lack of control regarding what is introduced to the pond with respect to fish, fish eggs, seeds, and other organic items.

Comment about an algae paddle boat that constantly cleans a pond in a cemetery in Massachusetts. Interesting; you should have been here.

MOU is reflecting the proposed changes, and the water issue has been resolved. And we still need to work on a single maintenance document. We have some of that, but not with calendar dates. This is what we need; Greg is suggesting that he can have a conversation with Malcolm to clarify dates. Jason is suggesting expanding the maintenance details beyond waxing.

What about the Bixler Fund? We need to put energy into growing that fund, for this purpose. Currently it’s not consistent enough. Greg asked about the Finance Committee making a commitment to add to the Bixler Fund for this purpose, otherwise how do we build that up? Since we’ve accomplished some other items quickly, maybe we can raise money for the maintenance of all the monuments; make it for a broader purpose, and this might make it easier to raise the money.

Rick Miller: do we have specific prices on specific items that we can share with the city? Also, the projected lifespan of the mechanicals would be helpful.
Greg indicated that we can provide that information for the city.
Jason opened a new issue: fountain insurance. Do we need that?

We will need to be intentional about raising money for this fund. How do we make this actionable?
Action Item: For August meeting, provide a legacy plan for funds needed to maintain relevant items in the park that fall under each committee’s responsibilities. Then we can create a larger plan for a fundraising campaign.

NOTE: Greg withdrew his original motion.

Erik R. rates:
$45/hr replace lights, and $90/hr cleaning/waxing of elephants
June 10 Erik R. will proceed.

Park Painting – Keith MacInturf (Stan, in DC)
1. Fish Gate Metal
2. Park/Goodale Gate Metal & Gilded Text
There’s a problem with the quality of the paint on these. Could we ask to have the items powder coated? Would that help? In the past, SID painted everything on a monthly basis. Julie: one of the volunteers has offered to paint during his spare time, and Julie has a micro grant that would fund it. Should Julie pursue Columbus Volunteer Challenge to do that? Sept 8 – Sept 12. Ask the volunteer to wire brush the items before the CVC comes to paint.

Goodale Monument Plaque
Update on corrections
Who does the install? (Rec & Parks)
Motion: Accept the changes to the monument plaque. (Anderson/Krobot)
Passed (with one rebellious “no” vote from Rick Harrison)


Treasurer’s Report (Andy, out of town, but provided report)
Total net assets as of 3 June 2015: $43,972.10
Total revenue & Accounts receivable: $2,819.20
See report for details on bank charges and expenses.

Volunteer Coordinator (Julie)
Last volunteer work day May 30. Also cleaned basement to clear and consolidated FGP items.
Short North Gazette deadline June 25
Grant for Walks and Talks (decided to look for other grants outside the Columbus Foundation)
Promotional cards again for Walks and Talks? (Jason says yes) Add Music Series and Film series
Newsletter will be sent after the website is ready to accept photos for the contest. July 6 the photo contest winner will be announced.
Pride and Comfest booth signups. Comfest closing an hour earlier on Saturday (9:00pm)
Cause Collaborative email was sent around; no responses to her email. $35 for the day, Friday 12 June. Talking about strategy, branding, etc.

Motion: Fund two attendees for Cause Collaborative (Kentner/Krobot)

SNCA Update (Beth/ Julie)
Need homes for the tour. Let Julie know if you know of someone.

Rec & Parks (Rick M.)
Master Plan Grant (discussion of details relevant to the grant, provided to Jason for signature)
Shelter House repair and maintenance discussion. Water damage repair will be done, but probably not carpeting.

Committee Report(s)


  1. Watering Contract vs. Truck & Tank from Martha Walker (Nancy) Nancy has volunteered to do all the watering. We wisely accepted her generous offer. She’s pretty sure that the truck works and that the tank doesn’t leak. Haha   We will promote her MWGC work days on our site.
  2. Concrete pads. City didn’t have anyone until fall, but now they have some work scheduled sooner, so perhaps Ro-Z could get the north side bench pad installed earlier than we thought. Rick Frantz will check.

Vision Plan

  1. First Intern (Staci) started mid-May others start next week.
  2. Tri-Fold mock-up for handout at ComFest & Other Events
  3. Mind-mixer site has been updated, QR code on Tri-fold will allow comments to be emailed and link to online content.


Walk & Talk Speakers & Schedule (we have a sponsor this year, Borror Properties). See Rick Harrison’s handout.

Group Discussion – Event Season Planning & Schedule, sign-up for booth times

Tent at Pride, Tent at Comfest, we will not be participating in Red, White and Boom. We’ve put that on the city for clean up and such. Ro-Z provided some updates, but apparently the Secretary was too tired to remember to make his fingers type. Mea Culpa.

Meeting adjourned 8:42pm

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