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4 June 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting
13th Aug


4 June 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Present at 7:00 pm:
Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Frantz
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Stan Sells
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)

Enjoying the rain until 7:18 pm:
Bryant Fried (ComFest)

Greg Maynard

Call to Order

Motion – To approve the minutes from the May meeting. (Kentner/Harrison). Passed.

Report Summaries

Volunteer Coordinator Report (Julie)
Columbus Gives Back happy hour donations included 20 pair of gloves, several rakes, and one weird tool that Julie doesn’t know what to do with.


Work Day Update
May 31st – had a good crew of about 22 volunteers, put additional plants in Beth’s bed, and Rob Vogt set up sprinkler there, Dave Snow added grasses to Buttles/Dennison bed and volunteers watered there and circle bed, Magnolias pruned, weeping beech pruned, Park St entrance weeded and watered.

Next work days:
June 14th (Sat, 9-12)
June 17th (Tues, 6-8) – followed by Happy Hour (location most likely Union Cafe but need to confirm)
Also an opportunity for partnership with Work Experience Program/ Ohio Association of Food Banks
Partnership with Work Experience Program / Ohio Association of Food Banks

WEP program now requires 24 volunteer hours per month for SNAP food assistance participants. FGP has been asked to participate in a program to provide volunteer opportunities for WEP. Volunteers would attend our work days, and then we would follow up to confirm their hours with WEP.

Would like board input before starting this program. Julie will bring info to a future meeting.

FGP Booth at Pride Festival is all set. $135.00 booth fee has been waived.

Need confirmation on FGP Booth at ComFest – have not heard anything since our last meeting. Booth fee waived?
Also need to know what type of activities, info, etc., board wants to have at booth this year (candle sales, history presentations, tree tours?)

Goodale Park Music Series
Need FGP trustees for booth at GPMS on the following dates (all Sundays, 12:00pm-2:45pm, includes setup and breakdown of booth):
July 13, 27
August 3, 10, 17, 24
August 31 (rain date)

Shawn Temper is leaving Chase for Morgan Stanley, this is his last week. Happy hour tonight 4:30-? at Union.
Stan and Julie are participating in a conference call with Chase employees tomorrow at 3pm to discuss continuing the partnership after Shawn’s departure.

As of May 9th, Julie has been working for the SNCA as an administrative assistant. She will be responsible for coordinating this year’s Goodale Park Music Series and Screen on the Green, as well as helping out with the Tour of Homes and any other odds and ends that come up. Essentially, Julie is the new “Half-Chet” (as in Chet Ridenour). Anyone familiar with Monty Python and Eric Idle’s “Eric the Half-a-Bee”? Julie the Half-a-Chet?

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)
Total net assets as of June 4: $95,788.58
Total revenue & Accounts receivable: $21,971.76

Rec & Parks Update (Rick M.)
Issue: Vehicle parking in the park over three hours, and overnight (11:00 pm – 7:00 am)
SNCA wants a statement from the city regarding this.
City is looking into tickets or towing (overnight); overnight ticketing should not be a problem.
Areas in the public right of way are different from the park. Waiting to press on the three-hour issue.
Construction workers are parking 6:25-7:00 am

Parked cars

Officer Steve Smith is our liaison; Jason will send an email to him.

Construction workers

Cleaning of the fountain: earliest possible date will be in fall 2014.
Extent of commitment for cleaning will be on an as-available basis.

City Council passed the cleaning of a number of items, including Goodale bust.
“The Gregs” asked about memorial bricks (thickness, manufacturer, etc)

Events/Project Updates Summaries

Fish Gate Restoration (Greg K & Stan)
Three bids received (Durable, Quality, Centennial) for the work. Recommended low bid (Centennial Preservation Group), as all three came highly recommended. This includes restoration of the faces only on the independent column, although they might not be completed until next year. Faces on the main entrance will be cleaned, but not restored.

Next step is to meet with Rick M regarding city oversight of the project.

Greg K: could the city provide us with the building permit so that FGP doesn’t need to pay the fee?

Stan: since the bid came in under budget, we are looking into completely restoring two other elements of the entrance (a wooden feature and iron gates).

Andy objected to calling the gate the “Fish Gate”. One of the SID plaques along High Street calls it the “Pagoda Gate”, and Andy proposed that we call it that. Greg K proposed “Northwest Gate” (which Terry Sherburn also approves of). A brief misguided discussion of “Lynch Gate” disappeared quickly. (update: those interested in lifelong learning should read the addendum below)

Pagoda gate


Our gate


Lynch gate issue update
The Board member meant “Lych Gate”, which is a roofed gate to a churchyard under which the pallbearers and coffin are sheltered during a burial service while they wait for the clergyperson. Interesting stuff! Almost like the Friends of Goodale Park is a mini-university.

Garden Tour (Maddy)
Now the Garden Speaker Series
Greg K had the only garden offered, so to avoid a super-crowded event at Greg’s house, the event was re-envisioned to be a speaker series to take place in the park.
4 dates reserved with Rec & Parks for series: 7/16, 7/23, 8/13, 8/27 (variety of topics)
All Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Jason will create a front/back card to advertise

ComFest (Bryant)
We got our booth even though we don’t do the paperwork
Julie will handle the July 4th cleanup volunteer coordination
Mulch will not be in bags (remainder will be given away)

Master Plan (Jason)
Second committee meeting held to discuss duties and responsibilities
Three of the four interns attended.
Regular meetings are being held at 6:30 pm every other Thursday starting next week (June 12)

Motion: Allocate $3,000.00 in the name of Marcus Pohlmann toward the master plan to support the fourth intern, with an acknowledgement honoring the donor (pending approval by the donor). (Kentner/Krobot)

Discussion: This is in addition to our $1,500 that we originally dedicated, making a total of $4,500 from our accounts. Jason currently has $9,500. Clarification was made that we have four interns, but one was willing to volunteer. This way she will be paid as well.

Vote: motion passed with two no votes

Additional Items

Short North foundation grant proposals are due July 1. Any suggestions from anyone?
Question: can we duplicate the URIF requests?
Painting Gazebo? Will the city take care of that? FGP painted last time. City is more likely to provide assistance if another group contributes some of the money.
Andy: have we heard about the URIF recommendations? Nothing yet.
Limited funds available, but we could ask for the painting project. It will likely be August before they vote on it. So it would be Fall before the gazebo is painted.

Motion: Put forth a Short North Foundation grant proposal for the repainting of the gazebo (Kentner/Harrison)

Discussion: If we only ask for $2,500, and if that’s not enough, do we pay for the rest? Do we ask for the money with the city? Amend the motion to be for $2,500 with the intent to partner with the city for the rest of the cost. Since they like to distribute the money, we might just get $500. How about if we switch to asking the foundation to assist with the watering that we’ve already committed some money to? How about buying the watering vehicle? Half of the watering? The money won’t be provided until after the watering season is over. A two-part grant proposal? The watering tank would require maintenance, transportation, and storage, resulting in an impermanent solution to a permanent problem. Next year we might find another solution. This item is already in the URIF. Eric is getting tired of typing.

Amended Motion: Put forth a Short North Foundation grant proposal for the maximum allowable toward the repainting of the gazebo. Passed.

FYI Items

Operations Committee:
Watering Contract still in the works (Dave S. and/or Davey Tree);
Memorial Tree replanted during last work day;
FGP approached about hosting World Cup screenings, shifted to Columbus Commons.

FGP Board Member of the Month: Rick III (or is that George Clooney?)

Rick III

Meeting adjourned 8:30



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