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4 November 2015 Board of Trustees meeting
4th Feb


4 November 2015 Board of Trustees meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Nate Durst (Treasurer
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Don Anderson
Rick Frantz
Jude Grimes
Julie Hallan (Volunteer Coordinator)
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Ro-Z Mendelson (ComFest)
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Lyle Saylor
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt

Not present:
No one! All hands on deck.

Jeff Anderson, King of Planning & Design, Columbus Recreation and Parks
Shawn Temper, prospective Board of Trustees member (full-fledged by end of meeting)

Call to Order

Jason called the meeting to order at 7:02

Action Item: Approve Minutes from October meeting (Kentner/Anderson), Passed unanimously

Recreation & Parks on playground changes, Jeff Anderson

2016 plans for change to the park’s playground design

Same locations. Because of the bad condition of the playground mulch, and the washout during rain, they’re planning to replace with solid resilient rubber. Some mulch sections will still be incorporated to save money. They are also changing some of the structures, including new swings and other items.

Jeff shared the renderings of changes and items to remain the same in the playgrounds. A second page showed color options for the new equipment (see below for image).

New rubber surface will be pervious, let’s the water run through.

They will maintain the intended age difference for the two playground areas.

Project would begin in Fall 2016 at the earliest.

Board discussed color options for the new equipment; preferences were split, but the vote (7-6) was for the muted colors of “Fresh” or “Timber”.

Goodale Park Playground Concept 2016


Volunteer Coordinator (Julie)

Last park workday Nov 14 is also a chili potluck. Board members volunteered to provide chili and sides.

SNCA Update
(Beth/ Julie)

First Community Bank (now First Commonwealth Bank) is interested in working with FGP, sponsor events, etc.

Rec & Parks
(Rick M.)

UIRF Update: next year $385,000 available. They spent 15,000 this year, and Goodale Park is getting an extra 150K.

Park St./East Gates are ready to collapse!! Putting together RFP for design services ($150,000?). They will try to get something done with this year’s money, which will be used through next year. Their inspector/mason took a look at them and determined that we really shouldn’t drive vehicles head-on into the gates.

Additional projects submitted:
Sidewalk relocation
Irrigation system

Rick discussed cost and priority options.

MOU Status (provided for review/comment). We will discuss this at the January retreat.

Treasurer’s Report

Accounts payable: $75.70 (Oakland Nursery)
Total net assets: $45,424.83

Loose Ends

Gift in Kind (form sent to Marc Flinn)

Gardening tools needed for 2016. Discussed how to secure funds for additional tools. Ro-Z mentioned the Comfest grant (funds are disbursed in May). Greg brought up the Neighborhood Partnership Grant through United Way; seems like a good fit.

GALA Planning

Events Committee (Rick H.)

Rick distributed a detailed Gala summary.
Silent auction will be on the second floor of Richard Bauer’s house.

Postcard design is at the designer; they’re going to use the elephant snow sculpture as the image.

The postcard list continues to decrease in its effectiveness; we will send some, but not many due to the movement, death, etc. of neighbors and former attendees.

What is the budget for the Gala? This seemed unclear, and we couldn’t find the data from last year. Jason thought that we typically allocate $1,500 and spend less than that.

Trying something new this year, let people buy tickets at Samson, next to Torso (could use a credit card to purchase).

Discussion of getting silent auction items

Bruce Dooley will help with acquiring food as usual, and we can offer new options

Volunteering sheet was passed around for Board members to sign up for various work.

David will be playing piano at the event

Rick discussed awards that might be given at the event. Questions about how to provide the awards, how to present them (publically? Rally people? Award recipients wear something to designate them? Brief presentation of the awards, perhaps, that wouldn’t get in the way of the festivities. Chosen by Events Committee. Hold off on Lifetime Achievement award, and focus on volunteer awards for this year.

Motion: Approve up to $500 for three award items (Kenter/Saylor) passed.

What do we want to roll out at the Gala regarding the Vision Plan? What kind of display at the Gala? Jason will provide a tri-fold and the foam board of the Plan.

Group Discussion – FGP Futures 2016 Retreat Topics

Saturday, January 23, location at Beth’s office again
FGP Elections
Other topics for retreat, including moving to less-frequent meetings (not monthly), but there was some value in the monthly schedule. We could create a focus for specific monthly focus topics for meetings.
FGP structure among other SN Groups: how much interest in our integrating into the Short North Civic Association, like German Village organizes its park group.

Do we want to invite Short North Civic reps to some portion of our retreat to discuss that possibility? What the model is, and what the ramifications are.

Orientations for the new board members.
Summaries of reports for an annual report should be provided.
Development plan for the organization

End note

$1,000 was given for the Sugar Maple adoption. Rick Frantz suggested that we use some of that money for stabilization of structural issues. When the arborist came, he said that it wouldn’t be worth coming out for one tree, so they looked at other trees.

$320.00 cost for Silver Linden stabilization with two cables

$680.00 spent for tree work that was approved with the $1000 memorial tree purchase.

Rick Miller: No more memorial tree plaques (need to order them).

Shawn Temper, nominated for position as Board of Trustees member. (Kentner/Krobot) Discussion: Board members gushed shamelessly about Shawn’s amazingness. Unanimous, enthusiastic approval.


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