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6 May 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting
7th Jun


6 May 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Rick Frantz
Julie Hallan (Volunteer Coordinator)
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Ro-Z Mendelson
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Lyle Saylor
Stan Sells
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt

Not present:
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Ro-Z Mendelson (ComFest)

Call to Order

Jason called the meeting to order at 7:04, April minutes approved

Eric asked about March minutes not being approved, but evidently they were, although that action had not been recorded last meeting (does this mean that Eric is still needed, perhaps?)

Updates & Loose Ends

Congratulations to Julie (Unsung Hero award at Short North Gala)

Masonry Restoration (Stan & Greg)
The ram’s head is between 200-300 pounds. Should it return to the Shelter House? Discussion of how to move the head, followed by decision that discussion of final location will happen later.

Gala host confirmed (Rick H.)
Richard Bauer

Goodale Monument Plaque (Eric A.)
Eric has been talking with Terry Sherburn and Jeff Smith about five errors on the Goodale Monument plaque near the southeast entrance.  Jeff Smith will be pursuing a grant through the Short North Foundation, ideally to:

-Reset base planter stones that appear to have moved out. (Comment that this could be a foundation issue, not just a landscape issue). Suggestions for contacts regarding stone work: Builderscape, H. K. Phillips stone restoration, and Michael Cash.

-Replace monument lighting.  Hopefully the wiring is still fine and we just to replace fixtures.  The intention is to use LED lighting. Rick Miller indicated that the city could work on that issue, but it might not be until the end of the year or later. If we include electric work in the grant, it could be completed sooner.

-Replace plaque.  We should be able to get rough price on a plaque the same size with the same amount of text as a baseline cost while we work out the details with Terry. For a helpful summary of the plaque issues, see the latest Sesquipedalian Dumpster Diver blog post.


[At this point in the meeting, the Board members were uniformly worried about Andy Klein’s absence. Is he okay? Has he mentally checked out after tax season ended? In any case, several Board members used this time to comment on Andy’s superlative job as temporary Secretary for the April meeting. Although no overt comparison was made, the point was clear.]

Report Summaries

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)
No report. Again, great sadness was expressed regarding Andy’s curious absence.

Volunteer Coordinator Report (Julie)
-Earth Day last month yielded 75 volunteers
-Planting Day this Saturday, estimating 35-40
-We need to pledge $500 for the music series. Details on schedule will come out next week
-Motion to contribute $500 for the music series (Kentner/Harrison), No discussion. Passed

Discussion developed around the Short North Foundation initiative to object to the implementation of an open container Park Street area entertainment district. It’s already been approved tentatively for the Arena District.

Motion: Support an initiative to sign the letter from Betsy Pandora advocating removing the Park Street district and the Short North from the entertainment district allowing open containers all the time. (Vogt/Krobot)

Discussion: Our district has the required number of liquor licenses for it to qualify as an open container “entertainment district”. The pedal car is also approved for open container. Seventh Son and other businesses are in opposition to this as well.
Two-part letter. One part restricts Park and area
Second part would restrict pedal wagon from parking in residential areas
Letter would propose that we not allow Short North to be designated.

Motion: Support for the anti-entertainment district letter for Short North and Park Street Goodale Park vicinity (Harrison/Vogt). Passed

Recreation & Parks (Rick M.)
Algae treatment scheduled for May 8.

Concrete work is scheduled for this fall on the perimeter of the park and from bottom of the shelter house steps to walkway.

If we have other sidewalk replacement requests, we should bundle those with this job (like the curb on the west side of the shelter house.

Stan Sells: Fountain lights: only two are left, and he feels that we should move to LED. Needs to be done soon, before June.

Greg Krobot: Malcolm wants elephants waxed twice a year and power washed twice per year. We’ve committed to one waxing and one power wash per year. Malcolm stated that the city set aside $20K for maintenance of art structure; he is trying to get the elephants included on that plan (in which case we would not need to be concerned about it).

Operations (Rick Frantz)
-No concrete contractor until Fall (see above)
-Two requests for benches, we hope they’ll wait for fall.
-Watering options will be in place by Saturday
-Planting Day (Dave Snow): All systems are go

The quote to cable the tree was higher than we had approved, but it doesn’t matter because the city sawed the tree down. This news was met with more resignation than anger, don’t you agree, everyone? Anyone? Anyone reading this?

The map isn’t working on the website. (Note: working as of 6 June 2015!)

Events (Rick H.)
Our tent hasn’t been getting much traffic. Idea is to initiate a photo contest, and finalists will be displayed and people can vote on the winning photo (in order to draw them to the booth).
FGP would own the rights to that photo, and we’re not sure of what we’ll do with the picture, but some ideas include featuring it in a restaurant, or framing a copy for bidding at the gala.

New Instagram account. Julie will email the password.

Walk & Talk Schedule & Sponsor (Borror Properties)
(See Rick’s handout)
Need one more date filled (Aug 12 or 19)
Borror Properties was asked for $1,000 for honoraria and signage. They are considering it as well as other funding opportunities. Rick talked about pursuing targeted, invested groups for funding requests. Pizzuti and Wood companies were mentioned for requests.

Big Give items to Highlight
List items for Jason to update on profile.
Tuesday May 12 10:00 – Wednesday May 13 10:00
ThrillList top 10 most beautiful neighborhoods in the country
614 best local park

Brief Discussion – Summer Interns & Master Plan
3 Grad Students Hired (June – Aug.)
Staci Carrier (Returning from Last Year’s interns)
Alex Pisha & Tameka Sims both 2nd year grad w/ UG in Architecture at OSU
Budget $4000 per intern + $3000 for infrastructure/printing/time (from $15,000 city URIF)
Meeting Thursday w/ Interns (11:30 @ IMPLEMENT) to develop work plan
Re-launching Mind-Mixer Site. They’ve implemented new widgetry on the website. Whee!

Alan McKnight is retiring from Columbus Rec & Parks
Rick H suggested a resolution from FGP recognizing his contribution to the park
His last day is 29 May.

Funding (Bond Sale) Delayed until Sept.

Meeting adjourned 8:27 pm

 P.S. Is Andy Klein really better at recording minutes than Eric? And if so, what are the implications (besides Eric’s deflated self-esteem)? It’s not like they could swap roles, as Eric has no financial skills. It’s more like Andy appears to be a renaissance man, a polymath, capable of excellence in wide-ranging areas. More on this as the story develops.

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