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7 October 2015 Board of Trustees meeting
30th Dec


7 October 2015 Board of Trustees meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm


Maddy Weisz (VP)
Nate Durst (Treasurer
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Don Anderson
Rick Frantz
Julie Hallan (Volunteer Coordinator)
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Ro-Z Mendelson (ComFest)
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Lyle Saylor
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt

Not present:
Jason Kentner (Pres.)

Jude Grimes (became Trustee member by the end of the meeting)

Call to Order 

Maddy called the meeting to order at 7:00 sharp

Action Item (delayed, but placed here) – Approve Minutes from September meeting (Krobot/Harrison), passed unanimously

Report Summaries

Treasurer’s Report (Nathan)

Deposited ComFest check
Two payables for reimbursement (Dave Snow and ProCon – concrete work on benches), $1,600.56
Total net assets: $47,374.62

Ro-Z: Greg Maynard dropped a check off to Rick Frantz (Reimbursement for tree and plaque)

Julie asked if we need to restructure how she should send her hours for payment. She will send her hours to both Greg and Nathan.

Volunteer Coordinator Report

57 volunteers at last workday
October 17 is our next workday

Marc Flinn provided his invoices for web expenses and work. These are all zeroed-out, as he is providing resources and services to Friends of Goodale Park at no cost to us.

Rick H. pointed out that we should provide Marc with a “gift in kind” form (Rick will provide a form to give to Marc for tax purposes)

Rick F commented on the old tools we are using for work days, and whether or not we should replace some of them. Greg expressed concern regarding the number of tools that have disappeared. “Tool inventory” is on Julie’s list (she will inventory, and check with Rick F on replenishment). Rick mentioned a possible check-out process.


Recreation and Parks (Rick M)

Repair of room in Shelterhouse: work will start soon, or in winter, in the event that it doesn’t actually start soon.

Rick will take new plaque to city employees to install it. Question: what to do with the old lie-filled plaque? We should cash it for scrap metal (Beth). City will get it to FGP for recycling.

Playground equipment update
URIF has additional 2016 dollars to spend at this point. So $150,000 of additional money will be used for resurfacing the toddler playground area. We need to look at the URIF list of projects that we submitted to see if it’s $385,000, we used. $15,000 was used for the master plan, so the $370,000 will be remaining. And we have $520,000 now, essentially. So the priorities would be initially East Gates from next year’s money; also we asked for water lines and further lighting, but those need further research, so we should move forward on the East Gates at this time. And they’re about to fall down, anyway. If we spend that money, then what is the next step, the next priority? Rick F and Beth say that water should be the next priority.

Next month well see a schematic of the playground, and the work will be done next spring (rubberized surfacing)

Jason provided a question through Maddy:
Can we get a meeting with the new Parks and Rec Director regarding the MOU? Rick Miller will contact him and ask. Question: should some meet with him in his office, or ask him to attend a November meeting? Rick III proposed that it would be good for the new Director to attend 10 minutes of our November meeting. Maddy will clarify with Jason, and Rick Miller will follow up.


Events (Rick H)

Last walk and talk will be next Wednesday. 6:30pm or maybe 6:00 (lighter outside).
These seem like a popular series, which we’ll continue in the future.

Any thoughts on something new for the Gala? Do we need something new? Entertainment, fun elements, etc.? Greg suggested that each Trustee invite two people to attend. Also, previous Board members have not attended, and even the previous year’s hosts have not attended. Pizzuti gallery would be another option that we could ask about for the future.


Operations (Rick F)

New plaque on a tree
Tree tour for Hubbard Mastery School Thursday
Eva’s dead tree was replaced.
Planning on an evergreen memorial
New adoption of a Sugar Maple on the north side of the park. Doesn’t have the best structure, and Rick will see if we need to cable it to hold it together.
Tree labels are almost done
Thursday October 15 at 6:00, meet and discuss the issues that need to be addressed in the park on the work day.
Chase Bed is now dead, so we’ll clean it up on the workday.
Comfest bed needs work, Ro-Z says that they’re on it.

Fountain cleaning update: Greg Krobot
Discussed autumn waxing of the elephants. We don’t have the MOU clarified, so Malcolm, Erik, Jason and Greg met to view the green scum-covered thing. Jason decided to pay Erik out of the Operations budget to powerwash the fountain. Did that.

Another thing:
Malcolm would like for the stones to be cleaned every year as part of the regular cleaning. Not just powerwashing, but scrubbing out the deposits. $338.00 for the materials to clean. Erik Rauch sprays it on the fountain, and it would take six hours, at $90/hr, or $540 total.

Motion: Pay Erik Rauch up to $1,000 twice each year to clean the stone on the fountain. (Krobot/Durst)
Discussion: General discussion included issues related to discoloration almost immediately afterwards, and several members were concerned about long-term ineffectiveness of cleaning the fountain stone. Another issue is the lack of clarity regarding responsibility for the maintenance of the fountain. Dave Snow: it makes sense that it gets brown right away, since there are organisms pouring over the fountain constantly. Another comment that after the cleaning there is a two-color issue (not everything is the same color) anyway, so it doesn’t look consistent.

Motion failed.

Lyle went to the grant-writing workshop for us.
Lyle needs some of the in-process grant materials that Jason indicated he has in his office. He also needs to know the logistics about the process of grant applications. Also, we don’t want to miss the Columbus Foundation. Rick suggested that Lyle let CF know that he is the right contact person. And Stan would be a good contact to touch base with about his grant experience.

Workshop by United Way was very thorough and helpful

Vision Plan was given an Honorable Mention for Planning and Design by the Ohio Chapter of ASLA American Society for Landscape Architects. Not many of these given out, so it’s a big deal.

Motion to make Jude a Board of Trustees member (Rick/Krobot) Unanimous

Regarding treasurer’s report correction
Restricted $1,500
Unrestricted $3,567 (to make up for a negative balance of $567 along with replenishing)

Meeting adjourned at the unbelievable time of 8:08 pm. Almost seemed like a Disney movie.


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