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March 2013 Board Meeting
8th Apr


March 2013 Board Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park Board 

Meeting March 6, 2013

7:00 pm Caretakers Residence

Present: Present: Absent:
Jason Kentner (Pres.) Pat Lewis Greg Krobot
Maddy Weisz (VP) Dave Snow Garett Heysel
Eric Anderson (Secretary) Rick Miller (Rec/Parks) Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Andy Klein (Treasurer) Stan Sells
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.) Beth Vogt (leaving 8:00)
Missy Ricksecker Rick Frantz (7:45)

Call to Order

ACTION ITEM – Review/Approve Minutes from February Meeting.

Motion (Ricksecker/Kentner) to approve the minutes of the February 6, 2013 meeting.  Motion approved.

Jason introduced the topic of making decisions as a Board via email.  In an unprecedented move that is certain to usher in a new adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order, Eric provided copies of a motion (see below) related to the topic so that discussion could begin.

ACTION ITEM Motion (Anderson/Ricksecker) Proposal regarding FGP email voting:

Email requests for Board members to approve a decision (formal vote) on an item will be limited to situations in which the decision cannot wait until the next scheduled board meeting.

Those situations will then require:

  • Formal motion with a specific actionable item, and a second
  • Email responses from at least seven Board members.
  • Affirmative votes from at least five of those members, or at least two-thirds affirmative votes from a larger number of members.

Situations involving funding requests via email will also require votes from:

  • President or Vice-President
  • Treasurer


Stan expressed concern about the number of people required to participate, and suggested that we require the President to identify an emergency for this type of situation.  Eric suggested perhaps we expand that authority to the Vice President, too. Jason asked about the possibility of empowering committees so that they could make decisions, and then we might have no decisions made via email.   And regarding money, perhaps a ceiling ($500 or $800) over which we must have a Board vote.  Stan made the point that committees should establish a budget at the start of the year, and if financial needs are within that budget, then there shouldn’t be an issue.  Stan brought up Maddy’s example of a situation that was a request for money that had implications for further spending.  Jason suggested that calls for votes might come from the President or VP or committee chairs.

ACTION ITEM In response to the discussion, Eric amended the motion (see below).  Seconded by Beth Vogt.

Email requests for Board members to approve a decision (formal vote) on an item will be limited to situations in which the decision cannot wait until the next scheduled board meeting.  In addition, only a Board Officer can initiate an online vote.

Those situations will then require:

  • Formal motion with a specific actionable item, and a second
  • Email responses from at least seven Board members.
  • Affirmative votes from at least five of those members, or at least two-thirds affirmative votes from a larger number of members.

Situations involving funding requests via email will also require votes from:

  • President or Vice-President
  • Treasurer

The Secretary will begin taking minutes from the email discussion, and will report results to the entire Board through email and at the next Board meeting.

Motion passed.


Volunteer Coordinator (Julie)

  • Feb 23 work day had 13 volunteers.
  • Next work day is March 16. Julie requested that we wear green, in honor of the proximity to St. Patrick’s Day. The work day might include master gardeners.
  • Julie staffed a booth at the MLK Fair.  It was a good event with inner city schools and lots of students wanting service hours.
  • Good Neighbors Picnic for the homeless will take place on September 28
  • FGP members were invited to Green Drinks due to our Earth Day participation.
  • Columbus Gives Back wants to help with Red White and Boom (Julie is working with them)
  • Julie will check with Barley’s about gift certificates.
  • Cultural Arts Center Earth Day fundraiser will be March 20; $10 at door
  • Julie met with Marc regarding the use of the website

Earth Day will be GIANT this year; Chase wants to use this event in Goodale Park on April 20, 9:00-Noon, as their state-wide event for all employees.  It’s so huge that they also plan to bring a tent. It’s so huge that we might want to consider sharing volunteers with other parks.  Missy suggested that we might ask for funding for sod, or mulch or whatever we need.  If a company is willing to provide so many employees as volunteers, would they also be willing to fund something?  Jason suggested T-shirts for all volunteers.  Also, they asked for our logo, and the FGP logo was briefly discussed.

“Candle With a Cause” owners are interested in making an FGP candle as a fundraiser; they would like to make a presentation to us regarding this. It was determined that they can come to the next board meeting and present at the beginning of the meeting.  Missy suggested using scents from various places in the park (think grove of pine trees).

ACTION ITEM: Julie requested authorization to print more business cards with work dates on the back. Motion Vogt/Kentner to approve $30 for business cards; motion carried

Julie circulated a list of Gala postcards addresses that were rejected for us to review in order to determine whether any of these people still lived nearby.

Treasurer Update (Andy)

The Secretary did not have the wherewithal to record the verbally reported total revenues and net assets in Andy’s financial updates, and no paper copy was provided.

Andy reminded us that Kroger rewards needs to be renewed each year, in case we are registered to donate to FGP.

Andy distributed the Conflict of interest policy and the form required by the IRS, and provided a beautifully succinct explanation which I will attempt to summarize:  The IRS requires a disclosure if a financial conflict of interest exists.  We first need to determine if there is just a financial interest, or a genuine conflict of interest, then ask if we should continue moving forward with the project regardless of the conflict of interest.  It is an issue of transparency and reporting. Dave Snow asked if there is a related interest when he sells material at cost.  Answer: there is a financial interest, but no conflict of interest.

Recreation & Parks Coordinator (Rick M.)

Rick offered clarification regarding the maintenance role/duty of Rec & Parks.  If we want something to be done physically in the park (for example, fixing loose picnic bench seats), we should to ask Rick to put in a work order instead of submitting a general request to R&P. Stan asked about the disintegrating asphalt on the drive, and Rick indicated that it is on a repair schedule.

The Canada goose problem was discussed.  Rick indicated that some neighbors offered to bring his dogs to scare the geese, and asked whether or not they could be given permission.  It was noted that since Goodale is a public park and Columbus has no leash law, they could do this anyway.  Rick indicated that the issue was with control.  Missy asked for the definition of “control”, and then conversation degenerated to the point where we discussed the dining habits of Canada Geese, which apparently includes baby ducks.  Coyotes were suggested as another wildlife option for a resolution of the Canada goose problem.

Special Topic – Master Plan Project/Intern

Jason proposed the hiring and supervising of a student for the summer to work on the Master Plan.  The project would not be for park design, but rather regarding the shaping of an image for the park, and conducting surveys, along the lines of the Master Plan.

Jason asked if FGP had any interest in moving forward with this project in spite of the lack of any immediate source for a grant.  Regarding funding of a position like this, Missy shared some additional relevant details from her grant writing workshop that could feed into this, and emphasized her eagerness to begin working with Stan on related projects.  Stan asked about the supervisory relationship; is there anything in place to provide for this?  Could we position someone through Rec and Parks? Rick has had interns in the past, paid $11.50/hr, and there might be a possibility of using one of the interns.  It would depend on what we are seeking in terms of supervision for the intern, too.

What is our interest in this? It would involve a financial commitment; OSU has $6500 per year as a cost per student. Stan asked if these students could be assigned to specific projects, like FGP.  Stan thinks that we should be pursuing the Columbus Foundation or another entity to partner on the cost for this.

Jason asked for people to send him an email if we are interested in joining him to discuss this in May about working with the Neighborhood Design Center.

Committee Summaries & Discussion

Communications Committee (Missy)

(Meeting on March 4, Missy, Eric, Marc)

Missy announced that the website is now updated.  (Stan pointed out that the phone version indicates “Friends of Goo”.)  Regarding the website, Missy indicated that even without formal branding, we can still be consistent.  Missy asked if Jason had a recommendation for someone to hire.  The Committee has recommended Marc to do the projects.  Others have concerns about initiating a relationship with Marc, due to previous experiences with other people who produced work that the Board did not like, but no one had any other suggestions, only reservations about Marc doing the project.  The only concern is that those pieces for the May event need to be consistent.  This project would not need to be long-term.  The consensus was that Marc would be paid to work on the projects.

ACTION ITEM: Jason will meet with Marc next week to discuss the details, as Jason has comprehensive knowledge of the design projects.

Banners and promo materials-content and timelines (we will hold off on this for now, but will need to address before Comfest).

Next Meeting – April 1, no fooling.

Topic not on agenda:

Pat brought up the trifold and the Victorian house, and asked if FGP wants this.  Missy offered to reach out to the parents of the student who created it.  Not enough information at this point to make a decision, since the small photo looks like a fixed, light weight already glued item.  Missy will explore.

Operations Committee (Rick F.)

ACTION ITEM: Motion to approve the purchase of 100 largemouth bass and 500 bluegill (Klein/Ricksecker)

Discussion: Conversation briefly returned to wildlife dining habits (largemouth bass eat bluegill, will the crane eat the fish, will the geese eat the fish, etc… no discussion of coyotes at this time).  Andy asked about using the ComFest money for the fish as a maintenance restoration issue, which sounded appropriate.  Andy also suggested that we ask the other neighborhood associations for $50-$100 each to match.

Motion passed for approval of $455 for expenditure, with expectation of soliciting matching funds from other organizations. (Update March 8 from Jeff Smith: SNCA will contribute $100 for restocking the pond)

Basement of Shelter House discussion: Rick indicated that there is lots of trash, and items from organizations that have been warned to remove their items, so these items can be discarded by Earth Day.  Group discussed various cabinet options that might work in the basement, and whether or not we need to lock up tools.  Stan recommended that we create a lockable room for our items.  This issue will continue to be explored.

Next Meeting – Work Day this Saturday Mar. 16, 2013 (9am)

Events & Outreach / Development Committee (Maddy & Stan)

Last meeting: Heysel, Kentner, Klein, Lewis, Sells, Weisz, Wolf

Fish Gate restoration discussion regarding grant not awarded: Stan indicated that matching funds from other entities can at this point rescind their money, or can hold it for future use.  Issue is that the gates still need work.  Jason will write a letter to those organizations to clarify the situation.  We are not rejecting the money, and we will be reapplying for other grants to fund the project.

Maddy provided an update on the May 19th Fountain Dedication.

Details of the plans for the event can be found in the Event Committee’s meeting minutes.

Formal reception? (Stan indicated that this has not been decided yet)

Maddy summarized the funding issue regarding the proposed dance/ice cream social.  Jason asked if some kind of fall event is likely, so that we could reserve the shelter house in general, and use it whether it is for the dance or for another event.  Stan asked about how the proposed event fits into our mission.  We have relevant spring and summer events in the park, do we want to sponsor some kind of fall event that would be relevant to our mission?  It was determined that the down payment is refundable, so the date could be secured, and then we could discuss the appropriateness of the event.

ACTION ITEM: Motion (Kentner/(no second, but went ahead anyway)   $240 for down payment for a September 8 event: 8 yes, 3 no, motion passed.

Next Committee Meeting – Monday, March 18, 2013 – 7:30 Caretaker’s Residence

Meeting adjourned 9:10pm

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