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May 1st Board Meeting
3rd Jul


May 1st Board Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park
Board Meeting

May 1, 2013

7:00 pm Caretakers Residence 

Present: Present: Absent:
Jason Kentner (Pres.) Rick Miller (Rec/Parks) Missy Ricksecker
Maddy Weisz (VP) Pat Lewis Greg Krobot
Andy Klein (Treasurer) Beth Vogt  
Eric Anderson (Secretary) Stan Sells  
Rick Frantz Dave Snow  
Garett Heysel Bryant Fried (ComFest)  
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)    

Call to Order

ACTION ITEM – Review/Approve Minutes from April Meeting.

Minutes were approved unanimously.

Guest information

Possible collaboration with “Candle with a Cause” (Mitch Underwood)

This organization focuses on environment and community, taking used beer and liquor bottles from neighborhood restaurants and bars, cut them down to make candleholders, label/co-brand the candles for nonprofits, and share 25% of profits with the nonprofits.  They require that we have a means of selling the candles as well, through events or members who are willing to go out and sell the candles as well.  We can also sell them for more than the wholesale price.  In addition, FGP can brand through the scent of the candles (and they will work with us on the scent). Typical price is $20 per candle.  Sales model: We can buy inventory and resell, CWAC can sell through retailers who request the Goodale Park candle, we can market them to our members, etc.

Action item: Board will discuss at the June meeting and make a decision regarding moving forward. Julie asked to get some information in print.  Beth suggested Magnolia scent!  J

RW & Boom beer sales request

Rec & Parks event staff emailed Jason regarding allowing beer sales in Goodale Park during RW & B.  Jason indicated to them that it would entail responsibilities similar to Comfest and Pride (hiring police, emergency, other infrastructure, cleaning the entire park and perimeter afterwards, etc), and since then he has not heard back from them.  So this is probably a non-issue.

Coordinator Updates

Volunteer Coordinator (Julie)

• Work Day Recap

• Earth Day Recap

Successful days, park looks great.

Next Work Day: May 11 is planting day.  9:00 am

Treasurer Update (Andy)

Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable through May 1 of $6,465.89.  Total net assets: $41,832.23

Lighting and construction contracts for the fountain included overruns, and Stan asked for overrun documentation, but has received none (the invoice for the balance of the contingency was provided without documentation).  So we are waiting for documentation prior to paying.

An $840 balance on the lighting is contingent on finalizing all the remaining lighting and providing a staff orientation to the operation of the control panel.  Stan has tried to coordinate this, but Ferd has cancelled every time.  So we are withholding the payment until the orientation is provided.

Carmine is creating and installing a memorial plaque.  This is a separate contract.

Motion: Make no payments to Columbus Art Memorial on the contingency fee until after May 19 (when the memorial plaque is to be installed), and until we receive documentation (Heysel/Anderson).  Discussion: The Board approved the contingency payment since Carmine insisted the funds were necessary to finish construction. The Board requested documentation to substantiate the contingent costs – none of which has ever been received. Motion passed.

Recreation & Parks Coordinator (Rick M.)

3-hour parking signs were installed today (May 1), although not in the west lot on Dennison.  Police can now enforce the parking regulations.

Works Requests – Some of the benches have been painted.  No lids on the trash cans around the pond yet.

Committee Summaries & Discussion

Operations Committee (Rick F.)

Dave Snow is ordering plants for the annual beds.

The grass restoration area on the north end of the park has been cordoned off.  Questions were raised about the caution tape being up during the dedication.  A suggestion was made to replace the caution tape with green snow fencing, or with green rope.

Motion: Remove the caution tape during the next work day.  (Kentner/Sells).   Passed

Action Item – Remove caution tape during May 11 work day.                                      

Communications Committee (Missy)

The mailing list needs to be finalized.  Julie mentioned that Marc had to extract it from the old website and move it to a new location.

Postcard and future mailings/communications

Jason indicated that he discussed the postcard issue with Marc and there was a time crunch so Jason acted independently.

Tree Map on Website

Mapbox web service allows for custom maps on website.  Motion to approve $4.50/month cost to add Mapbox custom map feature to the FGP website.  Will allow us to store the data on the cloud, able to pan and zoom on the website. (Kentner/Frantz) Discussion: The new functionality would include moving from Google maps to our own map that looks more like the actual park, and we can get much more information about each tree, donors, etc.  And we can include similar links for the Gazebo, gates, etc.  We can use up to 254 characters to describe any item in the park.  Calling it a “tree map” is a misnomer, since we would have much more flexibility.  Andy asked about additional work required to make it functional.  Rick has already written the code to make it work.  Andy was concerned that no one will use it, but Rick pointed out that we can terminate it at any point.  Bryant suggested using the service for an entire year before assessing its value.  Rick added that part of the value is to honor donors, and it would promote the idea of donating memorial trees.

Motion passed.

Action item: Subscribe to Mapbox

Web training with Marc (Jason, Rick, Julie and Eric)

Set for Thursday, May 23 at 7:30, at shelter house, depending on availability.

Everyone will need to bring: Content to post to the website (I would like to include at least one digital image to go with the content). We are also going to need laptops for everyone to use.

Next Meeting – June 3

Development Committee (Stan)

Memorial Plaque is shipping on 5/2, to be installed in time for 5/19

Elephant Cleaning & Lighting training

Stan is not sure if the training is taking place.

Columbus Art Memorial

Invoice for balance of contingency funds (See related discussion in Treasurer’s report)

Next Meeting – TBD

Events & Outreach Committee (Maddy)

Dedication Events Details

Motion: Allocate up to $100 approved to pay to clean the first floor shelter house in advance of the dedication, specifically the first floor bathroom.  (Kentner/Anderson).  Discussion: Julie will contact Betsy.  We need details for what to have done.  Perhaps dusting, vacuuming at least, in addition to bathroom and kitchen cleaning.  A suggestion was made to ask Betsy to provide an estimate.

Motion passed.

Action item: Julie will contact Betsy to inquire

Next Meeting – TBD

Pat provided June 9 date as the proposed for the Garden Tour.

Motion: To approve the garden tour on June 9 and begin securing gardens. Seconded by Frantz.  Discussion: none.  Motion approved with one “no” vote (Klein).

Additional Motion: Garden Tour hours should be from 10:00-3:00. (Lewis/Klein) Discussion: Too hot last year; started too late last year.  Any issue regarding Sunday?  Suggestion of 11:00 as a different start time.  Motion fails.

New motion: Garden Tour hours should be from 10:00 – 4:00 (Kentner – no second)

New motion: Garden Tour hours should be from 1:00 – 3:00 (second Vogt), Discussion: none, motion passed.  Discussion began regarding possible gardens.  Committee is tasked with developing a list of gardens.

Motion to approve the proposed budget of up to $400.00 for the Garden Tour, hopefully offset. (Frantz/Kentner).

Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 9:10. 

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