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Park Street Entry Gateway Restoration
23rd Sep


Park Street Entry Gateway Restoration

The Park Street Entry Gateway is being restored by the Friends of Goodale Park in conjunction with the City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. Funding for the project is being provided through a U.R.I.F. grant by the City of Columbus.

The Friends of Goodale Park have been restoring the historic entries and gateways of the park over the past 10 years. This is the last gateway to be restored through the Friend’s efforts. The gateway was originally constructed in 1902 and although several attempts to maintain the piers have occurred over the ensuing years several of the stones have deteriorated beyond repair requiring a complete restoration of the four piers.

The piers will be completely disassembled and as much of the existing stone will be cleaned and reused in the reconstruction of the gateway. The base stones will be completely replaced and a few of the other stones that have deteriorated beyond repair will be replaced as well. The newly restored piers will be placed in the exact location where they have stood for well over one hundred years.

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