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September 2012 Meeting
5th Sep


September 2012 Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park Board Meeting

Sept. 5, 2012

7:30 pm Caretakers Residence

Present: Present: Rick Frantz
Jason Kentner (Pres.) Greg Krobot Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Maddy Weisz (VP) Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Andy Klein (Treasurer) Pat Lewis Absent:
Stan Sells (Sec.) Missy Ricksecker
Beth Vogt Garett Heysel
Matt Wolf Dave Snow Guest:
Eric Anderson Rick Miller (Rec/Parks) Chet Ridenour

August 1, 2012 Board Minutes:

Motion: To approve the August minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Rec. & Parks:

Goodale Gates Elements

Rick is obtaining parts to construct the candelabra for both fixtures. He is still anticipating installation during September.

Goodale Pond

The new and bigger well pump was installed as of this date and is producing 50 gals. per minute. Sells will follow up with CAM to determine when the replacement silicon will be applied to joints opened by the sand blasting of the graffiti. Once the silicon has been applied, the fountain can be turned on for final testing and electrical inspection. As for the remains of the graffiti, CR&PD will most likely wait a year to see if anything is still visible before the crew makes any further removal effort. Pond level is 1 ¾” below the spillover, the highest level yet this year.


Concrete sidewalk replacements and new bench pads were completed as of this date. There is one bench remaining for future placement in the park.

Treasurer’s Report:

Andy reported submitting the 990EZ for 2011. For the month of August, total revenues and accounts receivable were $2,584.33. Expenses were $1,757.00. Total net assets as of 09/05/12 were: $24,068.00.

Volunteer Coordinator Update:

Regarding the tools lost during ComFes, the tools have been replaced. There were two work days during August. The first involved bed weeding, installation of pond water plants and algae removal from the pond. The second was a special work day specifically for the OSU Arts and Sciences Diversity Services group. The next work day is this Saturday, Sept. 8 from 9am until noon. So far, over 100 volunteers have signed up for the work day.

Julie needs tour guides for the House Tour on Sunday, Sept. 16. Two hour shifts are available from 9:15 am until 6:15pm. Contact Julie to sign up.

Julie and Jason reviewed a specific security situation. It was agreed that Board Trustee representation needs to be more visible at FGP events.

Motion (by Garett and Missy): To approve $120 to hire a Special Duty Policeman for the Sept. 8 work day. Motion carried.


  • Work Day: Work Day will be this Saturday, Sept. 8 from 9 until noon. Activities will include weeding and general clean up of the park.
  • Memorial trees and bench: Two trees and a bench are in the works. Four new trees are awaiting planting.
  • Turf Restoration Plan: The plan is in the works in response to the $3,000 from ComFest for turf restoration.
  • Tree Watering: Andy has received an invoice from the Short North Alliance for watering for two months. There was concern whether the watering was worth it and should be continued. It was agreed that watering should continue for the new trees. Greg K. will follow up with John Angelo to convey this.

Events and Outreach:

Fish Gate Dedication: The October 7 event is still planned but will require further tweaking now that the Italian Festival parade has been re-routed and will not pass the park. There was discussion about re-naming the gate from the NW Corner Gate to the Fish or Fish-Terrell Gate. There was no consensus but Rick Miller advised that naming of the gate would require approval of the Rec. and Parks Commission.

Gala: The house on Dennison (2 doors west of Buttles) has agreed to host the Gala.

Next Committee Meeting: Monday Sept. 24 @ 7:30 pm at Maddy’s


Pictures of the Fish Gate restoration have been posted to the web page. The issue of FGP branding remains a high priority.

Next Committee Meeting: Monday Sept. 10 @ 7:00 pm (location?)

Planning and Development:

Fountain Update: See pond discussion above. Memorial plaque is in final review.

Fish Gate: In light of UIRF rejection, and OHS grant limitations, Sells is proposing that the OHS application focus entirely on the Fish Gate. This will require a new estimate from Quality Masonry for the restoration of the stone columns only. Rick Miller will follow up with QM.

Next Committee Meeting: Monday, Sept. 17, 2012 at 7:00 pm @ Caretakers Residence

New Proposal:

Chet Ridenour from the Snort North Civic Association presented a proposal to re-purpose at least some of the horse shoe pits on the west side of the park to that of corn hole games. Having both horse shoes and corn holes in the same vicinity might encourage cross generational activity. The consensus was that if not too expensive, corn hole games should be tried to see if there is an interest from the community. Chet will further develop cost estimates and return with more details.

Discussion regarding the expansion of metered parking along Buttles and Dennison will be discussed at the Sept. 20 meeting of the SNCA. Randy Bowman from the city will be present at that meeting.

Next Work Day: Saturday, Sept. 8 @ 9am

October Board Meeting – Wednesday, October 3, 2012, @ 7:00pm; Caretaker’s Residence

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