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The SDD: Now in the Short North Gazette!
10th Jun


The SDD: Now in the Short North Gazette!

For the last several months, the Sesquipedalian Dumpster Diver has been writing an Urban Philosophy column in the Short North Gazette.  You can find those columns online here, or in the physical version of the Gazette all over Columbus.

You’ll currently find these online:
Cutting Corners (May/June 2018)
Fecal Feng Shui (March/April 2018)
The Very Idea (January/February 2018)
You Never Know What’s Under The Lid (November/December 2017)
Always Leave Them Wanting More (September/October 2017)

You’ll still find The SDD blog posts here on the Goodale Park website in the future.  Thanks for reading!

The Sesquipedalian Dumpster Diver

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