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1 October 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting
23rd Nov


1 October 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Present at 7:00 pm:
Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Frantz
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Stan Sells
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt
Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)

Not Present:

Rick Harrison


Greg Bulger



Call to Order

Motion – To approve the minutes from the September meeting. (Kentner/Krobot). Passed.

Special Guest – Greg Bulger (Boy Scout Project)


Canada Geese Proposal

The presentation included:

Easiest solutions

“Do Not Feed” signs ($20 per sign)
Solar powered lights ($350 each, mixed reviews, and Greg K. pointed out that our geese leave before sundown)
Artificial predators ($30-$35 per animal – alligator and coyote, seemingly very popular in our group)

Loud noises ($50 + $1 per shot: pyrotechnics – could require a permit, might be objections from residents, $150-$200: goose distress calls)

Harder solutions

Treating goose eggs and nests
Treat grass with deterrents or replace grass with a type that geese don’t like
Altering the landscape (rocks on shore)

Greg B. will also contact Goose Busters and community groups to inquire about additional possible solutions.

Greg Krobot will act as an advisor to Greg B., which is perfect since Greg K is an Eagle Scout. Not surprising, given his exemplary citizenship.

Report Summaries

Volunteer Coordinator Report (Julie)

56 volunteers at last work day including OSU synchronized swim team which was an official athlete appearance so we had to get signatures to take their photos. That detail is probably unimportant, but it sounded interesting.

Next workday – October 11, big turnout with lots of groups that will show up, including College of Wooster

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)

Total net assets as of 1 October: $81,937.74
Total revenue & Accounts receivable: $2,531.28

Brief Discussions

Parking Issue (Eric)
Central lot is being used again every morning; 21 cars typically by 6:30 a.m.
Rick Miller will request that the police check cars once per week to ticket them.

Committee Summaries/Reports

Events Committee (Maddy)

Gala Planning
Still need to find a place for the gala. Maddy asked Beth if she would be willing to provide Vogt house. Beth will consider it. There is one other option (the house next to the Browns), Stan mentioned that last year at the Gala they expressed a willingness to consider hosting.

Fall tree tours are still in the works
October 15 and 18

Greg and Stan met regarding the NW gates stone replacement. They selected a stone and mortar for the replacement. They will mortar and remove the stone with the animal heads sometime this fall (we think) and then we’ll get mock-ups of the animal head replacements. Greg asked for the cost for replicating the one ram’s head before replacement (since removal of the block might break the head). Greg: on the freestanding pier there were four animal heads. We have photos of two more (a lion and a panther). We have the ram head. Could we make a mold of the ram? If we make a mold, we could reproduce them for a fundraiser. Regarding the other eight (seven ages of man, and Lincoln Goodale), we could make molds of them to make a record of them in their current state.

$350 for a mold, and $100 per plaster casting

Do we want to pursue as a fundraiser and/or just to preserve them? Molds would change the color of the stone.

Motion: Make a mold of the ram’s head (spend $450 now) since it might be destroyed during the removal. (Krobot/Sells)
Discussion: This is the only opportunity to get this done. Passed.

Bryant asked about the age of the stone carving. Greg K. helpfully indicated that the carving is from 1899, but the sandstone itself is millions of years old.

Discussion continued with possibility of digitally recording the other eight images in the future. Jason thought someone at OSU might be interested in doing this from an historical perspective.

Cleaning and waxing of the elephants will begin this week. Cost will be approximately $1,000.
City will power wash the structure this fall too.

Lights on the fountain don’t appear to be working properly. Andy K is concerned, and indicated that he would be willing to pursue the issue with Ferd. Actually, Jason will contact Ferd. Stan thinks that the GFIs might be the problem.

Master Plan (Jason)

Committee needs to meet to discuss trifold project
Request $150 for printing of MP Trifold (in development) will come later

Operations (Rick F)

Trees ordered, bench pads have been poured.

First phase of tree work on perimeter, including removal of some large trees, and then in winter, another phase of tree removals will take place.

Motion: Purchase five benches (Franz/Anderson) Passed.

MOU Review & End of Year Report/Summary

Review of MOU details occurred with Rec & Parks following the meeting with Alan regarding tree maintenance. The perimeter work and interior winter work emerged from this. There is a movement toward articulating an agreement about pruning and limbing, versus allowing FGP to trim as they see fit. Pam is being asked to maintain trees using a more natural method. Rec and Parks weren’t willing to agree to do all of the pruning, but they were also concerned about unsupervised volunteers pruning in problematic ways. Lots of species-specific issues that complicate matters regarding appropriate pruning height for mowing. Rick Miller: street trees have been the priority. We should incorporate cooperative language into the MOU, including FGP volunteer days that include training.

Action item: Find our issues and concerns about the document prior to our next meeting.

Discussed development of Annual Report to feature at Gala including the Master Plan details to date

Action item: Each committee will provide summary information from the year, including visual pieces that illustrate our work over the year (number of volunteers, money raised, projects completed, etc.)

Action item: before the next meeting, collect/send photos and data to be included in an annual report piece

Next year, can we do this in a more systematic way?

Motion to adjourn: 8:39 (Kentner/Anderson) All in favor got up and left.

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