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11 September 2013 Board Meeting
12th Oct


11 September 2013 Board Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:30 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Greg Krobot
Stan Sells
Dave Snow
Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Beth Vogt
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)

Rick Frantz

Guests/New Trustees as of 7:56 pm:
Rick Harrison
Terry Wick

Call to Order (Welcome Guests)

Motion – Review/Approve Minutes from August meeting. (Kentner/Krobot). Passed.

Park Issues

Parking (Chet communicating with numerous groups but enforcement is still issue)

Homeless in park at night continues to be a problem.  Chet & Julie reached out to CPD and Good Neighbors, and other related groups.  Jason emailed CPD (emails are archived but not a part of this report), and Deb Rambo of Mary Haven in the loop and doing outreach.

Follow-up items

Big Give (Sept. 17)

Is information up to date with Columbus Foundation? Stan maintains our information with Columbus Foundation, but Andy believes that our screen profile is two years out of date.  Jason will check to make sure that our information is current.

ACTION ITEM: Jason will ask Julie to create an email/newsletter blast this weekend/Tuesday (Julie)

ACTION ITEM: Jason will ask Marc to create a banner and a link to Big Give on the FGP site.

New Member Nominations & Voting

Terry Wick (Harrison West)

Rick Harrison (Short North)

Motion – To accept both Terry and Rick as new Trustees (Krobot/Kentner). Passed unanimously.

Music Series

Alex Kelly is asking FGP to take over series

Can we? Should we? How?  Greg reported that Alex is still interested in helping with the event, but she did not answer questions regarding how many hours of work it requires.  Julie has talked informally with Jeff Smith about the Civic Association taking it over with help from Julie.  Andy asked Rick M. if the city might consider getting back involved in this series (similar to the Jazz series that they sponsored).

We will discuss this at a future meeting, perhaps October.

ACTION ITEM: Julie will invite Alex to our October meeting.

Coordinator Updates

Volunteer Coordinator (Julie H.)

Keep Columbus Beautiful Clean-up

20 volunteers in Goodale Park.  Several neighborhoods collaborated.

Patriot Day work day this Saturday (September 13).

Attended Good Neighbors meeting with Andy, Greg, and Eric.  We are engaging with the GN group to initiate conversation.  Julie suggested that they have resources at the event to provide homeless with options.  We will observe the event and results this year, document the issues, and then respond to specific issues.  Dave shared a similar issue on High Street with panhandling.  The GN group indicated that they would return a day after the park to continue assessing the need for clean up.

Bryant emphasized the need to focus on the follow-up after the event.

Candle With a Cause

Details of Julie’s email after August 7 meeting:

Per tonight’s meeting, here is the cost analysis I did on Candle with a Cause. Might want to check my work here, but it looks like we could be making some money off of these.

Based on CWC’s pricing, we would spend an initial $1,536 to buy 8 cases (192 candles). If I’m understanding their wording correctly, they would automatically give us 25% of that back, which would be $384, so we’re actually spending $1,152 initially.

I broke down the amount we would make if we sold the candles at $10 ea., $15 ea., or $20 ea.:

$10 x 192 candles = $1,920, less $1,152 initial purchase price = net $768
$15 x 192 candles = $2,880, less $1,152 initial purchase price = net $1,728
$20 x 192 candles = $3,840, less $1,152 initial purchase price = net $2,688

If CWC is selling them on their own, they will give FGP a portion of their sales. However, it probably wouldn’t be more than 25%. In order for us to see that $2,688 figure (if we’d purchased the candles on our own and sold them for $20), CWC has to sell $10,752 – or 537 candles. We would only have to sell 192.

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)

Earnings & Expenses

Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable through September 11, 2013 of $16,704.61.  Total net assets: $56,025.38.

Recreation & Parks (Rick M.)

Nothing coming up.  Issue with plaques; Rick M. will talk with Rick F. about this.

Committee Updates

Events Committee (Maddy W.)

Gala Location – Rajesh Lahoti has agreed to host the FGP gala this year. He lives in the three-story townhomes on the north side of Goodale Park, along Buttles.

Communications Committee (Missy R.)

Missy is stepping down from FGP Board
Mark will continue to maintain site
Eric is working with Rick F and Marc to showcase the interactive park map as a draw to the site.
Website hacking response from Marc and other work.
Eric asked Marc to begin accounting for his work so that we can utilize this information in long-range planning of website maintenance.

Development Committee (Stan S.)

SNF Grant for Gate Restoration – $2500 committed but not paid

Jeffrey Grant Application Details, $20,000.  We have already raised more than half the money that we need for this.

Lowe’s community grant: Stan indicated that this is a grant that Julie had proposed to Missy who indicated it was inappropriate.  Stan feels that dismissing the grant was a mistake, and that we should still pursue this grant.

Operations Committee (Rick F.)

Bids for Bench Pads each around $500+ (Bryant or other options)

2-3 Memorial Trees being planted this fall

Motion – FGP to pay $200 to replace plaque with type error that was missed because of never received proof (last batch).  (Frantz/Vogt).  Passed with two “no” votes.

Motion – For the Board to approve a maximum of up to $3,000 for Keith McInturf (spelling??)  to paint the fence on the fence around the north end of the Shelterhouse  (Krobot/Fried)

Discussion: Beth feels that this is a high quote.  It has been at least five years since it was painted.  Keith will scrape, prime, and coat with one coat of paint.  Not spray paint, like it was done last time.  Greg feels that we could get the price down by having volunteers scrape paint during the workday this weekend.

Motion passed.


Sandy Davis from 50 Lincoln passed away, Sandy always donated to the silent auction, Maddy is going to send a card on the behalf of the FGP board of trustees.

Meeting adjourned: 9:09   

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