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July 2012 Monthly Meeting
16th Jul


July 2012 Monthly Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park Board Meeting

July 11, 2012
7:30 pm Caretakers Residence




Jason Kentner (Pres.)

Greg Krobot

Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)

Maddy Weisz (VP)

Bryant Fried (ComFest)

Garett Heysel

Andy Klein (Treasurer)

Pat Lewis

Rick Frantz

Stan Sells (Sec.)

Missy Ricksecker

Dave Snow

Beth Vogt

Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)

Matt Wolf


Eric Anderson

Greg Maynard

June 6, 2012 Board Minutes:

Motion (by Stan and Beth): To approve the June minutes as presented.
Motion carried.

Volunteer Coordinator Update:

The issue of the tools lost during ComFest is still outstanding. Bryant will search the warehouse and report findings. Also, the issue of access to the Caretaker’s Residence during ComFest was a problem, especially for Julie. Bryant will explore revised procedures to accommodate FGP access. A locked space in the basement was also suggested.

Sells reported that he had submitted the Oswald Foundation grant request for renewal of their $2,000 grant. In preparing the request, Julie had indicated to Stan that she would exceed the $4,000 level of funding that FGP had allocated, due to the expanded level of activity for the Vol. Coordinator. The consensus of the Board was that this is an invaluable support to FGP’s mission and that the Board needs to find ways to increase the level of funding. Jason directed the Planning and Development Committee to identify additional grant sources from which FGP might seek additional funding. Missy offered to help with that process.

Treasurer’s Report:

Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable for the month of June of $61.79. Total net assets as of 07/11//12: $21,030.67. This balance also reflects the payment of $8,025 to ProCon for the sealing of the fountain foundation.

Rec. & Parks:

Goodale Gates Elements
Rick Miller had no update on the fabrication status of the new light fixtures. There is no completion date yet for the fixtures.

Goodale Pond
Water level of the pond has been losing ½” per day since pumping water back into the pond as of June 30. Consensus is that this loss is due to evaporation given the hot, dry conditions of the last two weeks. Rick is exploring with the company that drilled the well as to options for increasing water volume output and will report back. In the meantime, re-starting the fountain is on hold.

Fish Gate Status:

Greg Krobot reported that the Victorian Village Commission will review the application on 7/12 but the work have been given an administrative approval. Work will commence on 7/16 and will require cordoning off the site because of the slate removal. A beige color has been selected to match the coloration of the stone. Terry Sherburn concurs. FGP is also on the agenda for the Columbus Arts Commission or 7/26 relative to the stone work on the remaining three gates being proposed as the basis for the UIRF application.

Planning and Development:

Fountain Update: See pond discussion above. Dedication schedule is still pending final fountain operation.

Oswald Foundation Grant Request: A grant request for $2,000 has been submitted.

Next Committee Meeting: Monday, July 16, 2012 at 7:00 pm @ Caretakers Residence

Events and Outreach:

Garden Tour: The Garden Tour had several hundred attendees with many positive comments. There was concern about the area spanned by the tour and the amount of time allocated for the tour. The suggestion was for longer hours of operation. The lectures on urban gardening, trees in Goodale Park and composting were well received.
Motion (by Jason and Maddy): To approve $170 for purchase of gift certificates from Urban Gardner for garden tour participants.
Motion carried.


  • Work Day: Work Day will be this Saturday, July 14 from 9 until noon. Activities will include weeding, watering and general clean up of the park.
  • Tree Watering: The contract with the Short North Alliance has been executed. However, training of SID staff has yet to occur. Jason will follow up with John Angelo to assure training will occur.
  • Park vandalism: Discussion about posting of park hours and the option of towing cars after 11 pm or midnight to reduce the incidence of vandalism. This will be a discussion item at the August Board meeting. Discussion with Chris Corso was also suggested.
  • Next Work Day: Saturday, July 14 @ 9am


  • The Committee has posted 2012 Board minutes on the web along with the current list of Board members.
  • Jason asked committee chairs to provide a mid-year assessment of committee goal achievement for the August Board meeting.
  • Bryant asked for feedback of issues regarding ComFest. Concerns were expressed about trash, parking issues and general policing of surrounding neighborhood.

August Board Meeting – Wednesday, August 1, 2012, @ 7:00pm; Caretaker’s Residence

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