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2 April 2014 Board Meeting
15th May


2 April 2014 Board Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Stan Sells
Dave Snow
Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Beth Vogt

Brief cameo appearance:
Rick Frantz

Greg Maynard

Call to Order

Motion – To approve the minutes from the March meeting. (Anderson/Harrison). Passed.

FYI/Update Items

Next Work Day – April 19 EARTH DAY!!

This work day will be big in terms of visibility, and in terms of the number of volunteers participating.
All Board members should try to attend.

Fish Gate Project Update (Stan)

Three potential contractors have been lined up by Greg Krobot, and he is waiting to hear back from them.

Gate Dedication Update (Maddy)

The date is set for May 18.
Rumor has it that Lincoln Goodale (or some rendition thereof) will be present for the event.
Our fabulous mayor Mike Coleman might attend.


Our Fabulous Mayor Mike Coleman (Comfest 2011, photographer: Collin Anderson

We are requesting resolution from City Council, and we’re also asking for a street closure for the event.

UIRF Update (Rick F./Rick M.)

The proposal was submitted March 15.
Parks and Rec is sifting through the proposals and prioritizing them.
Rick M asked if we had any priority in mind for those items that we requested.  (Answer: apparently not)

Pond Stock (Greg K./Rick M.)

Not sure why this item is even on the agenda, since this clearly didn’t happen.  In fact, Andy Klein has photographic evidence of Greg Krobot not stocking the pond with catfish.

[Sudden off-agenda discussion of the “Mystery of the Missing Fish” last fall.  Greg K wondered if someone killed everything.  Under some pressure, Greg M revealed that the bass ate all the bluegills.]

Greg K has verbal permission from Rick Miller to turn off the pond pump so that the massive outflow of water to the storm sewer might finally in stop!  Stop the madness!

Geese issue?  How do we get rid of them?  Greg Maynard recommends that people bring their dogs to the park to scare the geese away.  Apparently not enough people are letting their dogs swim in the pond these days; is this yet another shocking result of the gentrification of the neighborhood?
Motion: FGP adopt a goose dog to take care of the geese.   Motion went nowhere.  🙂

Report Summaries

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)

FGP has received several donations on behalf of Joe Giampapa.

Volunteer Coordinator Report (Julie)

19 April Earth Day, 9:00-noon
Last year we had 200 sign up and 150 show up.
Mulch will be on the agenda; perhaps under the picnic tables (the mulch, not the agenda).
Gazebo needs paint; Greg K asked Rick M if Rec and Parks handles that.  He said yes, but it might take a while.  So perhaps during the work day we can scrape and paint the railings.
Southeast corner shrubs are dead.  Greg K might buy and bring replacement plants.
Seeding bald spots and abandoned beds

Julie will be sending the newsletter out tomorrow.

Parking issue

Rick Miller is looking at the issue, and the city is looking into officially indicating that parking in the park is for park use only.  It might be handled internally at this point.  Greg M asked police if they would enforce in the park and they indicated that they were waiting for Rec and Parks to permit them to enforce in the park.

Rick H indicated that the general contractors are parking there.  A number of options were discussed.

Art restoration contract

The bust of Lincoln Goodale is on the list to be cleaned and buffed (once).  A 2-hour training is being offered, and someone from FGP board should attend so that this can be continued.  Bryant indicated that he would like to be included in the training.


All “Friends of” park groups (except for FGP) have an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) regarding responsibilities and agreements about events and activities.  The city would like for us to be more like the others.  Stan asked for our MOU to spell out the responsibilities related to the care of the fountain.

Ball diamond

Ball diamond fencing fabric will likely be replaced and the other pieces would be painted.  Discussed changes to the structure based on safety related to balls in the intersection.  Jason suggested tabling discussion until we decide whether or not it will remain a ball diamond long-term.  [Sidebar: Technically, any group of larger than ten people assembling requires a permit.  The sports groups using the field do not have permits, so far.]

Main Discussion

Master Plan Project

What has happened thus far?

Jason met w/ Al Berthold, Director of Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) (they have interns every year), and Al was receptive, but we will need to support a full-time staff member if we want their assistance.  $500 per week per intern (12.00 per hour per student).  $6,000 for a summer project.

He also met on-line with Ross Gratopp of Mind Mixer (an online service)

Inquired casually w/ KSA students about interest in “project”; There was some interest from them.

Board has had a variety of unofficial conversations about the idea of a master plan.

Phase 01 Proposal – Summer 2014
Hire 1 or 2 summer interns (1 UG + 1 Grad)
NDC agreed to split hires (perhaps 70/30) w/ FGP
Contract w/ MindMixer through Jason to make use of Community Engagement platform;


Greg M. participated in the Mirror Lake Mindmixer survey.  He would have liked to see more opportunities to comment, but liked how the service worked.  Jason explained that people’s comments can be sorted by zip code, and comments can be geocoded from within the park.  Jason added that we can start and restrict specific topics.

Stan asked about a process (not just soliciting ideas), putting forth specific ideas based on our experience and our ideas about specific projects or ideas.

Jason: up-front work is needed, for example, digitized archival maps showing the progress of the park.  We are far enough away from our next meeting that we could ask for feedback on options during Comfest.
Examples would include returning the carriage path, changing the East entrance, etc.

Jason proposed that we use the students to look at the archival plans to see how they have evolved.  They would propose the first set of questions that would be put out on Mindmixer.  Stan: concerned about cost.  Should we put together a grant proposal to underwrite this?  Jason: is it more cost effective to hire an intern outside of the NDC?

Suggestion was made to ask community members for money.
Dave: sounds like lots of research needs to be done before anything can be presented to the public.
Is our hope to be ready by Comfest unrealistic?
Jason thinks we can’t get a master plan ready by Comfest, but we could get something together for public comment.

Is Comfest the right venue, since there are so many people attending who don’t use the park?

How do we get the information (archival information) in front of us?  Do we start with digitizing all the information?
Jason: we could put money on the table ($1,500 for example) and ask other groups to match this amount.

Andy: I think we have a lack of direction.  Lots of ideas being thrown around, but not a specific direction and vision.

Discussion about the number of overlapping civic organizations
Should Short North Civic be the umbrella organization?
Are they one of the groups we should ask for matching funds?

Motion: FGP support the master plan summer intern with $1,500 and asking other organizations to match with a minimum of $6,000 to move forward.  (Kentner/Krobot)
Discussion: Is there a date by which we need the money? Within the next 30 days.  Which organizations? Suggest them to Jason.
Motion passed, with one opposition.

Last item from Bryant:
He will work with Rick F on benches that people are requesting.  Flat rate, $2,000 per bench, handled completely by FGP.
Question: will we use extra mulch that remains after Comfest?  Greg K says no. Mulch discussion ensued, including what happens to mulch after it sits around for a long time, bagged vs. loose.  Offer the remaining for free?  No decision.

8:35 arrival of Rick Frantz

Meeting adjourned 8:40 pm

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