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2 October 2013 Board Meeting
14th Nov


2 October 2013 Board Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:30 pm

Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Rick Frantz
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Stan Sells
Beth Vogt

Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Dave Snow
Terry Wick

Brenda Hosey (new volunteer on the Events Committee)
Greg Maynard

Call to Order

Motion – Review/Approve Minutes from September meeting. (Krobot/Harrison). Passed.


Park Issues

-After the Friend’s picnic, no noticeable increase in homeless in the park.

-Beth shared a request from Chet Ridenour to volunteer to post parking warnings on cars that park for over three hours.   ACTION ITEM: Anyone who can volunteer should contact Chet

-Homeless presence in the park in general: Eric and Chet have been following up with police regarding overnight camping


Follow-up items

The Big Give: we have not heard about donations (but Rick H. retrieved this information the next day: Preliminary results show that Friends of Goodale Park received 14 transactions totaling $1,879.92, including bonus pool and credit card fee reimbursement funds.

Andy commented that their website is still out of date; FGP updates weren’t made to their site.


Painting the Shelter House fence: they seem to be using spray paint instead of brush paint. Greg clarified that they primed with a brush, brushed the paint on rusted sections, then realized that it was going to take too long and probably drip too much if they brush-painted the entire fence, so they asked if it was okay to switch to spray cans.  Greg approved the change.


Has there been more progress on filling out the Board of Trustees (Andy brought this up).  Names were mentioned, and board members volunteered to ask about interest in serving on the FGP Board.


Music Series

Alex Kelly is not attending tonight, so we will ask Julie to re-invite her to the November meeting


Event Season 2014 – how do we get ahead?

Are there any events that we should plan for?  Maybe south gates?



Volunteer Coordinator (Julie H.)

Julie will email her updates

Two groups coming this weekend, one is a landscape architecture group

She has no action items

Andy asked about skimming off the debris on top of the pond during a work day.  Greg mentioned that catfish were recommended to help with cleaning scum-related issues.  He hopes that we can add catfish next year. But he was making up the part about catfish being helpful.  🙂


Treasurer’s Report (Andy)

Earnings & Expenses

Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable through October 2, 2013 of $16,000.00.  Total net assets: $54,589.36.  Other details can be viewed on the report that was distributed during the meeting.


Recreation & Parks (Rick M.)

Asphalt repair upcoming in 2014

Dog signs will be installed regarding “unleashed dogs must be under direct control”



Events Committee (Maddy W.)

Gala updates (Rajish & Travis’s house).

Suggestion made about their outdoor heating area as an option for use during the Gala.

The committee has things under control.


Three items:

Wondering about getting a portable credit card swipe option to make things easier

Silent auction would be easier

Might spend more money

Worth looking into.  Maddy will look into this. Rick H will ask his assistant about this.

Andy is dubious, and indicated that if we move in this direction, then he will need a helper at the check-in table.  Considers maybe using it for the silent auction, and just in case someone has no other option.

Can we all get at least two silent auction items (ACTION ITEM)

(Art, gift cards, services, etc)

Should we send the invitations with a picture of the south gates with a wreath?

Cards should be ready for the November meeting

Julie advocated for sending email invitations (no postcard) if we have email addresses for people.

Motion:  (Krobot/Sells) create the postcards with the south gate and email to everyone for whom we have a street address.  Discussion: Eric – we should start now with the transition to email.  Greg K. feels that people will save a postcard and be more likely to attend.  Rick H suggesting using Evite or similar technology.

Motion passed with one “no” vote.

South Gates dedication – Maddy will take action on this.


Communications Committee

Eric, Rick F & Marc created a new menu bar item for the interactive park map as a draw to the site.

Motion: Replace Communication Committee with an ad hoc web committee that convenes when needed.  Communication issues relevant to other committees will be handled by those committees. (Anderson/Sells).  Discussion: It seems as though communication issues have been handled by individual committees for a while, so this is in some ways formalizing this.  Rick F. asked about our branding initiative, and Eric commented that the Board doesn’t really seem to be interested in moving forward on this.  Suggestion made that branding be taken over by the Development committee?  This issue will be considered separately.  Motion passed (one abstaining)


Development Committee (Stan S.)

Eric Roush is focused on the elephant snot issue from algae.  Eric Roush met with the electrician’s workers.  Controls need to do more than one shutoff per day.  Programmed for elephant spouts and main pumps so that it shuts off more frequently each day.  It helps with the unplugging, so we should change the shutoff timing.

The algae growing on the structure needs to be power washed twice per year.  He feels that the city has that equipment, and we should ask them about this.  Rick M. says that he will put it out there, but he isn’t very optimistic about the city agreeing to that.  Greg K. felt that “monthly” was mentioned before, and semi-annually would be more reasonable.

Rick will ask.


Operations Committee (Rick F.)

Bench pad was poured on October 1.  Rick and Greg M. dug it out themselves in order to bring the quote within the $400 budgeted.

We are covering the additional $100 for the bench.  Stan asked that we incorporate the full cost for the donations.

This issue will be discussed at the October 14 Operations meeting

Memorial trees and plaques are progressing

Motion: Budget $100 annually for a new online mapping system that has become available.  (Frantz/Anderson) Discussion: This is $56/yr more than our original agreed-upon amount, but this system would simplify work for Rick, and would give us more mapping capability immediately, including GPS location.  This would enable people to be in the park and see on a map which tree, monument, memorial, etc. they are standing near.  Also we could use it for the garden tour.  On our website, we would include and a smartphone option or desktop so that people could use it in real time in the park.  Memorials would be listed, too.  We would advertise this in the newsletter, etc.  Maybe also advertise through an article in the Dispatch. Motion passed.

Public tree tour 6 pm Oct. 15 Rick will be leading it.  Something in the Dispatch?  Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Next Operations meeting: October 14 at 7:00 in the shelter house.



Greg Maynard:

Continued issue with drainage by the gazebo.  Greg M. would like for FGP to install a lawn drain to keep soil from migrating in, and a perforated pipe to deal with the drainage that is affecting the turf in that area.  Bryant is reported to have offered volunteers to dig the trench and get stone from Lang Stone.  Maybe during the November work day?  Greg M. is asking for tentative approval from the board to move this issue to the Operations Committee to work out the details.

Dates for an orientation for Rick H and for Terry: Maddy will get something out.


Meeting adjourned: 8:33 pm.  Unbelievable.

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