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2 September 2015 Board of Trustees meeting
25th Oct


2 September 2015 Board of Trustees meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Nate Durst (Treasurer
Eric Anderson (Secretary – left at 7:25 pm)
Lyle Saylor (Interim Secretary as of 7:26 pm)
Don Anderson
Rick Frantz
Julie Hallan (Volunteer Coordinator)
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Ro-Z Mendelson (ComFest)
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Beth Vogt

Not present:
Dave Snow

Call to Order 

Jason called the meeting to order at 7:02

Motion: Approve Minutes from August meeting (Kentner/Saylor), passed, one abstaining


Loose Ends

Welcomed new members Nate & Don

Ro-Z provided ComFest payment notations to our park expenses from July 2013-December 2014, reflected in a check provided by Comfest, which Ro-Z ceremonially presented to Nate Durst.

Last time Comfest paid into that fund was 2013, so they brought their payments up to date.

$3,567.38 (for damages due to their event, primarily that involve seeding) plus their annual $1,500.00 contribution for general improvements.

This includes $3,000 to replenish the fund they provide for the damages.

We need to provide a list to Comfest at the end of the year reflecting spending during the year, which draws down this account, and then they’ll replenish the funds again.

Recruiting of new members prior to annual retreat (January)

Members are asked to invite people, now or possibly at the December Gala, to the January retreat, as possible board members, with a focus on youth and other diversity.


Volunteer Coordinator (Julie)

Last work day was successful and productive

There was an additional Community Commitment Day with OSU, focusing on tree maintenance (20 students)

The next work day September 12, and will include the Columbus Volunteer Challenge (they will work on litter pickup)

Tour of Homes is coming up

[Eric leaves to train Capital students]

[Lyle generously takes over the onerous duties of the Secretary for the remainder of the meeting. There is much rejoicing amongst the members of the Board.]


Recreation and Parks (Rick Miller):

Rick Miller reported on behalf of Park and Recreation.

He noted that the “Find Me in the Park” signs have been posted throughout the park.

Playground update:  Jeff Anderson in Rick’s office has looked at a couple different options for changes to both playgrounds.  Drawings of the proposed changes where passed around.  Some of the equipment in the playgrounds will have to be moved as part of the changes.  There is a suggestion to eliminate the mulch in the larger playground area (not in the 2-to-5-year-old playground) with a rubberized surface.  Doing so would increase the cost significantly, and thus the toddler playground would not have the new surface.  If the rubberized surface is installed in the playground, this would be a fall 2016 project, since funds would not be available until September 2016.  Option B would be more ADA compliant.  Rick suggested that anyone who wanted to get an idea of how the rubberized playground would look could check behind the recreation center at Whetstone Park, which has had the rubberized surface installed.  The surface would be in either a green or a brown.  There was a consensus among the members of FGP that we would prefer the rubberized surface.

There was also a discussion about expanding the basketball court.  Rick indicated that they would look into that possibility.

Work on the residence renovation is proceeding.  Some painting and basic structural work is being done.  Julie Hallan noted that there are some problems with the upstairs bathroom, including a floor which has significant problems, and Rick stated that they’d look into the bathroom problems.


Committee Report(s)


Rick Frantz indicated that they should be able to get the new bench ($515) soon.

Jason Kentner suggested that we have an inventory of our tools and then seek donors for new tools.

Greg Krobot suggested that we get rid of the Chase bed, which has fallen into a state of disrepair.  He noted if we do so, it would be best to use Roundup this fall before the plants go dormant.  There was a discussion within the group and an agreement that the Chase bed has not been properly maintained and that Greg’s suggestion should be followed.  The bed could then be shrunk and reconfigured.  It was felt that no formal vote needed to be taken, and that the Operations Committee could handle the project.

Memorial Trees have been edged
Additional Tree tags were installed
Remaining Work Dates:
9/12 Patriot Day
11/14 Beds to Bed


Rick Harrison indicated that there is one more walk-and-talk scheduled.  We have had a good turnout for the prior talks, and he believes we should continue with the talks in the future.

With regard to the Gala, Stan Sells was our primary contact, so Rick is going to follow up on the gala location.  It appears that we need to follow up regarding the proposed location.  We have a possible alternative property. He also asked that anyone who has suggestions for improving the Gala contact him.

Master Plan: 

Jason Kentner stated that the final update is done.  It is about 75 pages long.  Copies will be printed.  Jason asked that we email him with any names of people who should receive a printed copy.  A copy of the Master Plan will also be placed on our website.  We’re still working on getting plans into GIS.  Rick Frantz showed the group on an iPad how the plans would look when we are finished.

Group discussion: 

Beth Vogt noted that Washington Park in the Over the Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati has build an underground parking facility, and there was a discussion of the possibility of doing something similar at Goodale Park.  The cost of such a parking facility is a factor, but apparently the parking lot is self-sustaining.

Jason mentioned the debit card issue.  Anyone who has a debit card must actually be a signer on the account.  We could add additional people as signers if we feel a need to issue more cards.  Other suggestions were having a prepaid card or a petty cash fund.

Treasurer’s report: 

Nate Durst presented two reports.  The first was Andy Klein’s final report, and the second report was the first report that Nate has prepared.  There was a brief discussion about the cost of the tool sharpening and any balance due (Rick F indicated that the bill has been paid in full), and the fact that there is a $214.58 variance in our accounts.  Some of the variance was due to the uncertainty of how much was still owed for tool sharpening.  Rick H suggested that disbursements be segregated by committee, rather than listed chronologically.

There was a discussion of a possible audit.  A full audit could be expensive ($3K to $5k range) and probably isn’t necessary.  We could authorize a more limited review.  There has been no audit of FGP for some time.  Rick H has received an email from Randy Carr outlining audit options, which he will forward to all board members.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.




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