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2011 Annual Retreat
9th Jan


2011 Annual Retreat


Friends of Goodale Park

Annual Retreat

Jan 8, 2011

869 West Goodale Ave.

Present: Present: Absent:
Stan Sells (Pres./Chair) Chris Gillespie Micki Pike
Pat Lewis (VP) Beth Vogt Ken Salak
Andy Klein (Treasurer) Maddy Weisz  
Jason Kentner (minutes) Rick Miller (Rec/Parks) Guests:
Rick Frantz Garett Heysel Julie Hallan
Greg Krobot Matt Wolf  
Seth Clarke    


Motion: Approve November Minutes as Submitted

Vote: Motion carried


Retreat Notes


Gala Report:  General Discussion

General:            Attendance down due to location, night, parking, etc.

Mailing List (smaller than past  – make updating a priority for 2011)

Silent Auction in the hallway less successful.

Try to keep locations in houses on the park.


Treasurer Report (Andy):  Provided update of all active accounts.

General:            Total contract obligations on Fountain $167k

Additional obligations not reflected  include

Lighting ($20k) and Elephant Fab ($9700)

Salary to Julie for Nov. and Dec.


Gala:                Total net proceeds: $3,879.34 (raised rates helped)


South Gates:     $13k in dedicated funds that will likely go unused as City appears able to cover any additional costs related to light standards.

                        Consensus that, upon completion of the South Gates restoration project, these funds be kept as dedicated to other “gates” restoration/preservation in the park or restoration/preservation other appropriate park elements and with the concurrence of principle fund donors.


SNBA:             Request that we join ($210)

                        Suggestion that we ask for partner membership to reduce cost.

Fountain Updates (Stan & Rick)

Update:            Still $15k short (lighting)

                        Still only 50% of BOT has given to fountain fund.

Motion:           Allocate NET proceeds from 2010 Gala to the fountain fund for fountain Lighting budget. (Stan) Second (Greg) Lighting foundations need to be a part of initial construction. Adendum – Allow that GALA funds could be recovered should total costs of  fountain be raised through on-going fundraising efforts. Any recovered funds would be directed to seed Fountain Maintenance Endowment.

                        Vote: Motion Carried

Nationwide:      Nationwide Foundation denied our funds request for $10k to go towards the fountain. Foundation supports arts and we have been denied 3 previous times. Stan will have a meeting w/ Nationwide Rep.

Fnd_mtng:        Next Meeting Jan 17th.


South Gates (Rick & Stan)

Update:            Punch List items to wrap up (color selection for patch areas)

Fabricators for Lighting (Blackburn Fabrication)

Standards will be aluminum because of weight

Contract has deadline of March/April that includes lighting

Work/Electrical won’t disrupt ground of park much because Pedestrian light control is on Sidewalk pole next to gates.


Dedication:       Stan suggests a dedication event, appropriate given gates may be oldest remaining city structure.

Tuesday at 10am mtng w/ Columbus Landmarks Foundation (Kathy Mast-Kane) to discuss.

Volunteer Update (Julie Hallan)

Update:            23 volunteer events (work days, promotions, music series, gallery hop)

431 total volunteers worked 1039 volunteer hours

Volunteer:         Volunteer spotlight (articles)

                        Work toward a volunteer Event (FGP or Business Sponsored?)

                        Local businesses have supported brunches, pizza in past.

                        Last work day in November or other date (discuss in committees)

                        Winter communication w/ volunteers to keep them engaged

Web:                Include volunteer area on web (recognition, calendar, track hours, etc.)

Week Day:       Add a few more weekday work events (different audience)

                        Columbus Blue Jackets workday

                        Keep Columbus Beautiful workday

Media:              Outlets need to be coordinated w/ Outreach Events Comm. So process is streamlined and consistent.


Motion:           Increase hourly rate to $15 for coming year (Chris) Second (Beth)

Vote: Motion Carried


2011 Officer Elections:

President:                     Jason Kentner

Vice-President:Maddy Wiez

Treasurer:                     Andy Klien

Secretary:                     Stan Sells


Motion:           Approve 2011 Officers as discussed/determined Garett (motion) Chris (second)

                        Vote: Motion Carried


Web Update and Redesign: Chris

Hosting             Current GoDaddy ($70 per year hosting fee), considering moving as redesign takes shape.

Redesign:          Develop on a different host and then transfer to public site

Designer has expressed need for logo feedback/decision as it will determine much of graphic direction of site.


Discussion:       Logo options as presented are still off the mark (Greg), current logo matches character of park and period of neighborhood (Pat), none of the logo options are effective as letterhead (Jason), logo design should be held in abeyance until gates are completed (Stan), do we need a logo for letterhead? (Jason).

Committee Structure: Jason and Maddy

Review:            Committee structure evolved from discussion at 2010 retreat and discussion/feedback over the last year.

Structure:          Three-committee structure includes

                        • Funding & Development (Chair – Stan, Note taker – Garret)

• Outreach & Events (Chair – Chris, Note taker – Andy)

• Planning & Operations (Chair – Rick F., Note taker – Beth)


Committees had discussion and planned goals and schedule for first meeting(s) (See Committee Summary Minutes)

Board adjourned at 1:00 pm for lunch at Buckeye Grill.  Thanks to Beth V. for hosting the retreat.

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