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3 February 2016 Board of Trustees meeting
6th Mar


3 February 2016 Board of Trustees meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Nate Durst (Treasurer
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Don Anderson
Rick Frantz
Jude Grimes
Julie Hallan (Volunteer Coordinator)
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Ro-Z Mendelson (ComFest)
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Lyle Saylor
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt

Not present:
Nate Durst (Treasurer)
Greg Krobot
Rick Miller
Lyle Saylor
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt

Rhett and Nicole Ricart
Randy Rogers

Call to Order

Jason called the meeting to order at 7:02

Action Item: Approve Minutes from November meeting as submitted and revised on the Google Drive.  Passed unanimously


Guests (7:02 – 7:52):

Rhett Ricart, Resident, Concern of Dennison Lot Recycling Dumpsters
Nicole Ricart, Resident, Concern of Dennison Lot Recycling Dumpsters

  • Longtime resident of the area, concerned with the recycling dumpsters and the noise that they create from SWACO and the residents utilizing throughout all hours of night.
  • Heavy users are the businesses, and people beyond the residents in the neighborhood
  • The park is unstaffed compared to others
  • Kentner proposes that the Trustees create some language; Rhett would spearhead the Resident side, Trustees would work with SNCA, SNA, Stonewall, ComFest
  • Ultimately, work with the city for the dumpsters to be removed


Randy Rogers, Greenlawn Cemetery, Goodale Connection

  • Reforestation plan – 100 trees a year for the next 5 years
    • Starting with section C, the older part of the Cemetery
    • Upgraded Mausoleum
    • Monuments need upkeep, Goodale’s mother’s is the oldest marker in the cemetery
  • Potential items for partnership
    • Victorian Village Tour of the Cemetery
    • Walking event would go really well with our Summer Walk and Talk event schedule
  • Rick Frantz laid out a tree trail for the Cemetery
  • Potential for fundraiser with tour of the cemetery with the people that are buried, and then back to the park
    • More PR for the park than fundraiser


Loose Ends (7:52 – 8:07)

2016 Group Photo, XXX

  • No group photo

2016 Conflict of Interest

  • Nate has CI information

2016 Meeting Schedule

  • May, Maddy’s House
  • July, No Meeting


  • Year and a half process with the City
  • 2015 put together a counter document and submitted back to the City
  • Currently at an impasse, items of contention include: the fountain, memorial trees.  
  • Projects that are physical improvement features will pass to Rec & Parks
  • Arts Council wants to know upkeep and maintenance schedule

Report Summaries (8:07 – 8:14)

Treasurer’s Report, Nate

  • Not Present

Volunteer Coordinator, Julie

  • Currently working on a map of organizations in the Short North, who is in charge, and contact information
  • Operations committee needs to work on dates
  • Volunteer Kick-Off in March
    • Park St Patio first year
    • Forno last year
    • Julie will look at Lemon Grass, Wine on High, Seventh Son, Barley’s, Denmark, Novak’s

Group Discussion – (8:14-

Focus of Committees

Short Term by Spring
Mid-Range by Summer
Long-Range by Gala

  • Tabled
  • Need Committee Schedule
  • Articulate appropriate goals for Short, Mid, Long & Budget
  • Need description
  • Put a folder on Google Drive so we can review ahead of the March Meeting

Lowe’s Grants

  • Discussed 2k grant & up to 100k
  • Outlined potential grant options

Removed Garbage Cans in the Park

  • Why were they removed?
  • Kentner will author email to Miller asking about the Trash Cans

New Member Orientation

  • Maddy will email and setup orientation

No other new business

Submitted by Shawn Temper

Mr. Secretary

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