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3 September 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting
14th Oct


3 September 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Present at 7:00 pm:
Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Frantz
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Stan Sells
Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)

Not Present:
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt

Greg Maynard

Call to Order

Motion – To approve the minutes from the August meeting. (Anderson/Harrison). Passed.

Report Summaries

Treasurer’s Report (Andy – out of town, but provided 4 September 2014)
We have about $17,000 in unrestricted funds in the bank (Chase and Huntington).  That includes $5,000 collected out of the $8,000 pledged for the master plan, but Andy thinks that we have a 4th payment of $3,000 due for the interns.  Even with the money owed Julie for April to current, we have available funds for a down payment on park furniture.

Volunteer Coordinator Report (Julie)
37 people participated in the last work day
Sept 20: the next Park work day. This might be a big group.
Sept 23: Presentation to Young CPAs at Park Street Patio
Oct 11: College of Wooster wants their volunteer day to be here at Goodale Park

Candle with a cause recently rebranded, and wants for us to add a link to their website. Brief discussion.

New practice: no commercial signage is allowed in the park, but Julie’s Columbus Volunteer Challenge signs are okay, even though the Secretary believes that Greg K expressed some consternation regarding apparent inconsistency.

Rec & Parks (Rick Miller)
Donor wants to donate concrete ping pong tables.
General discussion: How does this fit into the master plan? Would the tables fit in the playground area? They are quite large. Some concerns were expressed about the possibility that homeless people might use the tables as shelters. Conclusion was that the progress of the master plan requires us to put on hold any additions of pieces to the park. We will reach out to rec centers to see if we can direct the donor to another location. Julie will forward the email to Jason, who will respond.

Events/Project Updates Summaries

Ball field backstop

Motion: Remove the backstop by Rec and Parks to be replaced with a natural screening. (Kentner, and then after quite a long silence during which it seemed as though the conversation might end there — Fried)
Discussion: Some separation is needed to protect the street from errant balls and such. Would a green barrier work? Would removal provide a security issue? If we remove the backstop, Rec and Parks will not replace it. We will probably restore it for now, in spite of the long-term desire by some to permanently remove it.

New Motion (original motion was not rescinded, but we got the idea): To move forward with the restoration of the backstop by Rec and Parks (Kentner/Fried). Passed.

Status of NW Gate Project
Rick Miller will follow up with the manufacturer again. Deadline is late Spring 2015. Stan commented that the original promise was for pointing to be done in July, but nothing has happened at this point (which is a different kind of point, just thought that should be pointed out) [and that’s yet another kind of point].

Follow-up meeting with Alan about Tree Care
Who is in charge of trimming and other tree care? Us? Rec and Parks? Rick Frantz? Rogue evening trimmers and ninja gardeners? Not sure of the answer; does anyone remember the answer to the question? Does anyone who would remember the answer read the minutes? [Later note: answers to last two questions appear to be “no”.]

Stan said something, but the Secretary wasn’t paying close enough attention. Elucidation is welcomed from anyone who is more aware. [Later note: no elucidation provided.]

Updates & Loose Ends

Ohio History Connection Award (Stan)
South Gates award will be officially somethinged (any help with the appropriate verb would be appreciated) on October 11

FGP Profile Updated w/ Columbus Foundation (Stan/Andy)
Woo hoo! Subsequent comment: In three months we’ll need to do this again.

Expenses for Workday exceeded approved amount by $17 (Julie)
We are shifting money from the events committee budget to cover this.

Boy Scout (Greg Bulger, OSU junior in chemical engineering) looking for a Conservation Project (Julie)
Energy, Soil & Water, Air & Water Pollution Control, etc.
Conservation merit badge would require 50 hours of volunteering with relevant work in the park completed by July 2015. Suggestion that we assign him to the Canada Geese eradication project (could call it an invasive species in order to relate to a category from the options provided)
If he worked on the algae problem in the pond, then he would need to work directly with Rec and Parks. Rick Miller suggested that the scout would need to develop his own project. But Greg Bulger is looking for guidance. So once again, the topic re-emerged: “what about the geese?” Could that be a project? We’re going to toss the ball back to him to develop a proposal.

Committee Updates

Events Committee (Maddy)
Success of Walk & Talks (Tree Tour 2 and 3 this Fall, October15 and 29)
25 people at each event.
Lots of regular attendees

October Meeting will focus on Gala details and planning.

The committee has made a list of people who might consider hosting the Gala. We will have a venue prior to that next meeting.

Jason talked with Pizzutti about using their space. There would be a cost to staff the event, so it doesn’t really work with our fundraising goals. And no red wine is allowed – what’s up with that?

Operations (Rick F)
2 New trees from Comfest
Sponsors for Benches & Trees
2 new Bench Foundations ($1200 w/ Builderscape)

Options for watering
Quote from Davey is unsustainable at $750 per watering!   Contacted City of Columbus regarding other options: $1600 for a component (Greg K. what’s that?) and a meter. $25,000 for installation of water line and tie-in to existing irrigation system at Wheeler, for example. The irrigation system was interestingly installed previously with no functioning connection.

Another possibility might be to extend drinking fountain line. Question: where do we want to go with it (literally, not figuratively), and what is the size of the line?

Is this important enough to ask the Board for an ad hoc committee to determine what we would want for watering? Could this dovetail with the master planning committee through the winter? We will try to fit this into the larger planning for infrastructure. Eric volunteered to work with Rick F on this.

Master Plan (Jason)
Interns are finished with their funded project (Alex is continuing as volunteer)
We are looking for additional funding to continue this work
Pledges are still due from ComFest & Short North Civic
One of Jason’s interns hypothetically used his drone to take aerial photos of the park. We could take a look at the hypothetical photos, but due to possible federal implications, well, you know.

Communications (Eric)
Committee member Rick H. pointed out that the giving section on the FGP website is outdated.
Before Rick had finished his sentence, and as if by magic, Julie removed the line about $1,000+ donors getting a plaque near the fountain, on our website. Looks like a few other items still need to be updated, but nothing pressing.

We had originally intended for this meeting to be a September retreat. A few items were mentioned re:
To Do List for Remaining months of 2014
To Date (Successes & Missteps)
Branding discussion was briefly resurrected. Nothing clear emerged from the discussion.

In-Process Effort
Winter idea: come back to the branding for roadshow items like a banner.

Meeting adjourned: 8:26 (Kentner/Krobot) no response, but everyone left.

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