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4 February 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting
11th Mar


4 February 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Stan Sells
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt
Rick Frantz
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Bryant Fried (ComFest-ending term)
Ro-Z Mendelson (ComFest-beginning term)

Guest for five minutes, then became part of the Board:

Ro-Z Mendelson (treasurer, ComFest)



Call to Order

Motion – To approve the minutes from the November meeting. (Kentner/Anderson). Passed

Loose Ends
Bryant Fried, taking a leave of absence from his ComFest and FGP Board roles
Ro-Z Mendelson is taking over as the ComFest representative on the FGP Board

BOT Member Recruiting
General discussion of possible geographic areas and groups that could be asked for representatives.

Past Arena District volunteers have moved out. Downtown group (DRAC) is a possibility along with the traditional neighborhoods, like Harrison West. Beth will contact a possible Victorian Gate resident. Julie will reach out two long-term volunteers and ask about their interest in becoming Board members.

Address Updates
Passed the list around and updated. Eric will modify the list and distribute.

Conflict of Interest Statement for 2015
Andy distributed forms, and Board members signed the forms


Treasurer’s Report (Andy)
Sent out 1099 forms
Received charitable contributions at end of year, and Andy sent out acknowledgments
Distributed the 2014 Holiday Gala report
Distributed Treasurer’s Report for December
Total net assets as of 31 December: $59,727.95
Total revenue & Accounts receivable: $9,193.98

Columbus Foundation has not released funds for the Fish Gate restoration (Andy has not received them)

Stan will follow up with Columbus Foundation, as they indicated they could release the funds in December.

$30,000 total still needed (see Treasurer’s report for details)

All other details are clearly articulated on the Treasurer’s report. Andy carefully pointed out each and every detail, assiduously asking Stan if he saw the items to which Andy was referring.

Additionally, some updates on wholesale pricing for trees and watering contract were provided.

Volunteer Coordinator (Julie)
We are planning a kickoff party for new volunteers at the first Operations meeting.
August 22: block party for Gay Softball World Series. Might be an opportunity for us to bartend for funds provided to FGP.
Candles: Julie has all the candles remaining from Flora. 26 candles were sold by Dave Snow, and he gave a check from the sales to Andy.
Columbus SOUP Grants are available, if someone wants to take a lead.
Additional grants were mentioned in general that are out there, and Julie is available to provide support, but not the lead on grant writing. Discussion about whether or not we have an appropriate project for the grant.
Monday February 23: community garden grant deadline

SNCA Update (Beth/ Julie)

Meeting 3 Feb, Beth and Julie attended, and explained our response to the proposed donation for altering the park benches.

There was discussion at the meeting about a highway sound barrier (Andy Klein said he believes it was a proposal for a sound study, not a sound barrier at this point). The original plan was for a green sound barrier, but after 670 was finished, there wasn’t enough land available for a green barrier. Discussion included the resistance to a sound barrier due to obstruction of the views of downtown. Clear barriers were mentioned. Andy mentioned a national task force that was in place for a long time but now is defunct. ODOT had convened the task force and could now reconvene it. There will be a two-year process just to get the noise study completed, unless the task force can be reconvened.

Rec & Parks (Rick M.)

Towing Enforcement – no complaints so far, except for a concern about the daytime parking by Short North employees.

“Staff Parking” signs in the Shelter House lot are for Columbus Rec and Parks staff for setup and teardown of events in the Shelter House.

UIRF Update – Everyone was awarded except for German Village, Victorian Village and Italian Village. Milo-Grogan received 200K, and other groups also received 200K each. Five year plan for these funds, so the 200K is spread over time.

Group Discussion – Organize Focus of Each Committee

How do we want to move the agenda forward for the year?

Possible focus for our efforts (Stan):
Columbus Historical Society has a presence at COSI. Stan talked with them about a room that is available for a display about Goodale Park. Perhaps the ram head, the history of Lincoln Goodale, and the history of the park would be good to display. It would be a very visible space for us to gain good exposure.

-Walk and Talk events worked well
-Spring event of some kind to position the park for a fundraising event
We will let these develop through committees at this point
Look at short-term and mid-range plans for budgets and fundraising

Get ahead on Comfest (when do we need to reserve our space?)

Signage or branding for Comfest needs to be developed now if it will be in time for Comfest
Jason would like to meet with a small group to figure this out this month, in time for our next meeting.
Jason mentioned ideas from Central Park that included QR codes connecting to opportunities for donating small amounts of money, nice signage showcasing accomplishments. Ideas for us to consider.

Stan brought up the absence of the Annual Report for the 2014 year. Jason only received information from Stan.
Is there a way to compile the images, like Google Docs? How much would it cost to purchase the space that would be required?
Another idea is to use a binder with the details in it, updated at each Board Meeting.

For this month, action item: Add a folder to Google Docs for committees to add lists of events and descriptions
Short Term (by Spring)
Mid-Range (by Summer)
Long-Range (by Gala)

BOT Group Photo (taken and added to media on website)

Gate Restoration Project (Greg/Stan)
Two of the images are complete
Ram, dog, lion, and lioness (or panther)

PowerPoint for the master plan is ready, but there is no specific plan for sharing this.
Brochure summary is a possibility for sharing

Short North Civic mentioned 300K for a project.
Andy heard that one million dollars was allocated for the village associations in the area
Andy asked about a 250K project for VV. Julie indicated that it would be discussed at the next Short North Civic meeting. Might be a collection of projects (Rick M).

8:32 Rick Harrison motion to adjourn.

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