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4 March 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting
19th Apr


4 March 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt
Rick Frantz
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Ro-Z Mendelson

Not present:

Stan Sells

Call to Order

Motion – To approve the minutes from the February meeting. (Kentner/Vogt). Passed

Special Guest
Lyle Saylor, potential board member and current FGP work day volunteer
Board took some time to learn more about Lyle’s background, his interest in FGP, and we reviewed for him the basic structure and activity of the Board of Trustees and the Friends of Goodale Park.

Updates & Loose Ends
Rec & Parks completed Phase 02 Tree Pruning (Interior of Park)
FGP Annual Report in next Short North Gazette (THANKS STAN!!)
April substitute Secretary for Eric, who will be in Los Angeles (no volunteers, so there’s no telling what we’ll be able to report from that meeting)
Gala Host Suggestions (Earliest planning ever!!)
-Three possibilities already. None have been reached out to at this point.
-We might be making modifications to the event.

Report Summaries 

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)
Distributed Treasurer’s Report
Total net assets as of 4 March 2015: $59,269.86
Total revenue & Accounts receivable (carried over from December 2014): $31,000.00 still not received.
See report for details on bank charges and expenses.

Volunteer Coordinator Report (Julie)
March 21, first work Saturday of the year
March 19, volunteer kickoff at Forno (4:00-7:00pm) Half off pizzas and beer
April 18 Earth Day work day

Julie met with Zach Owens from Chase regarding donations from employees. We lost one donation program. We are back on track to involve Chase employees in sponsoring a planting bed in the park. Julie asked Greg to work with their new crew. Greg expressed concern about their past commitment and involvement with the Chase bed. (Secretary overheard descriptive term: “went to hell in a handbasket”.)

Recreation & Parks (Rick M.)
Memorial plaque replacement
Rick got a call about a missing plaque. A woman was concerned about our lack of a system to check on the plaques monthly, provide a list, note the donors in some public way, etc.
Rec and Parks is considering new policies regarding expectations that donors understand when they donate items.

[Later] Mystery solved: the tree died and the plaque was removed during a work day. Julie found it in the back room. Rick F will check the GIS regarding the original tree. Rick M will let her know that the plaque was found.

Additional tree pruning? Rick doesn’t know the schedule

$385,000 available for a variety of projects that FGP requested over five years. I think that Rick Miller said he isn’t sure when this begins, but I could basically write whatever I want to about Rick Miller in these minutes, because he never reads them anyway. Rick Miller confirmed that he wears pajamas under his work clothes during the week. Andy asked if the details about the funds are available in an electronic format; Rick indicated that he would check on that.

Rick M brought up an issue regarding a honey locust that needing cabling. Rec & Parks will not be able to provide the cabling. They can remove it, or we can pay for cabling. Board members indicated that we had already voted to provide funds. Rick M claimed that he had no recollection about our agreement about providing the funds to cabling. Greg recalled that we had already voted on that issue.

[Moments later] Actually, in the November minutes, we voted on a motion, and it’s not a Honey Locust:
We have a Kentucky coffee tree that is split near the top, and the city indicated that they could remove the tree or cable the split and save the tree. Rick F thinks that $300 will cover the cost.

Motion: Allocate maximum of $300 to cable the Kentucky coffee bean tree with the split at the north end of the Shelter House parking lot. (Krobot/Vogt) Passed.

Brief Discussion – Memorial Plaque/Benches
Review Pricing & Policies (or create them)
New policy could indicate the risk or expectations regarding donated items (contract, certificate, acknowledgement, etc)

Events Committee report on their Feb 23 meeting (Rick Harrison)
Details on the report that was submitted is currently in DropBox (which will soon be decommissioned) and will be migrated over to the new Google Docs site.

Operations Committee (Rick Frantz)
Has not met yet. We will pick a meeting date and plan the schedule at that time

Comfest would like to contribute a memorial bench. We’ve done memorial trees at cost in the past, and they were wondering if we want to do the same for their bench. Wondered if Comfest has handled the concrete in the past. A while back, yes, but not recently. Concrete costs vary depending on whether the city is conducting another concrete project at the same time. Two concrete pads and benches last year (2014), none in 2013, two inquiries in 2015.

We have three benches remaining that we purchased and are in storage.

Motion: Continue offering ComFest memorials at cost.
Discussion: This particular request is not through ComFest, but privately through Ro-Z. So we’re tabling the issue.
Benches are $2,000. Bench plaque is separate at $80.

We didn’t scare Lyle. He’s still interested!

Motion to adjourn, Frantz/Kentner




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