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5 August 2015 Meeting: Goodale Park Board
19th Sep


5 August 2015 Meeting: Goodale Park Board

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Eric Anderson (Secretary and sometimes Treasurer)
Rick Frantz
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Lyle Saylor
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt
Don Anderson (Guest until 8:38, then At-Large Board Member)
Nate Durst (Guest until 8:40, then Treasurer)

Not present:
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Julie Hallan (Volunteer Coordinator)
Ro-Z Mendelson (ComFest)

Don Anderson
Nate Durst
Staci Carrier (summer intern)
Alex Pisha (summer intern)
Tameka Sims (summer intern)

Call to Order 

Jason called the meeting to order at 7:04

Motion: Approve Minutes from June meeting (Krobot/Harrison), passed


Special Report – Vision Plan Summary

Open House Event (July 30)

Summary Vision Plan Presentation from Staci, Alex, and Tameka

Questions asked about possible problem with a cut-through from the proposed new pedestrian entrance and the main building (would a natural path get worn through the grass?)

Possible problem with change to Goodale Street, forcing traffic through neighborhood to get to freeway (although directing traffic to Vine Street could provide the same access)

Is the biergarten becoming the Rick Miller living memorial rentable space?

Any question about spaces becoming a skate park? (Rick Miller) Maybe instead use the sections of the cap that are currently not being used for anything.

Goodale has perhaps been successful because it has remained flexible and hasn’t adopted fads or “currently popular” attractions.

Discussion continued along the lines of an expansion of Greg’s north Shelterhouse garden to the living memorial Greg Garden.

Next Steps

Board creating short-term projects that will blend with aspects of the park plan

Phase-in plan

Cost estimates for each element

Unrealistic elements: the cap projects might not be possible from an engineering standpoint

Possible to retain parking in the new Goodale Street Driveway

We would still need to retain some parking to replace area lost behind the Shelterhouse for the rentable space

Discussion about getting images onto the website, along with a possibility for feedback/opinions

Four “visions” were confusing to many, so could we change the wording to “elements” and one vision?

Another point of contention for many people at the open house was the biergarten (because of drinking and trash)

Restrooms request (from many people) would require staffing, like the biergarten, and there are other issues regarding locks and possible issues with misuse.

Budget: $15,000 allowance

Remaining money: $1,500.00

Discussion: If we’re producing a document, we will need money for that. Jason suggested providing more funds to the students. Greg asking about more public showing of the plan, and asked if we need to update the poster boards with new verbiage (something instead of “vision”)
Greg: keep money available for Gala and other uses. (That’s where we left it)
What about “impossible” items; should we exclude them, or if we like them, do they not get eliminated, but we just wait to see if “impossible” really just means that it would take a lot of money, and it’s possible for that to be acquired, even if “unlikely”?

Loose Ends

Remaining Summer Events & Work Days
Julie out for next workday on 8/15
We’ve completed three walk/talks, and we have three remaining. They’ve been well-received, and we could accommodate more participants.
Special Thanks to Eric & Greg for serving as Signatories on FGP Accounts.

Group Discussion – Bi-Laws & New Members

FGP BOT Mission & Activities (Jason reviewed history and current mission)
Questions Guests have for us?
Number of transactions per month, preferences for accounting procedures, will we purchase specialized software to allow us to track grant money and expenditures. Software would enable seamless transitions between officers.

(Dismissed guests)

Review – FGP Bylaws
Motion: Amend Bylaws from requiring ALL FGP Officers to live/own business in Short North to MAJORITY of FGP Officers shall… (Kentner/Anderson)
Discussion: So one of the three officers could live outside the area and/or own a business in the neighborhood. Would it matter to have a president who lives outside the neighborhood? This is really a regional park, and people come from many areas of the city. It’s not just a neighborhood park.

Passed (one “no” vote)

Motion: Reorganize BOT meeting calendar to reflect Bylaws requirement of QUARTERLY meetings of BOT rather than habit of MONTHLY meetings as has been practiced for number of years.

Suggested Calendar of Meetings
January/Winter – BOT Annual Retreat/Elections
March/Spring – Operations Budget & Planning
June/Summer – Events Budget & Planning
October/Fall – Gala Budget & Planning

Discussion: members are kind of lost on this issue. Jason suggesting that the committees should meet more frequently, but that the entire board only needs to meet quarterly. It’s already in the bylaws, and so we could just consider this over the rest of the year. What about urgent issues? Do we wait three months to talk about vandalism or other issues? What about approving funds; we currently do that on a monthly basis. What about the debit cards? Can we have debit cards that are tied to their budgeted amounts? There’s a certain cohesion when we see each other every month. Committees might be too small and too isolated? Maybe just cut February meeting?

Motion: Create an FGP Advisory Group (Membership TBD)
Made up of past BOT members/officers, community leaders, and long-time residents. Group would meet with BOT at Annual Retreat to review activities & accomplishments of past year and advise on same for coming year.

Intention of Advisory group is to provide means for past members to stay engaged with the park, community leaders to have connection BOT, and for residents to be active with direction of BOT. It is believed that this group will add additional layer of oversight to board activities while also help to preserve local and institutional memory of the board as member(s) turn over from year-to-year. (Who made motion and seconded?)

Discussion: General approval of the idea of having an external group that can still have an influence on our direction, and provide an institutional memory. Other people who could also provide advocacy for in-park initiatives and projects. Group could change every year, could partially change every year, depending on interest of the members of that group. They would be advising, not approving. Probably would be a request of one meeting time per year as opposed to two times per year.

Rick Miller pointed out that we might want to revisit more aspects of our bylaws to propose more changes and updates. Other past members have complained that we’re off-mission (too many events, too much neighborhood stuff), or do we want to expand our mission broader than it is, since we’re doing much of that kind of stuff?

Motion to accept Don Anderson as a new Board Member (Kentner/Saylor), Passed unanimously

Motion to accept Nate Durst as a new Board Member (Anderson/Krobot), Passed unanimously

Nomination of Nate Durst as new Treasurer (Kentner/Saylor), Passed unanimously

Meeting adjourned 8:43 (I actually made that up. I can’t remember when the meeting ended)

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