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5 February 2014 Board Meeting
11th Mar


5 February 2014 Board Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (President)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Rick Frantz
Rick Harrison
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Stan Sells
Beth Vogt
Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Dave Snow
Greg Krobot


Greg Maynard

Call to Order

Motion – To approve the minutes from the November meeting. (Krobot/Rick H). Passed.


Valet Parking discussion – Bryant

How many spots in Goodale Park are supposed to be designated for valet parking (Premier Valet)?

Answer: None.  The city has asked them not to do that, but they appear to be misbehaving.


Since the Retreat

What thoughts have you had?

Greg Krobot: Regarding the mission of FGP, it seems like our charge is simply to maintain the park, being good stewards of the park.  We don’t need to feel that we need to create huge expensive projects.  Also, regarding a master plan, the first thing we need to do is ask, “what is it that we want out of a master plan?” and then ask what it takes to get to wherever that is, and then ask if we’re willing to do everything required to make that happen (likely lots of money).  It isn’t realistic for this to happen by June, for example.  Even any step forward by June would be difficult.

Jason provided reflections on the retreat and his realization that we have many people with similar perspectives.

Officer & Committee Chair Elections

President:        Jason
VP:                  Maddy
Secretary:        Eric
Treasurer:        Andy
Events:             Maddy and Rick H will co-chair
Operations:      Rick F.
Development:  Stan
Master Plan:    N/A (after no one seemed interested in leading this, Stan suggested that Jason might want to convene a separate meeting to begin this.  Jason has talked with some people, including students who could use that project to fulfill a summer internship requirement)


Related to Events Committee:

Maddy has suggested Sunday, May 18 for dedication of South Gates.


General Discussion:

Proposed Guinness World Record event in Goodale Park:

Julie introduced a request for us to approve a Guinness world record event: “largest free-floating bubble” in Goodale Park.  Although this is a super-cool idea, since we aren’t responsible for that sort of event, Rick M. suggested that Julie direct the bubble person to the permit office.  After Eric referred in a disparaging way to dr.urawesome’s email address, Rick H sensitively admonished Eric not to burst his bubble.


Postscript (after the meeting, but related) on the subject of super-cool ideas, from Rick Frantz:

A friend of Rick’s is organizing the state tree climbing competition for arborists and wants to use Goodale Park.  Rick directed him to the City Forester, Joe, with whom he apparently met on Monday.  It appears the date of the competition is May 17th, the day before the proposed gate dedication and they would like to be in that area of the park.  Since there might be equipment left there Sunday, Rick will ask how solid their plans are for that date and Rick also wanted to see if there was a date that would work equally well for us if we should need to switch.


Stan updates:

Stan has been working on updating our Power Philanthropy profile that is currently outdated.

(Update From 6 February 2014: Stan completed the update of the FGP profile and submitted it to the Columbus Foundation for their review.  The Foundation contact indicates that it will be sometime in March before the update will be approved and available on-line.)

Stan has completed the annual report and will send it to Jason, Julie or Eric to post on the website.

Main pump on the fountain has been out (circuit breaker continues to flip), and since it’s still under a two-year warranty we should be able to contact Columbus Art Memorial to resolve this issue.  Jason will contact them regarding moving forward with this at our next thaw.


Treasurer’s Report (Andy)

Earnings & Expenses

Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable through December 31, 2013 of $26,096.82.  Total net assets: $79,554.74.  Other details can be viewed on the report that was distributed during the meeting.


FGP 2014 Meeting Calendar

January: FGP Retreat
February: Elections & Planning
March: Spring/Summer Work/Events Calendar
April: Master Plan (Process)
May: FGP Spring Retreat (time to take stock of our progress)
June: Event Season Planning
July: No Meeting
August: Master Plan (Products)
September: FGP Fall Retreat (time to take stock of our progress)
October: Development Planning
November: GALA Schedule
December: GALA Event

Discussion: Regarding Dave and Laura’s involvement in future meetings, Greg K indicated that he would not support budgeting $3,000, but that certainly our taking time to take stock of our progress is good, even if we do that on our own.  Rick H suggested that we first figure out what we would want for them to do for us.  Jason indicated that he would have a discussion with Dave about the possibilities.


FGP 2014 Projected Budget

(See handout for specifics)

Stan expressed concern that the $60,000 allocated for the Fish Gate restoration is not reflected in the budget.

Jason indicated that the purpose of this budget is mainly to get a sense of how our total projected annual assets (funding sources) are associated with our annual expenses.

Also, the unrestricted funds have not been moved to “restricted” to reflect the $16,000 dedicated to the gates restoration.  Andy will move $8,000 from “unrestricted” to “restricted’.

(P.S. from Stan on 6 February 2014): Also, regarding the budget, in addition to the $8,000 that needs to be moved into the Restricted Funds category to fully reflect the Board’s commitment regarding the Fish Gate, the Budget does not reflect the annual income from the Joel Bixler Fund which amounted to $1,340.79 during 2013. This amount needs to be added on the Earnings side.

Andy pointed out that we have not been receiving Chase Bank donations (since November 25), so we probably can’t rely on the amount that is currently listed in the budget.  This has happened as a result of how Chase employees’ donations are recorded.  Julie offered to coordinate a meeting between Chase and a Board member.  Rick H volunteered to attend that meeting.


Volunteer Coordinator Salary/Allowance

We no longer have grant funding for Julie’s position, so we will need to fund that through FGP.

Andy indicated that this will require $2,000 more than we are currently allocating.  Jason brought up a discussion item from the retreat: that we should look at the hourly rate for the Volunteer Coordinator.  Currently is at $15/hr for $5,000/yr.

Motion: Increase the line item for Volunteer Coordinator to $6,000.  (Sells/Krobot)  Passed.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm

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