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5 March 2014 Board Meeting
2nd Apr


5 March 2014 Board Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Frantz
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Stan Sells
Dave Snow

Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Beth Vogt

Greg Maynard

Call to Order

Motion – To approve the minutes from the February meeting. (Anderson/Krobot). Passed.

Special Guest – Isabella McCombs with her Goodale Park – Interest Fair Project Presentation

FYI/Update Items

Dedication Event Dates (Maddy)

May 18 South Gate Dedication

This is being coordinated with Columbus Landmarks Foundation representatives Ed Lentz & Doreen Uhas Sauer

June 15 Garden Tour

This is Father’s Day.  Are we aware of this? Yes, we acknowledge the conflict.

Fountain Warranty (Jason)

There is a Two-Year Warranty on granite/craftsmanship.  The pump and electrical warranties have both expired, and there are problems with both of these items.  We have nothing in writing regarding any additional responsibility.

How do we move forward on this issue?  Is this a joint responsibility between FGP and the city?  Suggestion was made that we should approach Ferd to see what can be done regarding this.  Carmen suggested that the pumps could be run in reverse to fix some of the clogging problems.  Eric (not the Eric transcribing this) might not be aware of this.

Master Plan Project (Jason)

A meeting is being scheduled in March with Al Berthold of Neighborhood Design Center.

Report Summaries

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)

No report

Volunteer Coordinator Report (Julie)

All work dates are set for the year.

Julie requested 250 business cards with all the work dates on them.

Woodlands is interested in hosting Friends of Goodale Park Volunteer kick-off party March 18 6-8:00 pm.

Motion (Rick H/Maddy) to approve up to 35.00 for business cards for Julie.  Passed.

Motion (Kentner/Krobot)  to provide $150-$200 for pizza for Woodlands on Park Street kick-off.  Passed.

Main Discussion – Operations Calendar & Budget

UIRF (Rick F. and/or Rick Miller)

Deadline: March 15, 2014

Proposal will be submitted in coordination with Jeff Smith and the Short North Civic Association (SNCA)

The last URIF was around $400,000.00, for playground and gate restoration.  Stan indicated that we need to go for big ticket items.  We can submit our own project (actually anyone can submit a project), although SNCA will coordinate the list ultimately, and we’re more likely to be successful if it’s coordinated.

Suggestion is to submit bigger projects that we wouldn’t normally complete ourselves, and that would make a difference in the park.

Suggestion was made that we should focus on restoration efforts and finishing the remaining items on the gates.  Greg Maynard suggested focusing on the two remaining gates (Park Street and Fish), and it was suggested that we could also ask for an increase in lighting (without being specific at this time).  Suggestion was made to add the water taps, and Greg Maynard also asked about the wrought iron picnic tables.

Motion (Kentner/Sells) For increased lighting, fabrication of new wrought iron gates for the Fish Gate, rehab of the Park St entrance columns, and more water taps.   (Passed)

Update: Operations Committee is exploring the possibility of correcting the information on the Goodale Plaque, and improving the plaque in the process.  We are working with Terry Sherburn as we consider options for new text.

Discussion: Backstop keeps coming up in requests.  Are we taking on physical structures that Rec and Parks probably should be coordinating?  What is our responsibility?  No consensus.

Proposal: Park Benches (Rick M.)

summary of cost: waiting for cost information, so we are not ready to move forward on this at this time.

ready for vote on purchase(s)?

Proposal 2014 Budget Items (Beautification)

Annual Beds: $1000.00

Watering: $2400.00

Questions about how many times we watered last year, and whether we are going to contract with a company to do this, how this is being accomplished on Neil Avenue (planters, not the islands, which have irrigation), in the Short North, etc.  Or will we pay Dave Snow to do this?

Tools/Supplies: $500

Motion to approve budget. (Frantz/Harrison) Passed.

Work Day Calendar

March 22nd
April 19th Earth day
May 10th Planting day
May 31st
June 14th Pre-Festival
June 17th Tuesday mid-week
July 12th Post Festival
Aug 2nd
Aug 23rd
Sep 20th
Oct 11th
Nov 15th Beds to bed

Note: Walk-throughs will be held on the Wednesday before any Saturday workday at 6p. Weather permitting; changes communicated via email.

Other News:

Dave Snow let us know that there will be a new Labor Day Festival, Music and Fashion Festival(?)  Campground will be by the BuggyWorks, Festival Season continues…

Motion to adjourn (Kentner/Anderson), Everyone left, so we assumed that the meeting was over.

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