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6 November 2013 Board Meeting
25th Feb


6 November 2013 Board Meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (President)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Rick Frantz
Rick Harrison
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Stan Sells
Beth Vogt
Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Dave Snow

Greg Krobot

Brenda Hosey (new volunteer on the Events Committee)
Greg Maynard

Call to Order

Motion To approve the minutes from the October meeting (assuming Eric’s sensible editing). (Kentner/Weisz). Passed.

Immediate Attention

Candles With a Cause (Dave, Eric & Julie)

Dave talked with Mitch (from CWC), and asked how many magnolia candles are available (48) and could we have a pine scent (yes, 48 can be made). Dave would be willing to store and sell any that don’t sell during the gala.  12.00 each for us, how much for sale at the Gala?  Proposed is $25.00.  Maddy wondered about competing with the silent auction.  Maybe put candles in a different location at the Gala, since the house would accommodate that.  Andy pointed out that people would not want to carry them around during the Gala.  Stan suggested packaging them and labeling them after purchase for pickup when they leave.  Julie has volunteers who could facilitate that.

MotionPurchase 96 candles (48 magnolia, 48 pine) to be sold at the Gala at $25.00 each for a total initial outlay of $1,152 dollars. (Kentner/Anderson)  Passed with one “no” vote.  Amended to $20 each, and passed.

Four Square for Gala (Rick H.)

Rick has acquired the Four Square device that we can use at the Gala for the auction as well as the donations at the door.  The app offers a paper or electronic receipt, and we will need to ask donors/attendees to accept the email receipt.  There is a 2.75% fee per item that is charged to the credit card as well.

Motion: Use Four Square for the Gala and future events (Kentner/Anderson). Passed unanimously.

Coordinator Updates

Volunteer Coordinator (Julie)

Park Clean Up last weekend
October work day had 39 volunteers
November work day had 23 volunteers

Recreation & Parks (Rick M.)

Dog signs already vandalized: noted.
South porch light: Eric will follow up on getting that replaced (update: light replaced 12 November)
Beth checked on a railing (requested by Chet Ridenour) to be added to the steps of the Shelter House.  That is in progress.

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)

Earnings & Expenses
Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable through November 6, 2013 of $2,315.75.  Total net assets: $53,457.92.  Other details can be viewed on the report that was distributed during the meeting.

Financial issue with GoodWorks and Chase Bank: Chase is currently not matching volunteer hours due to their involvement with GoodWorks.  Chase considers this double dipping.  Garrett had coordinated this relationship, so Julie will contact Garrett regarding how to proceed.

Primary Discussion – GALA Planning (Maddy)

HOSTS: Rajesh Lahoti & Travis Samson
PLACE: 110 Buttles Ave.
DATE: Wed. Dec. 4

In addition to the postcards being mailed, we are sending an email version through MailChimp.  Julie is coordinating this with Marc.
Ability to purchase tickets through PayPal will be facilitated through the newsletter.

Volunteers (number needed)

Set-up (all), Bartenders (2), Coats (2), Tickets (2), Stairs (2)
Board members signed up for these and others, including cleanup

Donations & Silent Auction

Provide suggestions/donations to Maddy.
Can each FGP find 2 donations? (Not counting food)
In-Kind letter (Thanks Rick H.)


2012 Edelman Financial Services ($3000.00)
2013 Sponsor Options?  Woodlands, Bakersfield might want to sponsor

A variety of details were discussed, including a dedication to Pat Lewis, logistical details, location of various aspects of the Gala, etc.

Motion: Purchase a dining gift certificate for Pat Lewis $100 (Klein/Kentner). Passed

Newsletter for the Gala will be sent the week before Thanksgiving (November 20)

Donors of auction items will get a free entry or two (we will ask when requesting the donation if they would like two complimentary admissions).  Donors of food entries do not get a free entry (unless they provide a gift card for the silent auction).

Review of Committee Summary Minutes

Communications/Web (Ad Hoc)
Holiday Gala Banner/Info
Working on a new menu for tiered donations on website

Operations (Rick F.)

Memorial Tree Price $400 ($200 if delivered to site by donor)
ComFest proposal for a drain to be installed in front of Gazebo (dropped by committee)

Motion  – Increase price of memorial benches from $1,000 each to $2,000 each. (Frantz/Anderson) Passed

Development (Stan)

Fountain update included interesting disagreement about algae.
Grant for Summer intern to work on Master Plan (Jason, November 8)
Jason will submit this $10,000 grant by then.

Other Business

FGP Annual Retreat (Locations and dates were discussed briefly)

Facilitator options (Discussed the possibility of using a facilitator to accomplish broader goals than essentially a “long board meeting”)

Adjourned 8:40

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