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7 August 2013 Board Meeting
21st Sep


7 August 2013 Board Meeting

Caretakers Residence
7pm (aspirational)

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Greg Krobot
Stan Sells
Dave Snow
Rick Frantz
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)

Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Missy Ricksecker
Beth Vogt

Rick Harrison

 Call to Order

Motion – Review/Approve Minutes from June meeting. (Krobot/Frantz). Passed.


Columbus Art Memorial Final Payment (summary):

  • two contracts (Stone & Construction)
  • each contract included 10% contingency
  • last invoice from CAM for $7,437.90
  • resolved that FGP would pay $4,287.90 (Invoice – 10% unused stone contingency)

Columbus Art Memorial Final Payment (details from Jason’s email):

Jason and Andy met with Carmine at Columbus Art Memorial to discuss/review his final invoice in the amount of $7,437.90 (the amount he understood as balance due on total contract including contingencies). In advance of this discussion Stan, Andy and I met to review details of contracts (stone and construction). As was discussed during previous FGP BOT meeting(s) it was our intention to reach a resolution with regard to final balance due and so long as that balance did not exceed the total amount approved by FGP BOT ($148,758 stone+construction+contingencies) to make final payment and bring project to a close.

During the meeting it was pointed out to Carmine that he was including the contingency for the stone ($3,150.00) in the total amount due even though there was never any need for those funds to be billed. It was resolved that these funds would be credited to the final amount due. As a result we agreed to make a final payment of $4287.90, an amount that approaches a equitable split of the final invoice amount and allows the project to come to a close with good feelings on both sides.

Grant from Columbus Foundation

  • $10,000 for Gate Restoration Project
  • Grant Period July 2013 – June 2014

This was associated with Stan’s efforts for the Fish Gate restoration.  This has a one-year limit.  Stan has one more grant request ($20,000) that he will submit in September.

Unidentified woman seen filling water jugs in Goodale Park

  • Noted by Chet (SNCA) and forwarded her license plate to police

Coordinator Updates

Volunteer Coordinator (Julie H.)

  • Volunteer Work Day (July 13 9-noon)
  • Survey Monkey Donation Program
  • Candle with a Cause (follow-up)
  • Sept 28 Good Neighbors meeting (for the homeless). Greg asked why we are the host of this event.  We don’t know the origin of our hosting this event in the park, and it leads to additional homeless people sleeping in the park.  Jason will contact Officer Good two weeks before September 28 to discuss increased patrols after the Good Neighbors event. Greg will send Officer Good an email.

Music Series item:

ACTION ITEM: Alex Kelly Fox has not received her check for $500 for the Music Series.  Andy is being asked to check on this.

REQUEST: Alex would like for FGP to take over this event. Discussion: We will continue to fund it, but it is unclear whether someone from FGP would coordinate it.  Stan asked if this is within our mission.  Jason pointed out that there are many events held within the park that are not coordinated by FGP, and that we already have related items (like absentee planting beds) that we are not attending to.  No conclusion or motion.


Recreation & Parks (Rick M.)

There is a utility pole lying on the ground at Park & Russell, and Rick is not sure who it belongs to (it’s not from Comfest).

The protocol for plaques and payments is confusing, and involves too many steps.  Rick M. and Rick F. discussed removing a step from the process to simplify the process.


Treasurer’s Report (Andy – out of town)

Account summary provided by Andy was from December 2012, so we will need a new update.


Primary Discussion – New Board of Trustee Nominations

Recent FGP losses (Pat, Matt W. and Garrett). Any expected changes before end of year? (No)

Aim to add 3-4 new members for the November meeting

Target Reps from Neighborhoods & Event Groups (Harrison West, Park/High Street Business, Pride, Good Neighbors Picnic, Flytown Family Reunion, etc.)

Rick Harrison is currently a guest as a possible new Trustee.

Board discussed the number of Trustees and number of committee members that we should target, but no conclusion was reached.

ACTION ITEM: All Trustees are encouraged to recruit and invite to Board or Committee meetings.


Committee Updates

Operations Committee (Rick F.)

Work Day this Saturday

$1,885 received in Memorial to Chuck Jacoby allows for a Bench, Plaque, Tree + $300 donation to FGP (contingent on what his daughter would want).  That is our initial proposal for use of the money.

Options for installing a concrete pad for a bench that has already been promised on the east side of the shelter house:

City/Builderscape bid of $675 is more than our current $250 budget per pad.  Greg asked about whether or not we could coordinate it ourselves to save money.  Usually $250 is enough because other concrete work is already in progress.  But there is no project currently in the pipeline.  Other options were discussed, and Rick will pursue these.

MOTION: Rick approved to spend up to $400 for a pad (Frantz/Krobot). Discussion: none.  Passed.

ComFest Funds approved ($1500 beautification + $3000 repairs)

MOTION: Rick approved to spend $621.36 (of the $1500 beautification funds) for 36 tree gator bags (Frantz/Anderson). Discussion: We will need to figure out who is going to water (fill the bags).  How soon do we need to know?  Motion passed.


Events Committee (Maddy W.)

Garden Tour Recap
70-100 people at each house.  Maddy sent out an email for feedback, and received some suggestions (better signage, party for the garden owners, need to take photos)

Next Event (South Gate Dedication?)

Stan asked about contacting Columbus Landmarks to discuss a date for the dedication.

Need a Gala location by next month.  Maybe ask Bruce Dooley for ideas.

ACTION ITEM: Forward ideas to Maddy and Jason, along with names contact information and some reason for suggesting the particular home.


Communications Committee (Missy R.)

Currently working on some minor enhancements to the website. No motions required.


Development Committee (Stan S.)

SNCA Grant Approved $2500 pending project initiation.

Next steps toward funding Fish Gate Restoration: September grant proposal.

No response from Oswald Foundation (was $2,000)

Candle With a Cause?  There was confusion about scope of commitment.



Bryant – there is a low spot in front of the stage where water collects after rain; Bryant wanted to know if it could be fixed in some way?

Some proposals were discussed to help provide options.  We will continue to discuss.

Also discussed the post-RW&B fireworks cleanup that Comfest funded (and for which we supplied some volunteers).  We are looking for someone to take responsibility for the cleanup.  Rick M. said that the city feels that if the city paid for Goodale cleanup that night, they would need to do it for the other downtown parks.  Julie: the RW&B website directs people to Goodale Park, so it is a unique situation not shared by all the downtown parks.  No conclusion was reached, no motions.

Meeting adjourned 9:08

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