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7 June 2013 Board Meeting
29th Aug


7 June 2013 Board Meeting

Caretakers Residence 7:10 pm


Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Rick Frantz
Greg Krobot
Missy Ricksecker
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt
Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.

Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Stan Sells

Call to Order

Motion – Review/Approve Minutes from May. (Anderson/Krobot) Passed.

Mid-Year Meeting: Taking Stock

Loss of 3 BOT Members (Pat Lewis, Garret Heysel and Matt Wolf).  Feedback from these members included:

  • Meetings are too long and a bit informal/hectic
  • Committee participation/structure/duties need to be reviewed

Maddy added that we need to be respectful of others at the Board meetings.  Julie: there is very little cooperation regarding a common goal.  Meetings and retreats tend to be more presentation-based.  Jason: has wanted for committees to be independent, and has preferred that the Board meetings be a “sounding board” time.

Loose Ends

Should we make an entry-level order with Candles for a Cause?  Jason suggested 25 candles, Julie thought that was a low number.  We realized that we don’t have specific financial information at this point, so we can’t make a clear decision yet.

Motion – Purchase new tent & display ($1,500, $1,300 for 10×10) (Kentner/Krobot)

Discussion: Rick F. asked if the intention is for this to be used for Comfest.  Missy brought up the fact that tents can be purchased for less money (anecdotally between $60-$250).  Questions were raised about branding vs. our current situation with photos.  Rather than a brand, the display would probably simply include the web address.  Julie suggested using the existing logo with the gates, and a simple block font.

Amended motion: approve $250 for a banner. (Kentner/Anderson) Discussion: Andy wondered if we even have a booth at Comfest.  Greg suggested that we get our own tent rather than borrowing Julie’s tent.

Amended motion to include a standard 10×10 tent for $300, bringing the total to $500, pending our involvement in Comfest (Bryant received notification that we do have a booth).  (Kentner/Krobot), motion passed with one vote against.

ACTION ITEM: Someone (who?) will purchase a 10×10 tent, and a banner with existing logo (gates) and a simple block font.

Motion – Sponsor Goodale Park Music Series with $500. (Kentner/Krobot) Motion passes.

Motion – Cancel July BOT meeting (Kentner/Anderson) Motion passed.

Coordinator Updates

Volunteer Coordinator (Julie)

Julie signed up online for a booth space at Pride.  Greg asked about passes provided to give FGP board members access to the shelter house during festival times.  Bryant indicated that he would get passes for board members who request them.

Ryan from Rec & Parks is going to lead a group of volunteers to work on the playground upkeep.

Next work day June 18 (Tuesday) 6:30-8:00 followed by happy hour.

Red White & Boom cleanup volunteers will get reserved seating for the fireworks.  Facebook listing is 3:00 start time for volunteers; Bryant indicated that 4:00 is fine.

Motion – Allocate $125 for the Comfest booth (to be returned after volunteer hours are recorded) (Vogt/Weisz) Discussion: none.  Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer Update (Andy)

Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable through June 5 of $5,035.10.  Total net assets: $42,502.19.
Discussion continued from the last meeting’s issue regarding Carmine’s lack of documentation for costs.

Recreation & Parks Coordinator (Rick M.)

Work Completed –  New trash lids!!

Committee Summaries & Discussion

Events & Outreach Committee

Members: Maddy (Chair), Andy, Pat, Garett, Julie and Jason

Dedication was a success.

Garden Tour clarification.  Maddy provided details on a possible new date.

Motion – Move Garden Tour date and time (details included on separate document distributed during meeting).  Bottom line is change from June 9 to July 14 and the time to 10:00-4:00.  10:00 would be for speakers, followed by music series from noon-2:00, and the gardens from 2:00-4:00.  (Kentner/Krobot) Motion passed with one vote against.

Motion – Approve event budget of $600 (see attached for details) (Kentner/Vogt).  Discussion: none.  Vote: Passed with one vote against.

Communication Committee

Members: Chair Missy (Chair), Eric, Marc

Web Training complete (Rick, Missy, Eric and Jason)

Posts started on the website, and the newsletter was distributed via email.

Development Committee

Members: Stan (Chair), Jason, Maddy, Greg K., Garret H.

Invoice from Eric (Cleaning & maintenance of fountain)

Condition of Fountain since cleaning: looked nice after cleaning, but almost immediately began to turn brown again.

Final Payment Details/Debate

Question about continuing to allocate funds to the fountain for maintenance.  Although the city has assumed ownership of the fountain, we are responsible for lighting, cleaning, etc.

Operations Committee

Members: Rick F. (Chair), Greg K.

Watering Contract in Place (SID for one more year).  Discussion about long-range plans for watering.

Four Memorial Trees Planted: Yoshino Cherry near pond, Juniper east of Shelterhouse, Chinkapin Oak (tree too small so donor requested a replacement), Maple (returned because incorrect species).

ACTION ITEM: Need help with Touch Points on Goodale Park Map. Needs more things to “hover over”, so if we have suggestions we should send 250-word details to Rick.

Motion – Add Sue Urbas/ComFest herb bed to watering contract (Kentner/Vogt).  No expenses need to be allocated, but the bed needs to be added to the contract. Discussion: Per-hour costs?  Do we have a written contract in place?  It hasn’t been signed, but it will be.  Greg: several beds have been started and then abandoned.  Long-term this is an issue.  Beth: that is not a good reason to choose not to water an existing bed that is doing well.  Motion passed with one vote against.

ACTION ITEM: Add ComFest herb bed to watering contract.

Bill Finzel is asking for a non-bronze memorial that would be etched directly into a stone.

Motion – Allow an installation at the Bill Finzel memorial tree that would not be in line with the standard style.  (Kentner/Krobot).  Discussion: Do we know why he is interested in this exception?  No.  Do we have a policy on the memorial plaques?  No, we have a practice.  How important is consistency or a standard?  What if this opens up the difference between plaques so that it is difficult to know which are memorial trees?  What about the “proofing” process?  Whatever Bill would ask for would need to be approved by the city.  Does the city have a policy?  Unknown.  What about the quality of the product?  Maybe we should require consistency in size.

Motion amended to require final approval by us for the memorial.

More discussion.  Rick F. will make the decision through the committee.

Motion amended: Approve Bill Finzel request for a memorial with final design parameters to be determined by Operations Committee (Kentner/Franz) Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 9:00.


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