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7 May 2014 Board of Trustees meeting
4th Jul


7 May 2014 Board of Trustees meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm

Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Maddy Weisz (VP)
Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary)
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Frantz
Rick Harrison
Greg Krobot
Stan Sells
Dave Snow
Beth Vogt
Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Bryant Fried (ComFest)

Greg Maynard

Call to Order

Motion – To approve the minutes from the April meeting. (Anderson/Krobot). Passed.

FYI/Update Items

Gate Dedication Update (Rick H)
The date is set for May 18. 2:00; planning on a one-hour event
We could not close the street, so we will be on the park side of the gate. Arrive early (1:30) to help set up.

We are requesting a resolution from City Council this upcoming Monday (Stan will request this)
Mike Stinziano will attend, Mayor Coleman sends his regrets, but Lincoln Goodale will still likely be a part of the ceremony.
Still deciding on refreshments. Considered entertainment, but decided to forego that.
Rick Miller is providing podium and sound system.
A wedding will be going on at the same time, so the ceremony will end on location (rather than moving to the Shelter House).

June 15 Garden Tour; 10:00-4:00
Still in planning mode.
Need gardens and speakers. Suggestions are welcome; send them to Maddy
Some name/garden possibilities were discussed.

Ball diamond (Rick Miller)
Backstop plans:
Excellent and well-balanced comments were provided by Greg Krobot (no one else).

Greg K

“Les Changes de Krobót” (no one actually said this in French – my apologies) have been implemented, and a new plan will be sent back out to everyone.

Received a call inquiring about the lotus plants. Puzzling. Apparently someone misses them and expressed concern. At this point, the FGP Secretary was caught in a conversational maelstrom, and was unable to record further details. Any corrections or additions are welcome.

Comfest issues (Bryant Fried)

The request for 1500.00 for the matching funds for the grant passed the Comfest group with consensus.

Also, Bryant asked about the July 3 cleanup, and whether or not Julie could take that over. Julie indicated that they were working on the city to take it over. Chet is in conversation with the RWB people. Bryant wondered about recouping the 500.00 that they dedicated to FBP for the cleanup. City wanted to clean up the next day, but Comfest group consensus is that this will be too late. The RWB company removed “Goodale Park” from their list of good places to view from, thereby removing themselves from all responsibility related to the aftereffects.

FGP had asked about Comfest providing mulch in bag form. Response: No bags, due to added pollution and expense.

Booth problem
We keep forgetting to put in our application but Bryant covered our butts as usual. A question has been raised by the Comfest group about FGP volunteers covering the cost of our Comfest booth. We’re evidently forgetting to sign in our volunteers. And we’re forgetting our paperwork and that’s really annoying. We’re two weeks late already. Counterpoint: previously, FGP got a booth free because we take care of the park all year (counterpoint seemed to be a non-starter, although Bryant agrees).

Signature help
Bryant asked for help getting Comfest signatures from residents who live around the park. Greg M volunteered.

Question: when purchasing a bench; are you allowed to include a marker on the bench? Answer: Yes.

Valet parking problems
Comfest is experiencing problems with illegal valet parking in Goodale Park. Rick Miller has forwarded the information, but no action has been taken. Columbus City employees will not enforce the parking because the parking department claims (with no documentation) that they are accused of selective enforcement. The Pizzuti construction employees leave around 3:00, then around 4:00 the parking lot fills up with High Street businesses’ employees. The problem is that no one is chalking the tires. Question: What about event parking that is organized by the city? Then we wouldn’t chalk their tires, but it is too much work to coordinate day passes for everyone at the event.

Low spot in the driveway on the way out
Could that be patched? It’s a city maintenance issue. Comfest will need to make that request through the city.

Black pole lights
Can Comfest purchase more of them for dark spots in the park?
Rick M: The issue is more is involved that that, since it involves running electric lines to the lights. It’s expensive. This is already on the URIF, so it’s on our priorities list.


Fish Gate Project Update (Greg Krobot)

Greg Krobot has lined up three potential contractors, and he is waiting to hear back from them, and he is waiting for a third proposal.

These proposals are essentially what we want, and within budget. Greg K is hoping that their subcommittee could have the authority to make the decision on accepting the proposal and scheduling it.

Motion: to empower the committee to select the contractor. (Kentner/Harrison) Discussion: complaint that we are giving away the power to spend the money. Counterpoint: But we have already made the decision to spend the money; we are voting to empower the committee to direct the money. Stan wants to see the Treasurer’s report with a specific amount of money. We’re working from the approximate amount of $60,000. Andy says that we have $53-54K available. Wondering how to empower the committee without being precise about the money available.

TABLE discussion until we see the treasurer’s report (see below)

New Motion: Empower the subcommittee to move forward with the project up to and not to exceed the amount of money we have currently dedicated for the project (see report below): $53,269.32(Kentner/Frantz). Passed

Report Summaries

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)
Total of five sources for accounts receivable.
36,000 (for Fish Gates from five different sources that we have not yet collected on)
17,269.32 cash on hand for the Fish Gates

Parking issue redux
Rick Miller is looking at the issue, and the city is looking into officially indicating that parking in the park is for park use only. It might be handled internally at this point. Greg M asked police if they would enforce in the park and they indicated that they were waiting for Rec and Parks to permit them to enforce three-hour parking in the park.

Master Plan Project
We now have $3,000 committed, so we have enough money for at least one intern. So Jason is moving forward with getting an intern.

(May 12 update: On the fundraising front Bill Heffner and Jeff Smith (SNCA) have matched support of $1500 each bringing our total raised to $6000.00. I think the best strategy is to contract with two interns for 20 hours a week rather than ask a single person to take on all aspects of the project.)

Jason has a student who is available until August. Discussion about the appropriateness of Jason supervising this student, and also paying that student (but as a contract person, not as an employee). Discussion about forming a committee, but Jason has invited other members of the board to join him on this committee, and there have been no volunteers. J More discussion about specific responsibilities and direction of the work of the intern, but the main objective is to get this moving, to get the project off the ground. Andy suggested that we create a contract with expectations listed. Jason will have a meeting next week May 13, and everyone is invited.  Tuesday evening 6:30 pm at the Shelter House.

Update (21May)
Just to give keep everyone in loop here is update on pledged donations to Master Plan Intern funds:
FGP $1500.00
ComFest $1500.00
SNCA $1500.00
Bill Heffner $1500.00
Pride $500.00
Pizzuti Companies $3000.00

From Jason: I currently have 4 students lined up (3 paid + 1 willing to volunteer but I’d like to funded) for part time work so am still working to raise another $1500 to $3000. I’ll be at the Rec & Parks Master Plan meeting tonight and have also invited the students to attend.

Staci Carrier (Architecture Degree, Current Landscape Graduate Student)
Alyssa Garcia (Recent Landscape Grad headed to UPENN for Grad School in Fall)
Alex Kelley (Recent Landscape Grad)
Haley Wolfe (Recent Landscape Grad headed to EDSA in Florida in fall)

Volunteer Coordinator Report (Julie)
104 volunteers on Earth Day

Planting Day May 10
50 volunteers scheduled

Newsletter going out tomorrow

Chase volunteers have asked if the dog sign can be moved to the other side of the walkway.

Short North Foundation, community plan draft will be emailed to all of us. They would like our feedback on it. Julie will send it to us.

Greg Krobot forgot his receipts that he should have submitted to Andy. But he feels bad about forgetting them, and Andy said that he’s aware of Greg’s feelings, and he loves Greg unconditionally [Secretary taking liberty with paraphrasing], which is to say in spite of Greg’s forgetting those receipts.

Memorial questions:

Greg Maynard: what do we know about pulling bricks and getting them engraved and putting them back?

Rick Miller said that he would look into the specifications. Greg Krobot asked for Rick M to share that information with him.

Greg M issue with Comfest trees being planted but not immediately watered. We have experienced an increase in tree death this year, and he is convinced that it’s related to lack of watering.

Dave Snow was asked if he is watering this year. Dave is thinking about it. Greg K indicated that this is an operations committee issue. Question: Who will water the plants that are planted on Saturday? Julie will coordinate a volunteer team to haul hoses on Saturday to water. (Secretary’s update: this was superfluous, as we worked in drenching rain on Saturday, May 10) Discussion: we should be watering on work days with new plant material, but work days are not a good time to water because they are too sporadic.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm


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