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April 2012 Monthly Meeting
6th Apr


April 2012 Monthly Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park Board Meeting

April 4, 2012

7:30 pm Caretakers Residence

Present: Present: Absent:
Maddy Weisz (VP) Eric Anderson Jason Kentner (Pres.)
Andy Klein (Treasurer) Bryant Fried (ComFest) Greg Krobot
Stan Sells (Sec.) Pat Lewis Missy Ricksecker
Garett Heysel Dave Snow Guests:
Beth Vogt Rick Miller (Rec/Parks) Chet Ridenour
Matt Wolf Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.) Greg Maynard
Rick Frantz

Maddy opened the meeting by introducing Chet Ridenour, the new administrator for the Short North Civic Association.   Chet spoke of his desire to strengthen the ties with neighborhood groups such as FGP.

The minutes of the March 7, 2012 Board meeting were approved.

Rec. & Parks:

Goodale Gates Elements

Rick Miller reported the new light fixtures are currently being fabricated.

UCT Monument

The monument was moved last week.  Lots of positive comments.  Sells noted that a branch of the Gingo tree is in close proximity to the top of the monument and should be trimmed. Rick Frantz said he would follow up on that.  Also, at some point the holes in the base where the planters were attached will need to be filled.

Pond Status

The walls have been seal coated and AquaBlok has been applied throughout the pond floor.  The well pump will be turned on this Friday (4/6) and the total fill will occur on Monday 4/9. (positive thoughts are encouraged!)


Perimeter sidewalks will be repaired with replacement cement.  Rick F. asked that the work be coordinated with the pouring of new bench pads.

Volunteer Coordinator Update

Julie’s contract for 2012 is now in effect.  She now has 95 volunteers pre-registered to work on 4/14 Earth Day/FGP work day.  Chris Corso would like to make a food donation for volunteers – details to be determined.  Amy Saunders (Cols. Dispatch) will have an article in the Weekender.  FGP will also have a booth at the 4/21 Earth Day Celebration at the Columbus Commons.  Missy is doing a great job in keeping Facebook updated.

Treasurer’s Report:

Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable for the months of February and March of $7,270.20.  Total net assets as of 04/04//12: $45,790.84.

Development Finance:

  • Fountain Update: Once the water is back in the pond, the pumps will be tested and receive a final inspection.  Training on the fountain’s operation will be subsequent to that.  Assuming everything proceeds as expected, a dedication of the fountain is now scheduled for Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 1:20 pm following Music in the Park.  Details for the event are under development. Sells needs to get with Andy to finalize the list of donors to be listed on the memorial plaque.
  • William Fish Gate Restoration Project: FGP was awarded a grant of $1,500 from GCAC/Chase Foundation.
    • Sells moved, Heysel Seconded:  That FGP encumber $15,000 towards the replacement of the Fish gate roof with new tile, the repair of wood trim/structure and the stripping and re-painting of the wood trim. Motion carried.

Sells will confer with Greg Krobot and Seth Clarke with a specific contract (scope and cost) for Board approval prior to any work.  It is assumed this work could be completed by October and a re-dedication held at that time.  In addition, 5th Ave. International School will participate in the project and the re-dedication.  Since the amount of funds (from FGP and the grant) is insufficient to restore the stone columns, it was agreed that FGP would apply for a UIRF grant to underwrite the cost of the stone restoration.  Rick Miller will advise the Board when applications for UIRF funds will be available.

Next Committee Meeting:  Monday, April 16, 2012 at 7:00 pm @ Caretakers Residence

Events and Outreach:

  • Garden Tour:  The desire to include only gardens close to Goodale Park may be too limiting as there are only a few available.  The radius may need to be expanded.  It was suggested that neighborhood parks of the Short North might also be included.  Maddy will reconvene the committee to explore options.
  • ComFest Booth:  The committee will clarify the role of FGP in relation to Martha Walker.  T-shirts, art display and FGP’s 25th Anniversary will be possibilities.
  • Home & Garden Pictures of Goodale:  Are to be picked up next week with intent to display in Shelter House.  Pat will seek approval of R& P Permit Office.

 Planning and Operations:

  • ComFest Trees:  Eight trees will be planted next week and will include oaks, plum, silver bell, tulip, cucumber magnolia, iron wood and hop hornbeam.
  • Bed Captains:  Now assigned to most beds with the exception of pond beds.
  • Pond Planting Design: Plan for water plantings in the pond was shared with the Board.  No lotus are included in the plan.
  • Spring Lawn Restoration:  Jason and Rick are seeking professional input.  Rick M. will explore the possibility of city golf course staff.

Next Work Day: Saturday, April 14 @ 9am


Committee will meet at Missy’s house on Monday, April 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm.=

May Board Meeting –  Wednesday, May 2, 2012, @ 7:00pm; Caretaker’s Residence

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