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April 3rd Board Meeting
3rd Jul


April 3rd Board Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park
Board Meeting

April 3, 2013

7:00 pm Caretaker’s Residence

Present: Present: Absent:
Jason Kentner (Pres.) Dave Snow Beth Vogt
Maddy Weisz (VP) Bryant Fried (ComFest) Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Eric Anderson (Secretary) Greg Krobot
Missy Ricksecker Garett Heysel
Stan Sells Pat Lewis
Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.) Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Rick Frantz

Call to Order

ACTION ITEM – Review/Approve Minutes from March Meeting.

Motion (Heysel/Ricksecker) to approve the minutes of the March 6, 2013 meeting.  Motion approved.

Guest/Info Items

Bryant expressed concern about the lack of assistance cleaning Goodale Park after Red, White and Boom.  Typically some Comfest volunteers come out to clean, but they want help.  Julie told the group that she already has a call out for volunteers for cleanup of Goodale Park after RW&B, and she is willing to run the volunteer cleanup.

Issue: Does FGP have resources (staff and money) that we can provide to assist with cleaning the park after RWB?  Bryant was asking for $600 to find, fund, and supervise staff to clean up Goodale Park after RWB.

Heysel motion:

Comfest will provide $400 to FGP for the Volunteer Coordinator (Julie) to take the lead with our partners to lead a cleanup effort in Goodale Park after RW&B.  Seconded by Krobot.

Discussion: Missy suggested that we add $600 from FGP.  Bryant indicated that Comfest provides three golf carts and eight people.  Food is provided during cleanup.  Comfest staff starts at 4:00 setting up trash cans.  They need people to switch out trash containers as they are filled.

Jason suggested that since SNCA provides the police presence, that the staff/volunteers would be coordinated by SNC.

Heysel amended his motion to table the discussion until we have input from SNCA.  Seconded by Ricksecker.  Discussion: Greg wondered if there is any evidence that SNC would have any interest at all in coordinating this effort?  Julie doesn’t think that SNC should coordinate this, and that it should be FGP and/or Comfest.  Jason feels that we (Julie) should coordinate volunteers.

Heysel further amended his motion:

Create an ad hoc committee with Julie, Bryant, and others who are interested to discuss how best to coordinate the leadership of this effort, then report back to the larger group at our next meeting.  (Seconded by Anderson).  Motion passed.

Action item: we will need report back from the ad hoc committee

 Coordinator Updates

Volunteer Coordinator (Julie)

Regular work day scheduled for this Saturday, 9-noon.

Earth Day Activities/Assignments:

9-12:00 72 volunteers signed up already, and 50 people from Chase, plus YouGive, etc.

On Earth Day, Accurate IT will have a certified green electronics recycling station in the Dennison lot.

Candle With a Cause will come to the May 1 meeting to present to FGP Board.

May 17 event from Cause Collaborative; how to improve your nonprofit.  Julie can’t attend the event; Maddy will attend instead.  Motion to provide financial support (approx.. $30) for registration at the event (Jason) Motion Passed.

Action item: Payment for registration

Treasurer Update (Andy)

Andy not present, Jason reported one item:

Received grant request $5,000 for Fish Gate project.  Since we didn’t receive the other grant money, we can’t move forward with this.

Motion from Stan: that we give the money back.

Discussion: Garett asked Stan to ask the granter to request that we keep it for 12 months while we pursue more funding.  The grant money is time-sensitive, but Stan is willing to ask for an extension.  Jason will write a letter asking how flexible the money is.

Action item: Stan will send an immediate response asking for an extension.

Action item: Jason and Garett will write a follow up letter. 

Recreation & Parks Coordinator (Rick M.)

Parking signage update in process

Works Requests – Work order is out for trash lids for pond, and for painting benches at pond, and removal of goose debris.

Problem with Wheeler Park; needs to be reseeded, and possibly closed.  As an alternative to sending all the dogs to Goodale, the city will split the park and close only half of the park at a time.

Committee Summaries & Discussion

Operations Committee (Rick F.)   

Fish in Pond

Memorial Trees are in the schedule

–       ComFest Trees (7 trees 7 species)

–       FGP Trees (6 Memorial Trees in-progress)

Turf Restoration

Motion for up to $1500 ($300 – $600 for labor (Greg Maynard)) for seeding and fertilizing of the turf park-wide, starting on the weekend of April 6.  This would use funds provided from Comfest for turf restoration. (Frantz/Anderson).

Discussion: Jason asked about the nature of the seed.  Missy asked if this could be discussed in their committee.  Motion passed.

Action item: move forward with turf restoration

Greg Krobot brought up the subject of painting park benches.

Motion: $1000 to pay for painting of the benches around the pond prior to the fountain dedication. (Krobot/Sells).  No discussion; motion passed.

Action item: Krobot will coordinate the painting. 

Next Meeting – Work Day this Saturday April 6 (9am)

Earth Day 4/20 (ALL HANDS)

Communications Committee (Missy)

Article (Pat) for Gazette, article for the media will need more of the story, and Missy will work with Malcolm to get more information.

Post Card (Marc’s Options)

Mailing list is going well; down to 900 recipients who actually want to receive it.

Web Update

  • Donor Page – up and running
  • Free Ad thanks to Chris Hayes of Outlook Media
  • Facebook (event for volunteer day)
  • Web & Email – Event page on web and e-newsletter
  • More content/stories needed from contributors

Motion for Training – Pay Marc $50/hr for BOT Training (Anderson/Krobot) Persons to coordinate:  Jason, Julie, Missy, Eric, Rick will coordinate a time to meet together with Marc. No discussion; Motion Passed.

Action needed: schedule training and pay Marc

Next Meeting – April 30th at Missy’s

Development Committee (Stan)

Meting with the electrician; changing all six locks and making them uniform

May 19 event planning.  Provided additional details, and encouraged Board to attend.

Dedication Event:

  • MC Chris Bradley
  • 1:00 Music & Pet Parade (Events Comm.)
  • 1:30 Speakers (MC to Stan to Bruce to Malcolm to Jason to McKnight/Mayor)
  • Dedication in Grotto (Jason/reveal)
  • Family/Major Donor reception at Caretaker’s Residence (Events)
  • Pat article for Gazette and other outlets (email comments)

Next Meeting – Monday April 15 @ 7:30pm

Events & Outreach Committee (Maddy)

Coordinating pet parade, food, and reception after the fountain dedication.

Garden Tour date not set, but tentatively for second weekend in June.  If we have a date, we will need to get that on the calendar, and notify potential gardeners to begin preparing their gardens.

Other Business:

Jason talked with Albert about an intern who would work on a master plan.  Response was positive, he will continue the conversation.

Meeting concluded at 8:30.

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