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April 6, 2016 Board of Trustees meeting
26th Jun


April 6, 2016 Board of Trustees meeting

Caretaker’s Residence
7:00 pm


Jason Kentner
Rick Frantz
Ro Z Mendelson
Don Anderson
Rick Miller
Beth Vogt
Maddy Weisz
Lyle Saylor
Julie Hallan
Rick Harrison
Shawn Temper
Jude Grimes
Eric Anderson
Nate Durst


Not present:

Item: March Minutes Approval

Item: Kellen Sullivan , Medical student at OSU, interested in doing a sunscreen study
Parks in Boston, FL, etc, installing sunscreen stations in public parks to prevent skin cancer.

Idea is to monitor how much people use the sunscreen stations. Would like to install 2 in Goodale Park this summer (maybe debut at ComFest or another summer festival), free to the public. Hands-free, weather resistant, hypo-allergenic sunscreen 30SPF (uses zinc oxide), brightly colored. Working with “Make Good Change” out of Boston, and stations are insured. Taking suggestions on placement of stations in the park, stations can be mounted to walls or poles.

Funding: They currently have a $600 grant which will cover 2 stations and 4 bags (600-700 dispenses per bag) of sunscreen. They can also do crowdsourcing through OSU. Other grants are available.

Observational study would be done on specific days at specific times. Click counters would be used. Similar study done in Hershey Park. Survey would also be included.

At end of study, stations would remain in park, and crowdsourcing could be done to continue funding sunscreen.

Kellen’s handout will be scanned and emailed to the Board.

Trustee Comments

RM – City might not have an issue with installing them, but he is not sure that the City would want to continue maintaining them after the study. This would have to go through Recreation and Parks. Also, would this be an issue with the Victorian Village Commission, much like previous art projects in the park?

Would FGP want to take this on? (Lots of head nods “No”) What if sunscreen runs out? OSU students would replace during the study, per Kellen.

GK – Signage in the park has been an issue in the past. We have discussed this in the past, and we have already agreed that commercial signage is not allowed.

RM – New director is looking at how we can improve upon revenue generation (i.e., how much is it worth to rename a rec center or park, etc).

GK – Sounds like we should make a recommendation to Recreation & Parks.

RM – Can take to Rec & Parks to present, with the understanding that the City might not want to take it on.

JK – We will have an internal conversation and get back to Kellen.


GK – Move that FGP recommends to Rec & Parks that we approve a test run of the sunscreen station proposal for the summer of 2016 with no expectation of funding or maintenance from FGP, and with no commercial advertising.

JK – 2nd


RF – We would like to see the data


Rick Miller will take to Rec & Parks and report back.

Discussion about where to place stations – in high-traffic area JK

Item: Parking Lot Dumpster Vote TODO RM – Rec & Parks rec’d letter from Rhett Ricart on January 19, 2016 included suggestions for placing recycling dumpsters in other locations in the Short North.

Rec & Parks rec’d another letter from Rhett Ricart after the Feb 3 FGP meeting, stating FGP board members are in support of moving all of the recycling dumpsters, lists issues seen by Ricart directly related to the recycling dumpsters.

Hours of pickup have now changed – during the week not before 8am and on weekends not before 11am.

Per Rick, 2 dumpsters would remain in lot, 2 would go to Thompson Rec Center, and 1 would be located near the shelter house (not sure where). Discussion about large trucks coming through Park Street gates, along with dumpster taking up parking space and recycling bin not being available during shelter house rental.

JK – Some businesses are using the bins (Jeni’s for sure).

RoZ – Suggestion to ask Rec & Parks if this is finalized.


JK – Move that FGP author a letter in support with ComFest to support the full removal of the recycling bins from the Dennison lot. If that is not possible, we reduce the number of dumpsters to 3 dumpsters remaining in the Dennison lot and no dumpsters be moved to the shelter house.

Beth 2nd


Jason will write the letter of support and email to Rick Miller.

Item: website has been used for the past 3 years, has not. Do we want to keep?


JK – Move to unfund the url

Greg 2nd


Item: May FGP Social

Maddy offered to host the May social, but her place is not that big

Offer to host at her house

Summer potluck, everyone bring a dish

Will this be a meeting, or just a social?

If there is an item to vote on, we can vote. Otherwise, just a chance to socialize.

Beth and Maddy will arrange potluck list for the board via email. Signups already started.

Item: Treasurer Report AGENDA JK – Nate not in attendance, will get a report later.

Item: Volunteer Coordinator

Last workday a success; well-attended. Quite a few old-school volunteers showed up, looks like a good sign for the summer.

Earth Day is April 23rd. We are registered at (Green Columbus), and already seeing signups. Supply request sent to Keep Columbus Beautiful (shovels, wheelbarrows, trash bags and grabbers). Also expecting volunteer goodies from Green Columbus.

The Joseph Hotel wants to do an Earth Day cleanup of their own on Friday, April 22nd. Still working on time for that.

Asked Rick Miller about shelter house repair timeline. He will check again with Rec & Parks.

Also, rats in the grotto again

Rick Miller will request to have this taken care of

Per Ro-Z: Send ComFest tent application to Candy for both spaces (due 4/30). Julie will send.

Item: SNCA Update

Beth and Julie both missed the SNF meeting; nothing to report.

Item: Rec & Parks

Trash cans are being re-painted again, one by one.

Have any new benches been placed? Candy mentioned one went in near a stage.

RF – No new benches recently.

RM – No new benches recently.

Gazebo electric box has been damaged, per volunteers at the last work day. Cover is off and lock has been broken. Rick Miller will look into.

Item: Group Discussion: SNCA & FGP Merger Next Steps

Questions that came up at retreat:

FGP can use their staff, but we are non-profit and they are not – how does that work?

GK – We might make this a formal meeting down the road, in order to be more prepared, maybe after festival season in the fall.

JK – Aim for fall summit and ask Nate to investigate our non-profit status and how that would change if we merged, etc. JK

Questions/Comments AGENDA RM – Horseshoe pits, removed in new master plan?


RM – Also, proposals due to Rec & Parks from a consultant on what to do with the Park Street entrance columns.

Need 1 person for the committee from FGP. Let me know who is interested.

GK – Development Committee can make a suggestion.

Lyle and Greg agree that Greg will be on the committee. 🙂

RM – UIRF, need to see how much that will take for the gates and look at what will come up next: irrigation, lighting, or walkway. RM

Item: Committee Profiles & Organizations

Each Chair Reviews Goal of Committee (on agenda)

LS – Development Committee Meeting 3rd Wednesday of every month at Lyle’s house, 7pm

JK – Rick Harrison asked for a budget for committees. Brings up a good point that we should come up with an operational budget/basic committee expenses.


BV – Move that we allow each committee to spend up to $200 on basic operational expenses, which is anything that would be reimbursable to a committee member or chair without having to come to the board for approval.

MW – 2nd

Discussion: Increase amount to $250.


Budget Items per Committee Clarification/Discussion (see meeting agenda):

*Stewardship & Operations

JK – increase of $1500 over last year (FYI)

GK – Chase Bed will get smaller and may not be called Chase Bed much longer

JH – Shawn Temper is starting things with Morgan Stanley, and that may take the place of

Ro-Z – First Commonwealth is interested in getting more involved with the community and ComFest. He will talk to the manager again.

JK – Move that we approve the Stewardship and Operations Annual Budget of $5000, $1500 of which is covered by the annual contributions by ComFest.

BV – 2nd

Item: Outreach & Events

Discussion of budget on meeting agenda

JK – Move that FGP renew sponsorship of the Goodale Park Music Series at the $500 level

BV – 2nd

Item: Development & Planning

JK – Budget item: $1,500 for “materials related to the effort to increase the endowment”, but with no immediate and definite items, do we need a vote?

LS – We may want to have handouts at events, and it might be good to have items to hand out at the ComFest booth.

JK – FGP tent was destroyed in last year’s rainstorm during Pride. We have talked about having a branded tent for future events.

DA – Need to use festivals as an opportunity to communicate with the public about the organization, especially the master plan. We now need to report back to the public through a presentation at the tent during events.

JK – Branding conversation comes back up (FGP letterhead, branded tent, displays, signage, etc). Still have $1,500 left in the initial master plan grant.

GK – We can discuss at the next meeting.

Agreed. JK
13. Sells Plaza Painting TODO GK – Painting of Sells Plaza arch. Thinks Stan approved the maintenance/re-painting with the contact who has done park painting in the past. Needs done.


JK – Move that FGP approve up to $600 for the purpose of painting the Sells Plaza archway, lettering and associated gate.

GK – 2nd


Approved. GK

Item: Scotts Plaque TODO

GK – Would like to remove the Scotts plaque from the pond. We have asked for grants from Scotts but we have not received anything. We should remove.

GK – Move that FGP remove the Scotts plaque from behind the gazebo, on the pond.

JK – 2nd



Greg will coordinate the removal of the sign. 🙂 GK


JK – Move to adjourn

RF – 2nd


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