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August 2012 Monthly Meeting
8th Aug


August 2012 Monthly Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park Board of Trustees Meeting

August 1, 2012
7:00 pm Caretakers Residence




Jason Kentner (Pres.)

Stan Sells (Sec.)

Greg Maynard

Dave Snow

Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)


Eric Anderson

Missy Ricksecker


Beth Vogt

Garett Heysel


Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)

Bryant Fried (ComFest)


Rick Frantz

Matt Wolf


Andy Klein (Treasurer)



Pat Lewis



Maddy Weisz (VP)



Greg Krobot



Action Item – Volunteer for minutes neeed. (Eric volunteered, and is taking full responsibility)

Discussion began with the suggestion of kombucha as a solution for Rick Miller’s kidney stones.

Action Item – Review/Approve Minutes from July BOT meeting. “Urban Gardner” needs to be changed to “Flora”. Motion to approve minutes with this change by Beth, passed unanimously.


Volunteer Coordinator (Julie – out sick)

Work Day – July 14th (Storm Cleanup), a light volunteer month. Next Work Day – Saturday Aug 11 (9-noon)

Recreation & Parks Coordinator (Rick M.)

Lights are going to be done this week, then taking them to the company for coating (this will take a couple of weeks), then back to Quality Masonry for installation. Will need to run electric.
$6,300 price to upsize pump and related items. Another company will bid as well. Pump will move from 15-20 gallons [per something] to 40-50 with 1.25 inch pipe. Greater capacity is possible, but with a lot more work (including digging).

Graffiti removal: a little more needs to be done on the south side. Rick will talk with maintenance about the possibility of removing this remainder.

Treasurer Update (Andy)

Andy distributed examples of some brochures. He has about 500 of them, and wonders what to do with them. Some information is outdated. Tete a Tete is no longer an issue, and the listed website ( no longer works. Decided to recycle the brochures, but there was great sadness and gnashing of teeth.

Treasurer’s report distributed. Not a lot of activity this month. Stan submitted the request for the Oswald grant; already received $2,000. The Chase account received $750, and more is on the way. No expenses this month. Our financial situation is a bit better than last month.


Resumed discussion regarding towing in the central park area when park is closed (11:00-7:00). Marginally related (literally) issue from Jeff Smith to have meter parking on south side of Buttles was introduced by Jason. Consensus seemed to be that there doesn’t seem to be room on the street.

Back to original issue. Greg K. asked about the need for increased signage to clarify towing from central section. Rick M. confirmed that Shamrock Towing would provide the signs and install them. Pat expressed her concern about neighbors needing parking. Greg M. wondered if we could rely on ticketing instead of towing, with special permits, and specific spots. Rick pointed out the difficulty of monitoring special situations.

Motion from Eric to enforce towing in the central part of the park when park is closed. Seconded by Greg K. Additional discussion: Dave Snow supported the idea of something simple and clear. Eric amended motion to enforce from midnight to 6 am. Greg K. re-seconded. Andy was concerned about unintended consequences – tow trucks going through historic gates with cars; also he felt that anything should be approved through the Society. A flurry of unrelated comments were subdued (following Robert’s Rules of Order). Vote: Yes: Eric, Beth, Greg K., Dave (I think); No: Pat, Andy, Jason, Rick F. Abstained: Wietz, Miller (again, I think). Motion failed. This healthy disagreement was possibly a first for the Friends of Goodale Park, and a great celebration of democracy ensued. There was much rejoicing.

Jason indicated his preference to take this issue to surrounding groups before the next meeting. Groups included Short North Civic Association, Business Association, Comfest, [Jason, please fill in the gaps] Jason will do this before the next meeting to get feedback from them. He will present the midnight to 6 am proposal to them. Greg K. had one more comment: is this unique for us to go to the neighborhood organizations for feedback (will we be checking with everyone when we want to cut down a tree?). Jason indicated that parking is an unusual issue that affects other groups.

Continuing with park vandalism discussion: Should we include additional park closing time signs so that police could enforce the rule. Rick M. indicated that the additional signs would need to be requested by the board from Rec and Parks. Greg K. moved that we request a sign from Rec and Parks indicating the hours of park operation and park rules at the southeast corner of Goodale Park. Motion seconded by Andy. Discussion included questions about nature of the sign details. Greg K. indicated that he feels that he is making progress with Officer Good, and that this request for a sign will show we are responding to Officer Good’s requests for signage. Motion passed unanimously. Jason will pursue the possibility of more signs at other entrances.


Planning & Development (Jason/Others):

  • Pond Update – Water Level increasing as weather allows
, still improving
  • Dedication Event – Still TBD (too many unknowns)
  • Memorial Plaque – Bart Overly working on list for next week
  • Stan looked into the OHS History Fund Grant for restoration of remaining gates.
 as well as Volunteer Coordinator Funding for Future (Columbus Foundation).
  • Next Meeting for Planning Committee – Monday Sept. 17 @ 7pm

Operations Committee (Rick F.):

SID watering update. They are watering.

UIRF Grant Application in process, letter of support received from Recreation & Parks. Unfortunately, Rick F ran into a computer glitch during submission, which caused a delay, and he is inquiring whether we are still considered in spite of being late. Rick M. will contact Susan and ask if it is accepted.

Meeting w/ Festival Coordinators for coming fall efforts: Jason proposed getting a group together to decide whether or not to continue with the same contractors for aeration and such. Rick had contacted Jim Farley, but received no response. Jason offered to join this group that will pursue these actions.

Rick F. is delaying the planting of two trees until fall. I didn’t hear the explanation. Very mysterious.

Rick F. questioned progress on concrete pads for benches. Rick M. indicated that he would get the appropriate person in touch with Rick F.

Greg M. has the plants for the pond. Jason moved that on the next work day, we install water plants in the pond. I can’t remember who seconded the motion, but it passed unanimously.
Missing tools question from Andy. New tools were purchased to replace those that are missing.

Communications Committee (Missy):

  • Mailing addresses were updated by Julie).
  • Decision was made to wait for t-shirts until after branding?

  • Branding – CCAD participation as a project
 is a possibility, and Missy is checking into this.
  • Blogs – Eric shared plans for the Sesquipedalian Dumpster Diver, and for invited short-term blog projects.
  • Pat suggested to remove the garden tour from the web site, and to add content about the upcoming pump installation, remove the photos that are two years old.
  • Maddy asked about a schedule to remove web items after a certain amount of time. Maybe remove some of the photos from the scrolling set of main page photos.
  • Pat and Maddy would like to have blank web pages rather than old content. Eric would like to avoid blank pages.
  • Greg M. asked if we have asked others in the neighborhood if they are interested in offering suggestions for branding. Eric indicated that Missy has asked business owners.
  • Missy needs content, and if anyone has photos and/or content, please send to her. Content does not need to be polished, as Missy can edit prior to posting.
  • An idea: to put the historic photos on the site, so that people can scroll through them.

Events and outreach (Maddy):

October 7 event is being planned. Shelter House is already reserved by another group, but could we use the garden? Or would that be too crowded. Date was selected due to Italian Festival parade. Are any other dates possible? Maddy will check. Columbus Landmarks is very interested in participating in this event. They are planning on the October 7 date, but they would be open to another date. But Columbus Day is the next day. Maybe Monday night, on Columbus Day? Weekends would be better. Saturday might be available. Sorry for the stream of consciousness as I tried to capture the conversation.

Columbus Landmarks Award Nominations (Jason) Deadline is August 3. Suggestion to nominate ourselves.

Display Banner & Stand for Special Events: Jason looked into retractable display that holds 2 banners back-to-back, with a display base. Pat indicated that we should get cracking on it. Since the banners are just $60 each, we can move forward with this prior to the branding exercise. We don’t have a design yet, but we will move forward with the other pieces.
Motion by Jason to approve the purchase of the 2 display bases and banners. Seconded by Maddy, motion passed unanimously. Jason will design the banners and share design with the Board.

Pat brought up the historic photos, and what to do with them. Tangential discussion digressed…foam core is not designed to be permanent, so probably not appropriate for framing. Maybe just double-stick tape or the sticky 3M strips that are wall-safe and paint-safe and put them on the walls temporarily. Pat will indicate our plans for temporarily installing them.

Holiday Gala location. Pat emailed Fritz about Sells mansion, but no response yet.

  • Next meeting: Aug 27 at 7:30 at Maddy’s
  • Year in Review for October meeting: assessment of status
  • Committee chairs should be prepared to discuss our current status, and any need for changes in direction during the remainder of the year.
  • Volunteer hours
  • Projects completed
  • Events held
  • Web development/traffic/progress

Additional items:

Pat plans to provide an article for the Short North Gazette. Deadline for October is August 15, if we want to get something published.

Jason proposed that our October meeting be an open meeting, advertised through a variety of outlets, and we will need to have a specific focus for the purpose of their input. Maybe wait until the fountain is operational so that we’re not opening ourselves up for more criticism on this. General consensus to table this until we feel more confident about the purpose of an advertised open meeting.

Beth asked about a light at the pond that was bent and now is gone. Rick M. will look into it.

Fish gate is moving forward. We should provide photos for the website. Greg K. will pursue, and can we move some photos and commentary to the web.

Hesitantly submitted,
Eric Anderson

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