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Goodale Park’s Tree Collection
4th Aug


Goodale Park’s Tree Collection

Goodale Park has a fantastic tree collection. Why can we say that? What makes a great tree collection? A great tree collection not only has great specimens of trees, but also a wide variety and Goodale has both. The park is home to over 700 trees and over 500 different varieties. Many of the park’s trees can be found nowhere else in Central Ohio. Goodale Park rivals only Dawes Arboretum near Newark in terms of different kinds of trees. The park hosts trees of every size and shape, trees with great unusual bark, year-round leaves of every color and size and fruit that not only looks odd or interesting, but is edible. Having a diverse tree inventory is great to show off the distinctiveness of trees, but is also important when diseases or insects like Emerald Ash Borer strike and eliminate a particular species of trees.
Want some numbers to back this up? In urban forestry, there is a guideline called the 30-20-10 rule which recommends that your collection be made of no more than 10% of any one species, 20% of any genus and 30% of any botanical family.
So how does Goodale fare? Of those 700+ trees there are approximately 120 trees in the Oak/Beech family, our largest contingent at about 15%. As for the winner of most tree species in the park? The winner is Common Hackberry, of which there are 24 trees or a paltry 3%.
How do we know all this? FGP has an extensive tree inventory you can explore for yourself here.

Stacked bar graph of the percentage of trees per botanic family in Goodale Park

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