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2012 Annual Retreat
9th Jan


2012 Annual Retreat

Friends of Goodale Park

Annual Retreat
January 7, 2012
Beaton Hall at Columbus Museum of Art

Present: Present: Absent:
Jason Kentner (Pres./Chair) Garett Heysel Dave Snow
Maddy Weisz(VicePres.) Beth Vogt Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Andy Klein (Treasurer) Pat Lewis
Stan Sells (Secretary) Matt Wolf Guests:
Rick Frantz Eric Anderson
Greg Krobot Julie Hallan
Missy Ricksecker Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)


Retreat Notes

Jason opened the 6th annual FGP Board Retreat at 9:00 am.  Jason thanked Missy for arranging for the retreat meeting space this year.

2011 Annual Report

The draft of the 2011 Annual Report was distributed for review and comment.  Several revisions were suggested and incorporated.  Sells will send the revised Annual Report to Margaret Marten for publication in the SN Gazette and will submit it to the FGP web site.

Gala Report:  General Discussion

General: Attendance was 100 this year with location and residence facilitating a greater turnout.  Over $5,000 was cleared from the event.  The Browns were presented with a gift basket of fruit from Kroger’s in appreciation of their serving as hosts.  This should become a tradition for each Gala host.

There was an issue of a missing owl figurine but it was verified that the owl was not present at the beginning of the gala.

Coats were collected as patrons arrived but finding one’s coat at the end of the evening proved difficult.  Coat management needs to be rethought for next year.

Publicity: It was agreed that posters were of little value in publicizing the gala and should be eliminated for future Galas.  The mailing of postcards is the most effective way to publicize the Gala.

Silent Auction: Recruitment of auction items needs to begin earlier in the fall and needs to cast a wider net for potential donors.  Auction donors and artists need to be better identified at the Gala.

Admissions Policy:  The Board needs to develop a policy regarding admission charges for donors.  Said policy should be posted in the FGP “policy” handbook.

Treasurer’s Report:

Andy provided an eight year overview of  FGP “assets, liabilities and net assets,” plus a seven year overview of income and expenses for the FGP Gala,  in addition to the December 31, 2011 treasurer’s report.  Noteworthy, among the last seven Galas, this year’s was the second Gala to clear over $5,000.  Also noteworthy in the yearend report was the $2,188.65 donated to FGP through the Nov. 10-11, 2011 “Big Give” sponsored by the Columbus Foundation.  Included in that amount was $253.65 in matching funds provided by the Columbus Foundation.

FGP total net assets as of 12/31/11 were:  $39,154.47

Accomplishments and Goals:

Maddy led the group in a review of the 2011 Goals and Accomplishments.

Goals that were identified at the 2010 Retreat and have since been achieved:

  • Have equipment for clean-up days
  • Agenda for Saturday work days
  • Develop a Master plan  (Still in the works!)
  • Improve relationships with Park St. Bars
  • FGP is friendly!
  • Website upgrade (Areas do still need to be upgraded)
  • Volunteer information on the website
  • Fix front steps of the shelterhouse
  • Volunteer coordinator in place
  • Utilize volunteers better
  • Develop Volunteer Appreciation
  • Don’t rehash same projects and issues in each meeting
  • More oversight and accountability of committees
  • Cohesiveness of Board and operations (More to do here!)
  • Sculpture completed in 2011
  • Basement clean-out

All Successes!

Successes in 2011:

  • Great Public Events
  • Music Series
  • Sharing the booth at Comfest
  • Josey’s Art at ComFest
  • Better use of the media and press
  • No Bad Press!
  • Great Gala
  • Added new members
  • Volunteer network strong and growing
  • Big year for projects
  • Tree tags
  • Stayed on the Fountain
  • Tried new idea such as the volunteer event
  • Better work with ComFest and Pride
  • More ownership of beds (We have a ways to go.)
  • Have raised funds for the Fountain

Goals for 2012:

  • Improve control over beds. Have a bed captain meeting/training
  • Complete masterplan/vision, long-term and short-term, include ComFest and Pride Put in annual report
  • Dedicate gates, working with Columbus Landmarks Foundation
  • UCT monument celebrated
  • Dedication of the Fountain
  • Continure to build on success with website and social media
  • Handbook for officers duties and responsibilities
  • More or some kids events
  • T-shirts (An On-Demand website for T-shirts was mentioned.)
  • Yard signs: “Friends of Goodale Park Working”
  • Research Development of an App for the Park
  • Finish branding effort we started
  • Start a comprehensive branding process
  • Training on website
  • Better Communication  from the Board to:
    • The volunteers
    • The Short North Community
    • Other organizations
    • And businesses
  • This could fall to an outreach committee
  • Have public meetings
  • Fundraising/sponsors/grants
  • Web recogniton for volunteers

2012 Officer Elections:

Each current officer was asked if he or she was willing to continue serving in that capacity.  Each replied affirmatively and each was reconfirmed by unanimous acclimation.

  • President: Jason Kentner
  • Vice-President: Maddy Wiesz
  • Treasurer: Andy Klein
  • Secretary: Stan Sells

Organizational Discussion:

Jason distributed the draft of a proposed FGP Trustee Handbook to include FGP Bylaws, duties for each officer, duties for committee chairpersons, and organizational policies. This in turn led to a renewed discussion of the committee structure for FGP.  The consensus at the end of the discussion was that there should be four standing committees:

  • Planning and Development (incorporating the development of short and long range master plans for the park)
  • Operations (focused on park plantings and maintenance)
  • Events (managing FGP sponsored events)
  • Communications

The committees will include the following Board members:

Planning and Development:

Stan (chair.), Jason, Andy, Greg, Beth, Matt, Rick, Garett, Eric (planning), & Missy (development)


Rick (chair.), Jason, Greg, Matt, Beth, & Eric


Maddy (chair.), Jason, Stan, Rick, Pat, Julie


Missy (social media coordinator), Jason, Garett and Eric

Action Item:

Jason asked that Committee chairs prepare 2012 budgets for presentation and discussion at the February Board meeting.

Sells reported that CR&P had determined that the pond was still leaking despite applying pond sealer around the construction site.  CR&P will prepare a call for bids to seal the entire pond bottom.  Bids are due Feb. 2.

Other suggestions for 2012 included:

  • Holding a joint meeting with the Schiller Park support group
  • Holding a public meeting focused on Goodale Park issues
  • Holding Board meetings at Trustee’s homes
  • Expanding the advance planning for the Gala

Given that the lunch hour was upon us, the Board adjourned at 1:00 to the Yellow Brick Pizza for pizza.  Thanks again to Missy for hosting the retreat.

February Board Meeting:  Thursday, February 2, 2012, 7:00 pm at the Caretaker’s Residence (note change in date)

Fountain Committee (Planning & Development):  Monday, February 20, 2012 at 7:00 pm, Caretaker’s Residence.

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