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June 2011 Monthly Meeting
6th Jun


June 2011 Monthly Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park

Board Meeting

June 1, 2011

7:00 pm Caretakers Residence

Present: Present: Absent:
Jason Kentner (Pres.) Matt Wolf Maddy Weisz (VP)
Stan Sells (Sec.) Greg Krobot Ken Salak
Garett Heysel Beth Vogt Andy Klein (Treasurer)
Chris Gillespie Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Frantz Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)
Pat Lewis Bryant Fried (ComFest) Guest:
Seth Clarke Greg Maynard


Jason introduced Bryant Fried to the Board.  Bryant will attend Board meetings as the representative from ComFest.


Volunteer Coordinator Update

Julie reported that 59 volunteers had worked on planting day in May (155 vol. hours).  This was the first attempt to do planting day on a Sunday and the attendance was encouraging.  Fabian provided pizzas at a discount as part of the afternoon pot luck with Martha Walker Garden Club.  Pat Lewis was also recognized with a cake and the announcement of a Kousa dogwood and plaque that was planted in the park at the south end of the Dennison parking lot in recognition of the unending contributions Pat has made to this community.

22 volunteers participated in the Wednesday evening work event.  This too was a new approach to a work event and several people indicated that they were more available on week nights than weekends.

The Volunteer Appreciation Event will be held Thursday, October 6, 2011 beginning at 6:00 pm at the Park Street Tavern.

The next work day will be Saturday, June 11 from 9 until noon.  This will be the last work day before the major June events in the park.

Julie asked for new work gloves and Rick indicated the P&O budget could handle the purchase of same.

Sells reported that he will submit the annual report to the Oswald Foundation regarding the Volunteer Coordinator grant

Motion: (Sells/Krobot) To submit a request to the Oswald Family Foundation for a grant renewal in the amount of $5,000 with FGP providing a 25% match.

Vote:  Motion carried.

Rec. & Parks: Goodale Gates Elements

Rick Miller reported that the Victorian Village Commission position regarding lights for the columns was that they should “match existing.”  Rick is pursuing bids from other fabricators.

Rick also reported that Quality Masonry is still searching for stone to match the existing columns for the new caps.

Rick reported that the CRPD had consulted with Columbus Police and Fire regarding June events in Goodale Park.  Their decision was that the pond must be fenced in prior to the events.  The city will supply heavy duty snow fence, fence posts and a post driver for installation.  Pride and ComFest will recruit volunteers to assist FGP volunteers on the June 11th work day to install the fence on three sides of the pond.


Treasurer’s Report:

In Andy’s absence, Jason reported that we had received the $800 from the Columbus Foundation for the Community Garden Grant.   Greg reported that the expenditure for the annual plants was $658.  In addition, we have received the final invoice for the casting of the elephants and the final payment of $2,475.00 has been paid.  Total cost was $16,500.  We have also paid the first invoice to Columbus Art Memorial for $41,936.98.

Planning and Operations:

·         Tree Plaques:  The engraved plaques are now ready but still need fastener springs for installation.  Rick is exploring options.

·         New Trees:  4 new trees were planted on May 23 – Daybreak Magnolia, Konara Oak, and two Dawn Redwoods.

·         Tree Work:  Trees were fertilized and treated for Emerald Ash Borror.  There is still some work not yet completed.  Rick is following up with Joe Russell.

·         Workdays:  Have been well attended and considerable accomplished despite the rain.  The Wednesday workday was unexpectedly popular with people we don’t normally see.

·         Public Art:  There is a trellis art piece created by Josey Joseph in the ComFest bed.  This is not a permanent installation and the Board approved of this installation given Josey’s relationship to both FGP and ComFest and the fact that Josey has offered to share the proceeds of future trellis sales with both FGP and ComFest.  However, there needs to be a specified approval process that should include FGP and CRPD for temporary installations as well as the Cols. Arts Commission and VV Commission for permanent installations. It was the opinion of the majority of the board that any policy regarding public art limit/restrict corporate “branding” of the art or the park by default.

·         Watering:  Rick indicated he had explored a couple of options and the SID arrangement of last year was the least costly.

Motion (Krobot/Heysel):  To begin watering using the SID at $20/hour and using last year’s contract as a model for bed assignments and maximum cost.

Vote:  Motion carried

Development and Finance:

·         Fountain Construction Update:  Basin ring is nearly complete; first tier should be done by next week.  Carmine is aware of the July deadline.  Elephants are completed and Malcolm is picking them up this week.

·         Lotus situation:  Sells suggested that in light of expressed concerns, FGP needs to publicize the fact that the lotus will not be reintroduced to the pond (although there will be water lilies reintroduced) and that the pond is being returned to its status as a pond (with a spectacular new water feature) rather than a lotus garden (given that the lotus are highly invasive and uncontrollable).  He will draft a statement for Board review to be published in the Gazette.

·         Fundraising:  A grant application has been submitted to the Short North Foundation requesting $4,000.  In addition, Bill Hefner has offered to host an “invited” fund raiser at his home later this summer.

·         Lighting Contract:  Columbus Art Memorial has submitted a contract for underwater fountain lighting in the amount of $19,360.  This includes the concrete posts for the lighting fixtures.


Motion (Sells/Krobot): To enter into a contract with Columbus Art Memorial in the amount of $19,360 for installation of lighting for the fountain.

Vote:  Motion carried.


Next Committee Meeting:  Monday, June 6, 2011 at 7:00 pm @ Malcolm’s studio, 1033 Brentnell Ave.

Events and Outreach:

·         FGP Volunteers for ComFest Tent:  Jason circulated sign-up sheet but time slots are still open.

·         Upcoming Events:

o   Gazebo 20th anniversary in August

o   Fountain dedication – summer

o   Volunteer appreciation – Oct. 6

·         Website status:  New website is with re-direct from old site.  Suggested launch of new site to coincide with ComFest,  All Board members are requested to review the new site as soon as possible and comment to Chris.

Next Committee Meeting: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 7:30 pm @ 1219 Harrison


Work Day:  Saturday, June 11, 2011 from 9 am to noon.


July Board Meeting – Wednesday, July 6, 2011 @ 7:00 pm, Caretaker’s Residence



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