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June 2012 Monthly Meeting
9th Jun


June 2012 Monthly Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park Board Meeting

June 6, 2012 (Revised)
7:30 pm Caretakers Residence




Jason Kentner (Pres.)

Greg Krobot

Eric Anderson

Maddy Weisz (VP)

Bryant Fried (ComFest)

Garett Heysel

Andy Klein (Treasurer)

Pat Lewis


Stan Sells (Sec.)

Dave Snow

Roger Farrell

Beth Vogt

Missy Ricksecker

Ed Delong

Matt Wolf

Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)

Greg Maynard

Rick Frantz

Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)


Fish Gate Proposal:

Greg Krobot introduced Roger Farrell of the JF Company and Ed Delong of Precision Slate and Tile to discuss their proposal to strip, repair and repaint the woodwork on the Fish Gate and to replace the tile roof using salvaged tile of the same design as was on the original structure.  They agreed that they could complete the job by the end of September; that the salvaged tile would have a terra cotta appearance consistent with the original tile; that they would leave extra tile for any future repairs; and that they would provide a ten year guarantee.

Motion (by Greg and Pat): To accept JF’s proposal using salvaged tile and inserting a completion date of Sept. 15, 2012 with a 10% penalty if not completed by the due date.

Motion carried.

UIRF Grant Request:

There was discussion of various alternatives for a grant request under the UIRF process.  

Motion (by Jason and Beth):  To submit a UIRF request for stone work restoration of the NW, N and E gates in light of restoration work completed on the S gate and anticipated on the NW gate.

Motion carried.  Greg and Rick will prepare the application in advance of the July 27 due date.


The minutes of the May 2, 2012 Board meeting were approved as amended to reflect approval of a $500 contribution by FGP to the Short North summer music series.

Rec. & Parks:

Goodale Gates Elements

Rick Miller reported the bottom portion of the new light fixtures have been fabricated, but there is no completion date yet for the rest of the fixtures.

Volunteer Coordinator Update:

Julie reported that the FGP Happy Hour recognition by Give Back Columbus had resulted in significant tool donations as well as $140.   

Treasurer’s Report:

Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable for the month of May of $220.21.  Total net assets as of 06/06//12: $40,155.77.  

Development Finance:

  • Fountain Update: Prior to this June Board meeting, the Board affirmatively voted by email Motion (Sells/Kentner) to contract with ProCon Professional Construction Services, Inc. to install an industrial strength rubber membrane around the foundation of the fountain and thereby provide a water tight seal around the foundation.  In addition, the tops of the light fixture pylons would be sealed to prevent leakage between the concrete and the sona tubes.  Total contract price is $8,025.  The contract stipulated completion no later than June 21, 2012. Motion carried with one abstention.

ProCon has already pumped out water to reduce the water level around the fountain and thereby allowing work to start on sealing the foundation.  Work should commence yet this week with completion by early next week. Once the work has been completed, the well will be turned on again. The city has arranged for ProCon to pump remaining water needed to fill the pond during the week of June 25.  The pond will be fenced off this Saturday during the scheduled work day. Bryant will pick up fence posts from Rec and Parks.

Next Committee Meeting:  Monday, June 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm @ Caretakers Residence

Events and Outreach:

  • Garden Tour:  The Garden Tour scheduled for this Sunday, June 10 from 1 to 4 will include 9 home gardens and 4 parks.  Gift Certificates to Flora Home and Garden will be presented to non-board garden owners and to winners of the Scavenger Hunt.  
  • Event Banners:    There is continued exploration of creating event banners using both historic elements of the park as well as current park activities. Costs and further details to be presented subsequently.

Planning and Operations:

  • Work Day:  Work Day will be this Saturday, June 9 from 9 until noon.  Activities will include planting the circle bed, planting the entrance bed, fencing the pond and general clean up of the park.
  • Tree Watering:  

Motion (by Rick and Andy):  To allocate $500 and contract with the SID for watering of new park trees during this summer.

Motion carried.

Next Work Day: Saturday, June 9 @ 9am


The Committee is working on developing current email lists and categorizing various lists for selective use.  It is also determining access protocols to the website.  Let Missy know if you need special access.  Website policies are under review.

July Board Meeting – Wednesday, July 11, 2012, @ 7:00pm; Caretaker’s Residence  (NOTE:  This is moved to the second Wed. in July)

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