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March 2011 Monthly Meeting
6th Mar


March 2011 Monthly Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park

Board Meeting

March 2, 2011

7:00 pm Caretakers Residence


Present: Present: Absent:
Jason Kentner (Pres.) Chris Gillespie Micki Pike
Maddy Weisz (VP) Garett Heysel Ken Salak
Andy Klein (Treasurer) Matt Wolf Seth Clarke
Stan Sells (Sec.) Greg Krobot  
Rick Frantz Rick Miller (Rec/Parks) Guests:
Beth Vogt Julie Hallan Terry Sherburn
Pat Lewis   Greg Maynard


Motion: Approval of February Board meeting minutes, by Rick Frantz, 2ndBeth Vogt

Vote: Motion carried


Discussion re: Light Fixtures for Goodale Gates

Terry presented ½ scale mock up of a reproduction fixture that closely resembles the original Goodale Gate light fixtures.  Although no cost estimate for custom manufacture of two fixtures has yet been presented, Rick Miller indicated that the cost might be as high as $15,000 for two fixtures.   Even then, the replication of the original design might not be possible.  On the other hand, it might be possible to find an off-the-shelf fixture that would cost less and be close in appearance to the original design.  Using an off the shelf fixture would assure that of both fixtures are identical and would carry a warranty.  Salvaged fixtures might be another option.  It was agreed that Rick and Terry would come back to the April Board meeting with four options and costs:

  1. An accurate version of a custom manufactured fixture
  2. A simplified version of a custom manufactured fixture
  3. An off-the-shelf version of the fixture
  4. A salvaged version of the fixture

It was agreed that in using any of the above options, it was highly doubtful that light fixtures could be installed and operational by the last week of May.  Hence, any May dedicatory event should not include a lighting ceremony.


Committee Reports:

Planning and Operations:

Rick F. presented the Work Day Schedule for the year and indicated that several Master Plan projects are being developed, e.g., the Dennison/Buttles Gates.  Greg K. outlined five priorities for those Gates:

  1. Replace Roof
  2. Paint Woodwork
  3. Replace rolls on wood brackets
  4. Replace the interim iron gate with consistent with the original
  5. Repair the stone work

Painting and roof replacement are the two top priorities for these gates.


Andy raised the need to address the safety issues regarding the pedestrian sidewalk that merges into the vehicular drive near the Goodale monument.  He proposed extending the sidewalk along the drive to the primary cross walk but with appropriate separation and distinction of materials so as not to confuse driveway and sidewalk.  He also proposed removing the portion of the main sidewalk that connects to the Goodale monument and instead extend that sidewalk and merge it with the one to be extended along the driveway.  There were several comments in support of retaining the Goodale connecting sidewalk and not altering its alignment.  Two options for funding the sidewalk modification might be 1) Rec. and Parks capital improvements budget (Rick offered to see about inclusion) and 2) FGP’s next UIRF grant application.


Jason mentioned that the Community Gardens Grant application process is now open.  Greg K. assured the Board that FGP could easily qualify under the grant guidelines.  Rick F. will take the lead to prepare the grant application.  Deadline for applications is April 1, 2011.


In response to Panera Bread’s inquiry of whether FGP would be interested in participating in an Earth Day campaign to raise funds for park trees or plants and to help promote Panera’s participation in Earth Week, the consensus was to accept their offer.  Jason will convey the Board’s decision and ask how FGP might help.


Regarding P&O’s operating budget proposal, Jason indicated he would like to defer discussion of budget issues until the April Board meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:

Andy presented the treasurer’s report which reflected an increase in net assets of $3,363.58 for total net assets of $52,392.38.


Development and Finance:

Motion:  Due to the escalating cost of bronze and the committee’s decision to have Malcolm use a 42” elephant model for the fountain, Stan moved and Rick F. seconded that the Board increase the casting cost obligation by $6,800, thereby increasing it from the original $9,700 to $16,500; and enter into a contract with Casting Art Technologies, Inc. (Cincinnati).  Motion carried.


Regarding Fountain Fundraising, Stan advised the Board that a previous generous donor had offered to pledge $500 if 100% of the Board had pledged to the Fountain campaign.  Currently, 64% of the Board has pledged.  Stan then indicated that he and his wife would add an additional $500 to that amount under the same requirements.  Hence, $1,000 is available pending 100% board participation in fund raising.  $10,000 still needs to be raised to fully cover the cost of lighting the fountain.  Jason urged the Board to raise $5,000 by the next April meeting.


Next meeting of the D & F Committee will be Monday, March 28, 2011, 7:00 pm @ Caretaker’s Residence


Events and Outreach:

Chris presented the Music in the Park funding request but Jason asked that it be deferred until the April Board meeting when budgets would be discussed.


Volunteer Coordinator:

Julie asked that the Board provide coffee and bagels for the March 12 work day.  The Board approved spending up to $50 in the event Panera would not donate coffee and bagels.


Web Site Presentation:

Chris presented the new web site using CiviCRM design ware.  The new structure will allow all board members to update content, develop contact lists, generate emails, monitor pledges, generate reminders, and generate reports.   Jason urged Board members to review site menus for content, depth, any omissions or excesses and to give Chris feedback on content and ultimately on branding.


March Work Day – Saturday, March 12, 2011 @ 9:00 am


April Board Meeting – Wednesday, April 6, 2011 @ 7:00 pm, Caretaker’s Residence


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