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May 2012 Monthly Meeting
6th May


May 2012 Monthly Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park Board Meeting

May 2, 20127:30 pm
Caretakers Residence

Present: Present: Absent:
Jason Kentner (Pres.) Eric Anderson Garett Heysel
Maddy Weisz (VP) Greg Krobot Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Andy Klein (Treasurer) Pat Lewis
Stan Sells (Sec.) Dave Snow Guests:
Beth Vogt Missy Ricksecker Greg Maynard
Matt Wolf Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)
Rick Frantz Rick Miller (Rec/Parks)

The minutes of the April 4, 2012 Board meeting were approved.

Jason reviewed the email vote of the Board to approve the purchase of pond dye in an effort to ascertain the location of the leak.  There were nine affirmative votes.  The first application of dye occurred this evening.

Rec. & Parks:
Goodale Gates ElementsRick Miller reported the new light fixtures are still in process with design details being further spelled out in drawings.  There is no time line yet for completion.MulchTwo large piles have been dumped at the south end of the Dennison parking lot.  Rick subsequently determined that it is for use on the playground.
Pond StatusThe well has been shut off and despite nearly 3” of rain in the last four days, the pond level has continued to drop slowly.  As a result of shims that were used to level the fountain structure on top of the sona tubes, there are gaps at the top of the sona tubes that could be allowing the leak.  (Following the board meeting, Rick, Jason and Stan inspected the status of the dye and found that a significant amount of the dye had collected around the base of the fountain.)  Another application of dye will occur next week.
Perimeter sidewalks will be repaired with replacement cement.  There is no news yet on a new release (and call for proposals) for UIRF funds.

Volunteer Coordinator Update
There were 117 volunteers who participated in the Earth Day event in Goodale Park on April 14 – a new record!  The next work day is May 12, Planting Day.  If possible, Board members were urged to come early (8 to 8:30) to help lay out plants on the beds.  Greg Krobot proposed (and the Board concurred) that the planting of the perennials be postponed from 5/12 to June 9 as it would be extremely difficult to accommodate both the annuals and the perennials on 5/12.  There was also discussion about eliminating the June 2 work day but Rick Frantz and the Operations Committee will review this and decide a course of action.  FGP volunteers are needed to work at ComFest to offset FGP booth cost.
Motion (by Matt W. and Jason K.):  To reimburse Julie $28.00 for the cost of promotion cards and to purchase additional cards up to $100.  Motion approved.
Treasurer’s Report:
Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable for the month of April of $5,725.95.  Total net assets as of 05/02//12: $51,302.66.
Planning and Development/Finance:

  • Fountain Update: See Rick’s report on pond status.
  • William Fish Gate Restoration Project: Despite attempts to obtain a proposed contract from Seth Clarke, nothing has been received.  As a result Greg K. will explore other contractor options.  The project will need to be reviewed by the Columbus Arts Commission.


Next Committee Meeting:  Monday May 21, 2012 at 7:00 pm @ Caretakers Residence
Events and Outreach:

  • Garden Tour:  Seven gardens have now been committed for the tour plus three speakers at Goodale Park (Linda McClanahan, Bill Dawson and Rick Frantz).
  • ComFest Booth:  The committee would like to purchase banners with Goodale Park historic images.  The number of banners, size of banners and cost of said needs to be determined.  There will be a subsequent email and vote when details are determined.  There should be an aerial image of the park at the booth as well as a suggestion box.  Dave S. is investigating the availability of potted herbs for FGP to sell at the booth.  
  • Home & Garden Pictures of Goodale:  Pictures have been obtained and were on display prior to the board meeting.


  • City Forester:  Rick had a good meeting with the new city forester, Joe Salek. Joe has a strong commitment for the city parks.
  • Memorial Trees:  Scheduled trees are waiting on the contractor.
  • Bases for Memorial Plaques:  There was discussion about the use of stone bases including carved stone for memorials. The Board consensus did not support the use of stone bases.

Next Work Day: Saturday, May 12 @ 8:30 am

The committee is focused on the Web site: determining who are web authors; and how to establish a viable mailing list
Next Committee Meeting – Wednesday, May 14, 2012, @ 7:00pm; at Missy’s house
June Board Meeting – Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 7:00 pm at the Caretaker’s Residence

Next Work Day – Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 8:30 am  (Planting Day)

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