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The Friends of Goodale Park work with the City of Columbus Recreation & Parks Department to offer Memorial trees and benches to be placed in Goodale Park.

The Park Memorials program is broken into 2 segments. You can adopt a previously unadopted bench or tree or you can choose to install a new one.

New trees are $400 and you can choose from any tree species that we can find available.  We will happily work with you on that and if you would like can recommend something unique and specific to the person memorialized.  For example, we have planted mighty oaks for park stalwarts, beautifully showy flowering trees for the outgoing and even nut trees for some our more zany contributors!  We do encourage unique and uncommon tree species in the park, which usually works well as people want the memorial tree to be special.  The location of the tree should depend on the species for it’s size and moisture requirements and also how it relates to other trees around it.

The Goodale Park Memorial Tree program is administered by Planning & Operations Committee Chair, Rick Frantz, who holds a Bachelors Degree in Urban Forestry from Ohio State University, is an ISA Certified Arborist/Municipal Specialist and works as a Municipal Urban Forester, outside of volunteering for FGP.  He is always happy to help steward the park’s trees!

A less common option is the dedication of existing trees, which is a varying price depending upon the size and location of the tree selected.  Please contact us for pricing, though for a frame of reference, small existing trees tend to be the same price as installing new trees.

Plaques for both new or existing trees are a separate cost around $200.  This cost simply covers the fabrication of the plaque.  All plaque designs must be approved by The City of Columbus.
Memorial trees receive the same treatment whether they have a plaque or not and FGP tries our best to ensure the memorial trees we plant are well tended.

New memorial benches are installed at a cost of $2000, which includes the cost of the concrete pad upon which to place it. A less expensive alternative is adopting an already existing bench in the park which may be done for $1000.

Bench plaques are also a seperate cost around $120 which covers the fabrication, and again, all designs must be approved by The City of Columbus.