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November 2011 Monthly Meeting
6th Nov


November 2011 Monthly Meeting

Friends of Goodale Park

Board Meeting

November 1, 2011

7:30 pm Caretakers Residence

Present: Present: Absent:
Jason Kentner (Pres.) Beth Vogt Garett Heysel
Maddy Weisz (VP) Bryant Fried (ComFest)
Stan Sells (Sec.) Pat Lewis
Andy Klein (Treasurer) Eric Anderson Guests:
Greg Krobot Missy Ricksecker Dave Snow
Matt Wolf Rick Miller (Rec/Parks) Greg Maynard
Rick Frantz Julie Hallan (Vol. Coord.)


Jason opened the meeting by reminding Committee Chairs to provide agenda items by Dec. 10 for the January retreat and to include the committee focus for 2012 as well as scope of responsibilities for each committee.   Board members should reserve Saturday, January 7, 2012 for the Board retreat.  Location for the retreat to be determined.


The minutes of the October 5, 2011 Board meeting were approved.


Volunteer Coordinator Update

The Volunteer Recognition event held on Oct. 6 at the Park St. Tavern was successful as a first effort.  Eighteen volunteers and eleven Board members attended.from 6 until 10.

The work day this coming Saturday, Nov. 5 from 9 till noon will be the last work day of the year.  Focus will be bed clean up for winter.

Rec. & Parks:

Goodale Gates Elements

Rick Miller reported the new caps have been installed but the mortar problem has yet to be fixed.  Rick and Andy need to schedule meetings with Paul Simon and Steve Bush Terry to determine the best proposal for lights fabrication.

UCT Monument

Rick and Jason had met with Pizzuti reps and had agreed that FGP would receive a check from Pizzuti organization in the amount of the moving cost and that FGP would then write a check in that amount to the movers.  However, Andy was not willing to channel the donation through FGP books so Jason and Rick will have to renegotiate with Pizzuti.  The city will accept ownership of the monument and FGP will assume responsibility for maintenance.  The move is still awaiting Columbus Arts Commission approval pending an independent assessment of the monument’s condition.


Treasurer’s Report:

Andy reported total revenues and accounts receivable for the month of $212.62.  Total net assets as of 10/05/11: $31,781.05.

Events and Outreach:

·         Gala:  The Gala will be held at Herb and Bev Brown’s residence, 148 Buttles Ave. on Wednesday December 7, 2011 from 6 until 9 pm.  Admission is $40 per person.  Set up will begin at 4:00 pm.  Maddy distributed a work assignment sign up sheet.  It was agreed to order 50 posters, 25 large and 25 small along with 1,000 post cards.  If available, the cards will be addressed at the Sat. work day.

·         Gazebo Decoration:  The question was raised as to when and by whom?  It was agreed that supplies need to assessed and inventoried and replacement items need to be priced.  Dave Snow offered to supply new ribbons.

·         Fountain Dedication: In limbo pending resolution of remaining issues. See below.

Next Committee meeting Monday, Nov. 21 @ 7:30 at Maddy’s residence, 1219 Harrison Ave.  

Planning and Operations:

  • Tree Plaques:  The engraved plaques have been installed on approximately 20 trees.  More to be installed on the Sat. work day.
  • Tree Planting: Four trees were planted last Saturday.
  • Master Plan:  It was agreed FGP should apply for the Columbus Foundation Fellowship to underwrite an intern to assist in the development of a Master Plan.
  • Damaged Tree:  Stonewall may be willing to underwrite half the cost of a replacement tree.


Next Work Day: Saturday, Novermber 5 @ 9am


Development Finance:

·         Fountain Update:  Regarding the electrical issues with the pumps, Sells reported that the transducers have arrived and the channel for the transducer conduit has been drilled from the control panel through the pond wall (and sealed).  In addition, the GFIs have been ordered and should be here this week.  With all parts available for completion, the electrical work should be completed by next week at the latest.  The city will need to make an additional electrical inspection.

Regarding the pond leakage, Rick, Sells, Ryder representatives (they cleaned and drained the pond last fall) and representatives from AquaBlok met at the pond on Monday.  The AquaBlok material is small aggregate gravel encased with bentonite.  Hence, it can be applied through standing water without the need to till the bentonite into the bottom of the pond.   The consensus of those present was that the leakage is most likely in the construction site.  The AquaBlok reps requested background information and will develop a proposal.

·         Dedication Event:  Undetermined at this point but most likely next spring.  Sells expressed his hope that it would be operational in time for the Gala and that the Gala might incorporate a lighting ceremony.  Time will tell.

·         Dedication Plaque: Jason shared the final version has been sent to CAM  and the site for the plaque maked.

Next Committee Meeting:  Monday, Nov. 14, 2011 at 7:00 pm @ Caretakers Residence

Board Membership:

Jason informed the Board that Ken Salek had indicated his intent to not continue on the Board next year.  Jason also received information from Seth Clarke subsequent to the Board meeting that he was willing to relinquish his seat.

Andy moved/Matt seconded:  To declare Ken Salek’s and Seth Clarke positions on the Board as vacant due to each having four or more Board meeting absences during 2011.

Motion carried.

After Board consideration, the Nominating Committee moved/Pat seconded that Dave Snow be approved to join the Board.

Motion carried.

Miscellaneous Items:

·         SNF Representive: With Chris leaving the Board, the question was raised regarding a new SNF representative from the FGP Board.  The consensus was that the FGP representative should be an FGP Board member.  It was agreed that this should be a Retreat agenda item.

Work Day:  Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 from 9 am to noon;


December Board Meeting – The Gala – Wednesday, December 7, 2011 from 6 until 9:00 pm, at the Brown’s Residence, 148 Buttles.


January Retreat – Tentatively, Saturday, January 7, 2012.



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